Friday, 25 March 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I took some photos during a lunch time walk.  I haven't really done this before so I don't know if it's the sort of thing you'll like.

It's sunny here which is unusual for England at this time of year.  Apparently its not going to stay as warm over the next few days, still good to see some sun.

Photos were taken with my phone, but I'll try and remember my camera next time (?)

Spring has Sprung :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It takes seconds but could give you years......

This morning twitter selected one of my tweets to display on the homepage.

"2 years ago Jade Goody sadly died of cervical cancer aged 27. Don't forget to get checked and remind others."

It's a serious message that should not be ignore.

What is also interesting is the range of replies I got ranging from RTs, to replies of support, replies of people whose loved ones are suffering.  Finally there were some replies which were very unconstructive.

In the UK women over 25 are automatically invited to smears every 2 years.  3.3 million people took the test.  This rose after Jade's diagnosis, but in 09/10 fell back down.  Only 1 in 3 under 30 year olds have smears (of those invited).  No one will chase you up or force you to go, but be sensible and take the invite.  The NHS will provide it free.  Many women don't get this free so we're lucky.

The other thing worth pointing out is the vaccine jab.  This currently helps immunise against the strains of HPV that cause cancer.  It is offered to school girls, but some are missed out.  If you are someone who has missed out or someone who is over 18....speak to your GP.  You could be eligible for this jab, but the GP is not allowed to advertise it (because of budget laws).  You have to ask for the HPV jab.

Why? Well in this country the jab costs money and if everyone was told then the uptake would cost lots.  They would rather let the situation carry on than potentially save a few lives but giving out the vaccine.  A bit sickening.

I was lucky enough to have the jab a few years back by going and asking my GP.  I was in for something else and asked about it and was found to be eligible.  No one would have ever told me that.  So please don't be afraid to ask or tell your friends.

No matter how red faced you get, every woman should be having the jabs or smear tests.

It takes seconds but could give you years.

Please retweet, reblog, email, text- whatever but put a reminder in your diary!
Please feel free to share your smear experience below to help put minds at rest!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Pro Beauty Sho and NBBE

I was lucky enough to attend the Pro Beauty show and the National Beauty Blogging Event at the same show.  This was held at the Excel centre in London.  A few tube delays, but I arrived safe and sound.

Pro Beauty is what it says.  It was HUGE and PACKED!!  I saw a lot of orange people!  (Seriously, sort the fake tan out!!)  I also managed to nab a few pieces- mainly brushes from Crown Brushes and Daniel Sandler.  I also picked up a Clarisonic head from Caroline (Beauty Mouth) where clarisonic's were all lined up (with a huge discount!)  Caroline is an beauty guru (not a word I dish out lightly) KNOWS her stuff about skincare and has helped me on my quest for clear skin.  It was great to finally meet her in person!

Sadly the show was so full that moving around was nearly impossible.  This was made worse by a wave of young teens who had no money to buy anything, but insisted on blocking up all the stands and picking up things.  Had it been a bit less crowded I would have probably taken more in, taken more pictures and picked up some more products.

I headed here first, and was greeted by a smaller Pro beauty show.  The day had a timetable of lots of talks and demos, with some stands round to visit.  Bloggers, journalists and  beauty insiders had been invited to view new launches and product ranges.  Unfortunately because we weren't allowed to view and talk to stand holders when the demos were on, I found it difficult to chat to any other delegates, and didn't get round all the stands I wanted to.  This wasn't helped by some of the talks and demos not running on time.  There was also confusion about when we were allowed to view stands so sometimes people just sat silently in seats!

The day kicked off with a demo of 'a fantastic complexion without looking like you have makeup on' by Daniel Sandler.  Daniel has his own make-up range, as well as being a make-up artist.  He has worked with many of the big names including Twiggy, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, and was a make-up artist for the late Jade Goody who sadly passed away in 2009 from Cervical Cancer aged 27**.  Daniel now helps raise awareness of Cervical Cancer and the need to catch it early.

You have probably heard of the 'All for Eve' appeal?  It helps raise research funds in the hope to cure or prevent Gynaecological Cancer.  Daniel designed the lipstick Of course he urged us all to get regular cervical check-ups so I hope any ladies reading this are up to date with smear tests.  If you are a bloke and reading this then make sure your girlfriend(s), wive(s), sister(s), mum(s) etc are not ignoring their smear tests!  You play a part in helping your loved ones.  Daniel was very good at constantly narrating what he was doing, sharing tips and information.  He also shared some information on his new cream blushes which I will be very excited to see.

Sorry- I was listening so much that I forgot to take pictures!  I have some of Daniel's products and will talk about these in a different post. 

Next was Jackie Tyson, a make-up artists who works in tv- probably most recently known for her work on x-factor.  She also has a make-up school and worked with Marie-Claire magazine to create the 'Beauty Genius' iphone app  I found Jackie to be a quieter artist and the silence was a bit awkward as an audience member because I couldn't always see what she was using and how she was applying it.  She created a rock look, with dark eyes, eyelashes and red lips (see below!).  She said that often she only has a few minutes to create a look, all while the artist is chatting on the phone to their manager or eating food!  What a nightmare for applying mascara/lashes and lip products!!  Of course no-one wants to get between a hungry celeb and their food!!  I would be very happy if I could make myself look this good in less than 20 minutes!

After this we had a talk by Carol Churchill who is a make-up designer on Emmerdale (British soap set up in the Yorkshire Dales).  Her talk highlighted how much work goes into the programme behind the scenes.  It is filmed out of order so often detailed pictures and notes must be made in order to keep to continuity.  This is especially necessary when filming injuries that last for weeks!  She talked about creating a character's 'look' and maintaining it off camera.  Having a bad dye job on screen might be part of a character but imagine having to have that look everyday when shopping or going to award ceremonies!  Sometimes due to continuity, it can take months to be allowed to have a hair cut!  She also talked about techniques for 'bad' makeup (i.e. on younger cast members) like putting blush on with the other hand.    Of course we were all curious as to what happens when an actor goes on holiday somewhere sunny!

Other talks included Essential oils by Fiona from Decleor, hair styling using Batiste dry shampoo, TanOrganic Dragon's Den tale, Gentleman's Grooming Co and All walks campaign.  Unfortunately I had to miss the last chunk because of talks running late and being in danger of missing my train.

Conclusion! All in all it was a fun day, and lovely to meet the team behind a brand and hear them.  I just wish I had had more chance to chat with people or hear perhaps a 5 minute presentation on each product in the room rather than 20-30 minutes on some and nothing on others.  Also wish I hadn't heard a model being sick in the toilet!!!

Pro beauty was good BUT packed.  If I went again I would plan it out a bit more, research the map and arrive early or stay late!

Lots to share so stay tuned!

** Jade passed away two years ago tomorrow.  Please get tested and spread the word!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Opi Sephora 'Looks like Rain, Dear!'

A HUGE Thank you to Yink (AKA

I see Sephora as a sort of mothership, possibly because the UK doesn't have one.  At Christmas I saw their holiday collections- namely the OPI for Sephora holiday collection.  I almost gave up hope, but then Yinka came to the rescue!  She was in the US or a short break and managed to pick one up for me!  I received it a few weeks back and thougth I would share it with you!

I am a bit of a glitter magpie so this polish made my pulse race.

If you don't know OPI, their polishes are free from some nasty chemicals.  Their formulas last quite well and all have humourous names that play on words.

It's a polish packed with tiny gold flecks of glitter (which also gives it a silver sheen.   As if that wasn't enough, it also has larger flecks of holograhic glitter.  In short, glitter for grown-ups.  Sparkly :)

It was Limited edition although some searchers might be lucky.

Yinka also sent me some matte polish which was very lovely of her. THANK YOU!!

Please check out her blog. because she is lovely and it's a great read!

Are you a glitter magpie?  Do you have any Sephora OPI polishes or Glitter polishes?  What are your favorites?

Your chance to be an Aussie Angel!

Some of you will know that I have been to a few events run by Aussie haircare.  These have been lots of fun and provided me with personal haircare tips and inspiration (along with a photoshoot (preview click left) (end result click here), model catwalk training, cake, fairytales ... etc :) )

Well the other day I received this box with a suprise.
Luciously light conditioner :)

Aussie is giving YOU the chance to join us on our next adventure!

All you need to do is blog post your answer to the question below, and then tweet a link to your answer to @yummyhair.  Get creating- draw a pic, sing a song, create a look- anything!


“Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight”

The competition closes midnight Sunday 20th March 2011, so hurry!

For full details see 
Good luck!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Japan Post. Earth population 6.91 Billion...

Imagine if everyone donated £1.............................
 Google images

I have struggled to post in the past few days because of the events unfolding round the pacific.  Everything seems a bit meaningless.  So this is just my way of saying if we all help a little then that could be amazing.

I have toddled off and made my money donation.  I have been a bit shocked at the amount of tweets saying 'RT this and will donate $1 per tweet' or facebook likes'.  Isn't that just free advertising off the back of a natural disaster?  And lady Gaga with her bracelets?  You can buy them and not donate- so people will of course do that to 'look cool'.  But why not just donate the $5 cash.  Pure and simple.

Unless you have been under a rock, then you'll all know how horrific nature has been to lots of countries- but most notably Japan at the moment.  It's suffered an earthquake (with lots of aftershocks), a Tsunami and now facing a nuclear meltdown.  If radioactive material gets into the air, it will become radioactive rain.  This can go anywhere in the world.  Rain on any crops, contaminate animals and humans.

Thousands of people have no basic provisions- food, water, shelter, warmth.  Most of us only know of having no heat or water at most!  So if you have a spare £1 (2 packets of crisps, 3 chocolate bars, 1 item of MUA makeup, a lottery ticket, 100 1p sweets....) then visit the red cross shop and donate it!

There is also going to be a beauty bloggers charity blog sale by May Loves Makeup so have a look and see how you can help.

You don't have to, and I know some people don't agree with helping other countries.  Are you going to miss £1 though?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Which witch is good?

A couple of days ago I was invited to a Witch skincare event.  I am quite open about the fact that I started my blog as a personal diary in a quest for clear, healthy skin.  My blog and I evolved a little but I am still trying to look after my skin :)

The Witch event was designed to launch their make-up range.  Most of us know the feeling of dread when out skin plays up.  We reach for make-up because hopefully with an inch of makeup, the spots will disappear.  Ok, so they don't actually disappear, but it does boost our self confidence- normally at the expense of our skin.  I had used (and still have) the cult Witch Stick (made using natural products to help fight blemishes.  I was very interested in the fuller range as I battle spots and shiny skin on a daily basis.

I arrived in the rain in Soho to see Steph (Topshop Princess) outside the building.  Ushered inside and given a glass of Champagne (very civilised), I then saw Natalya (Filthy Gorgeous Makeup) and we had a good old girl chinwag.  It was lovely to see these two friends again and I hope to see them again soon!  I also met Pyxiee AKA Emily for the first time although we have both been blogging for ages!

Natalya and I

We then had a talk from Witch.  The whole message of the event was Guilty Pleasures and Innocent Virtues.  Witch said that after consumer research they concluded that bad skin is caused by lots of factors- Diet, hormones, location (polluted air in cities) etc, and we shouldn't have to sacrifice too much to have healthy skin.  However we can work with it to try and balance it out.  In other words, you can have a glass of wine or piece of chocolate (in moderation)!

They also concluded that rarely do women buy an entire range and find it works, however their aim is to have a choice of products with a view to ladies incorporating one or two into their routine.  This was bang on.  I mix and match products according to need and time of the month or year.

Nat, their celebrity makeup artist, showed us a quick full face of makeup, using a few Witch products.  I was quite impressed with the redness relief.


Next we were let loose on the room full of Virtues and Pleasures!  Manicures, Reiki, Pizza, Massage, Makeovers, Smoothies, Pizza, Knitting, Cookies, Sweets, Poker, Pizza, Palm Reading, Pizza, Chocolate fountain, Pizza, fruit..... 


I started with a personal consultation from Nat on which products would help me.  She also gave me a few make-up tips which were brilliant!  (Don't forget to clean your brushes of bacteria on a regular basis!!!)  She also gave me a very generous goody bag packed with suitable products.  I had a manicure using OPI's Blue my mind- a gorgeous Sapphire blue which was out of my comfort zone!

Then the lovely Mel gave me a makeover using Mac's Blankety (again not a colour I've used) and a dark blue smokey eye.  Some fruit and drink later and we were all treated to a mini talk and demo on the history of Burlesque and how to incorporate it into daily life (!) by Miss Kittie Klaw of the Ministry of Burlesque.  Very informative and fun!  I know none of us will stand at the bar again without a twist of the knee, hips and an arm on our hip!

All too soon it was time to toddle off armed with information, tips and a few products to try!  All in all a lovely event and a great environment to ask questions and learn about good skincare.

Foods and chocolate fountain!

A big thank you to the Witch team for being so welcoming, and to all the other girls I met there!

I will be following this up with a post on what I thought of the products!

What are your guilty pleasures?  How to you balance them?  What are your skin's (good and bad) guilty secrets?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Orly Mini Manicure: At Boots today!

Just a quick post to tell you that Orly's fantastic range of nail polish is now available in mini form AND online at

They are good for several applications.  Also good for travel.and touch ups :)  Also good to trial before spalshing out on full sized ones!

Here is one of my most loved ones! Etoile.  It is clear with tiny tiny silvery/blue shimmer (not what I would call glitter).  A subtle top coat or pretty on its own. Very tricky to photograph though!  It's like fairy highlights in a bottle!

The good thing about is that you can order and pick up from your local store.

What colours do you like?  Which products do you wish came in mini or sample size?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Review: Clarisonic Mia: Project Clear Skin

I have had my Clarisonic Mia for four months and I thought it was time I filled you in.

Clarisonics have been dubbed by the beauty community as 'a toothbrush for your face'.  Using sonic technology it claims to provide a deep clean for skin, by clearing pores.  This reduces congestion and pore size, helping keep spots at bay.  The Clarisonic currently come in three sizes.

Mia= Small baby, one speed, 7 colours.

Classic= Mid size, two speeds, cradle charger, 4 colours. 

Plus= Large, 3 speeds plus pulse setting, 2 colours.

As more features appear so the price rises- and these babies are not cheap.  $149-$225 if you live in America (£91-138 approx)!  I opted for the Mia because it was small enough to travel, plus it is a pricey thing to buy if you are not even sure it works.

Clarisonic says:

Benefits Beyond Clean Skin

Sonic skin cleansing improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of pore size and helps skin care products work their best.
The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the micro-massage action removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. Removing more dirt and oil from your pores also helps products work more effectively.

Computergirl says:
Easy to use.  I rinse under the tap, add a blob of cleanser and press go.  It makes a quiet hum noise as the brush head rotates.  It feels gentle and quite relaxing.  I use it for 20 seconds on my chin, 10 seconds on each cheek and then 20 seconds on my forehead.

Results: My congested skin is so much better for this gadget.  It's amazing how much makeup it takes off- even after I think I have cleansed it all off already!  It provides a deep clean, and after years of picking spots and being a slave to blackheads- wow, I didn't think my skin would ever improve.  It's not perfect but greatly improved and I have high hopes for the future.  The Clarisonic is not an exfoliator.  I still have to exfoliate twice a week but not as aggressively as before.  I also rinse the brush after each use (I do NOT want that bacteria getting back on my face!) Brush change every 3 months on average (just like a toothbrush!)

Conclusion: I am so glad I invested in this product.  I believe the skin is a canvas and the end result is much better with a good base!  Don't cover up a problem- work to find the cause!  My skin is clearer, less oily, pores are smaller, skin is healthier and not so dull.  Quick and easy means more likely to use it morning and night.  Please keep in mind, my skin was in bad shape so I have seen results.  If your skin is good already then you probably won't notice many results.

Downside: Price- especially when replacement heads are needed.  Battery drains when not in use.  Body brushes do not fit the Mia, although you can use it on your body with the smaller brushes.

Price: £70 I bought mine from with an offer and shipping to the UK, customs and Clarisonic came to £70!!  Keep an eye out for future deals!  The Mia was not available in the UK at the time.

I supported breast cancer awareness by buying the pink one.

However if you UK girls can't wait that long for offers and shipping.... SPACENK are just about to start selling the Mia for sale in the UK.  Its not online yet but will be priced at around £120 - £130- keep an eye on this page

If you have any questions then I'll do my best to answer them.

Do you have a Clarisonic? What you do use to cleanse your skin?  What are your clear skin tips?

P.s. My Mac giveaway closes Friday 

I'm back! Giveaway winners & MAC giveaway!

"Computergirl's back ALRIGHT!" (Not quite the backstreet boy's* original words but they almost fit!)
 (Google image)

Woooweee what a year.  Loosing a family member, computer death, work away, travel, new discoveries.. How did it get to March already?  Lots to tell you about :) Clarisonic, Mac, Avon, the best mascara (?), eyelashes, blog sale, nail polish, hair update skin secrets, giveaways....

Without further ado;

1)My giveaway winner, as chosen by is BEC! Please get in contact to claim your prize haul!!  Prize winner will be redrawn if you dont.

2) Clynol hairloss guest reviewer, as chosen by the brand, is Welsh Beauty Blog.  Please send me your address and I will pass it on to get your sample sent!

Don't forget my Mac thank you giveaway will close Friday 11th March 2011 at 11:59pm!  Still time to enter :)

Tell me your news or just say hi!  Either way, hello * waves*!  Thank you for sticking with me and supporting me through one of the toughests months yet. Onwards and upwards! :D

*Here it is. 90's boyband in full glory :)

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