Monday, 21 March 2011

Pro Beauty Sho and NBBE

I was lucky enough to attend the Pro Beauty show and the National Beauty Blogging Event at the same show.  This was held at the Excel centre in London.  A few tube delays, but I arrived safe and sound.

Pro Beauty is what it says.  It was HUGE and PACKED!!  I saw a lot of orange people!  (Seriously, sort the fake tan out!!)  I also managed to nab a few pieces- mainly brushes from Crown Brushes and Daniel Sandler.  I also picked up a Clarisonic head from Caroline (Beauty Mouth) where clarisonic's were all lined up (with a huge discount!)  Caroline is an beauty guru (not a word I dish out lightly) KNOWS her stuff about skincare and has helped me on my quest for clear skin.  It was great to finally meet her in person!

Sadly the show was so full that moving around was nearly impossible.  This was made worse by a wave of young teens who had no money to buy anything, but insisted on blocking up all the stands and picking up things.  Had it been a bit less crowded I would have probably taken more in, taken more pictures and picked up some more products.

I headed here first, and was greeted by a smaller Pro beauty show.  The day had a timetable of lots of talks and demos, with some stands round to visit.  Bloggers, journalists and  beauty insiders had been invited to view new launches and product ranges.  Unfortunately because we weren't allowed to view and talk to stand holders when the demos were on, I found it difficult to chat to any other delegates, and didn't get round all the stands I wanted to.  This wasn't helped by some of the talks and demos not running on time.  There was also confusion about when we were allowed to view stands so sometimes people just sat silently in seats!

The day kicked off with a demo of 'a fantastic complexion without looking like you have makeup on' by Daniel Sandler.  Daniel has his own make-up range, as well as being a make-up artist.  He has worked with many of the big names including Twiggy, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, and was a make-up artist for the late Jade Goody who sadly passed away in 2009 from Cervical Cancer aged 27**.  Daniel now helps raise awareness of Cervical Cancer and the need to catch it early.

You have probably heard of the 'All for Eve' appeal?  It helps raise research funds in the hope to cure or prevent Gynaecological Cancer.  Daniel designed the lipstick Of course he urged us all to get regular cervical check-ups so I hope any ladies reading this are up to date with smear tests.  If you are a bloke and reading this then make sure your girlfriend(s), wive(s), sister(s), mum(s) etc are not ignoring their smear tests!  You play a part in helping your loved ones.  Daniel was very good at constantly narrating what he was doing, sharing tips and information.  He also shared some information on his new cream blushes which I will be very excited to see.

Sorry- I was listening so much that I forgot to take pictures!  I have some of Daniel's products and will talk about these in a different post. 

Next was Jackie Tyson, a make-up artists who works in tv- probably most recently known for her work on x-factor.  She also has a make-up school and worked with Marie-Claire magazine to create the 'Beauty Genius' iphone app  I found Jackie to be a quieter artist and the silence was a bit awkward as an audience member because I couldn't always see what she was using and how she was applying it.  She created a rock look, with dark eyes, eyelashes and red lips (see below!).  She said that often she only has a few minutes to create a look, all while the artist is chatting on the phone to their manager or eating food!  What a nightmare for applying mascara/lashes and lip products!!  Of course no-one wants to get between a hungry celeb and their food!!  I would be very happy if I could make myself look this good in less than 20 minutes!

After this we had a talk by Carol Churchill who is a make-up designer on Emmerdale (British soap set up in the Yorkshire Dales).  Her talk highlighted how much work goes into the programme behind the scenes.  It is filmed out of order so often detailed pictures and notes must be made in order to keep to continuity.  This is especially necessary when filming injuries that last for weeks!  She talked about creating a character's 'look' and maintaining it off camera.  Having a bad dye job on screen might be part of a character but imagine having to have that look everyday when shopping or going to award ceremonies!  Sometimes due to continuity, it can take months to be allowed to have a hair cut!  She also talked about techniques for 'bad' makeup (i.e. on younger cast members) like putting blush on with the other hand.    Of course we were all curious as to what happens when an actor goes on holiday somewhere sunny!

Other talks included Essential oils by Fiona from Decleor, hair styling using Batiste dry shampoo, TanOrganic Dragon's Den tale, Gentleman's Grooming Co and All walks campaign.  Unfortunately I had to miss the last chunk because of talks running late and being in danger of missing my train.

Conclusion! All in all it was a fun day, and lovely to meet the team behind a brand and hear them.  I just wish I had had more chance to chat with people or hear perhaps a 5 minute presentation on each product in the room rather than 20-30 minutes on some and nothing on others.  Also wish I hadn't heard a model being sick in the toilet!!!

Pro beauty was good BUT packed.  If I went again I would plan it out a bit more, research the map and arrive early or stay late!

Lots to share so stay tuned!

** Jade passed away two years ago tomorrow.  Please get tested and spread the word!

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  1. Oh no you heard a model being sick??! oh dear :( Lovely post hun, was really wonderful meeting you again! Hope life's treating you well?

    Love Aysh xoxo


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