Monday, 14 March 2011

The Japan Post. Earth population 6.91 Billion...

Imagine if everyone donated £1.............................
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I have struggled to post in the past few days because of the events unfolding round the pacific.  Everything seems a bit meaningless.  So this is just my way of saying if we all help a little then that could be amazing.

I have toddled off and made my money donation.  I have been a bit shocked at the amount of tweets saying 'RT this and will donate $1 per tweet' or facebook likes'.  Isn't that just free advertising off the back of a natural disaster?  And lady Gaga with her bracelets?  You can buy them and not donate- so people will of course do that to 'look cool'.  But why not just donate the $5 cash.  Pure and simple.

Unless you have been under a rock, then you'll all know how horrific nature has been to lots of countries- but most notably Japan at the moment.  It's suffered an earthquake (with lots of aftershocks), a Tsunami and now facing a nuclear meltdown.  If radioactive material gets into the air, it will become radioactive rain.  This can go anywhere in the world.  Rain on any crops, contaminate animals and humans.

Thousands of people have no basic provisions- food, water, shelter, warmth.  Most of us only know of having no heat or water at most!  So if you have a spare £1 (2 packets of crisps, 3 chocolate bars, 1 item of MUA makeup, a lottery ticket, 100 1p sweets....) then visit the red cross shop and donate it!

There is also going to be a beauty bloggers charity blog sale by May Loves Makeup so have a look and see how you can help.

You don't have to, and I know some people don't agree with helping other countries.  Are you going to miss £1 though?


  1. Great post. It's so easy to donate online - I'm a Groupon subscriber and they're doing a donate £2 "deal" which literally takes 2 clicks to donate as they already have your card details. If everyone gave just a little bit of money it'd make a big difference to the people there, so awful seeing the news upfolding and the situation seeming to get worse and worse :( x

  2. Will deffo be checking out the charity blog sale, thank you hun! Also just done a huge clothes clear out that will be sending off soon :)

    Love Aysh xoxo


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