Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thank you RE: A personal post. (plus a question)

This week has been very, very tough. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your supportive tweets, emails, posts.  The next few weeks are going to be quite tough, but it means a lot to have your support.  I was quite overwhelmed with the volume of emails you sent me, and it has given me a bit of strength so hopefully I can support others.

Needless to say my blog is starting to roll along slowly but I hope to keep it going.

The question I have now; Any tips for getting a bit of energy and immunity back?  I feel exhausted and drained.  My glands are popping up on on side of my neck and Ive had a few nosebleeds.

Any tips to help boost my immunity and energy? Excersises, foods, sources of strength?

Giveaway winners annouced soon.


  1. Heya sweety, hope your doing ok :) I suffer from low immunity but sadly I don't have any miracle cures! All I can say is Berocca is great for a temporary boost, other than that plenty of fruit & fluids made a huge difference for me. Whenever my glands swell I just resort to good old paracetamol or ibuprofen because its anti-inflammatory. Aspirin gargle is also good. Take care hun.

    Love Aysh xoxo

  2. Vitamin list to boost your immune system:
    -Vitamin C
    -Vitamin B complex
    -Iron (helps with strength too. Only take if you know you're prone to anemia)

    Exercise I find relaxing and easy:
    -Yoga (really, dirt simple yoga)
    -Walking (except in the cold)
    -Stretching (just plain stretching. It's like yoga, only I just do stretches I like)

    -Apples (I prefer Granny Smith; they're tart instead of sweet. Excellent source of Vitamin A, C and fiber, in case you're wondering. I eat bags of these presliced during the summer.)
    -Cherries! (Oh cherries, I love the really red cherries. I just can't eat a lot of them or I get a huge stomachache from the acid in them)
    -Cheese. Aged cheeses (like cheddar and Colby Jack) are actually really good for you and won't upset your stomach as much as unaged cheeses if you're lactose intolerant as they contain less lactose.

    Generally, you can eat anything. Aged cheeses have more protein than unaged cheese. Apples will give you a lot of Vitamin C. The best thing to do if you're sick though...is sleep.

    P.S. See a doctor for the swollen lymph glands. I can almost guarantee that you have an infection.

    P.P.S. Nosebleeds can be caused by the air being too dry in your house caused by the heat being turned on. The best way to get rid of those is by buying a humidifier. (They can also be caused if you've been blowing your nose a lot. Try dabbing at your nose instead.)

  3. @ Aysh Thanks- Berrocca- non in th cupboard. Must get some. Thanks so much for the message xxx

    @Katie Wow. Thank you so much for that information. I love yoga. :) And sleep- managd to get more last night. Gtting another early tonight. I don't want an infection :( Drunk some juic today, hope that helps. And lots of water. Such a lot of information. I'll try to act it out :) Thanks xxx

  4. @Emma - People in this house tend to be a wealth of information when it comes to medicine and health. Everyone has their own issues and we all get sick like crazy. Heaven forbid you cough in this house; you'll automatically be handed a throat lozenge!

  5. i recommend eating lots of fruits and veggies and greek yogurt (great for the immune system). a stable sleep schedule is very important too.

    i hope you feel better soon!


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