Saturday, 19 March 2011

Opi Sephora 'Looks like Rain, Dear!'

A HUGE Thank you to Yink (AKA

I see Sephora as a sort of mothership, possibly because the UK doesn't have one.  At Christmas I saw their holiday collections- namely the OPI for Sephora holiday collection.  I almost gave up hope, but then Yinka came to the rescue!  She was in the US or a short break and managed to pick one up for me!  I received it a few weeks back and thougth I would share it with you!

I am a bit of a glitter magpie so this polish made my pulse race.

If you don't know OPI, their polishes are free from some nasty chemicals.  Their formulas last quite well and all have humourous names that play on words.

It's a polish packed with tiny gold flecks of glitter (which also gives it a silver sheen.   As if that wasn't enough, it also has larger flecks of holograhic glitter.  In short, glitter for grown-ups.  Sparkly :)

It was Limited edition although some searchers might be lucky.

Yinka also sent me some matte polish which was very lovely of her. THANK YOU!!

Please check out her blog. because she is lovely and it's a great read!

Are you a glitter magpie?  Do you have any Sephora OPI polishes or Glitter polishes?  What are your favorites?


  1. I can't resist glitter either! Lovely colour - wish we had Sephora (although it's probably best for my wallet we don't)! How nice of Yinka to pick this up for you. xx

  2. Oh its pretty! Gold AND glitter! Love it hun :)

    Love Aysh xoxo


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