Thursday, 10 March 2011

Which witch is good?

A couple of days ago I was invited to a Witch skincare event.  I am quite open about the fact that I started my blog as a personal diary in a quest for clear, healthy skin.  My blog and I evolved a little but I am still trying to look after my skin :)

The Witch event was designed to launch their make-up range.  Most of us know the feeling of dread when out skin plays up.  We reach for make-up because hopefully with an inch of makeup, the spots will disappear.  Ok, so they don't actually disappear, but it does boost our self confidence- normally at the expense of our skin.  I had used (and still have) the cult Witch Stick (made using natural products to help fight blemishes.  I was very interested in the fuller range as I battle spots and shiny skin on a daily basis.

I arrived in the rain in Soho to see Steph (Topshop Princess) outside the building.  Ushered inside and given a glass of Champagne (very civilised), I then saw Natalya (Filthy Gorgeous Makeup) and we had a good old girl chinwag.  It was lovely to see these two friends again and I hope to see them again soon!  I also met Pyxiee AKA Emily for the first time although we have both been blogging for ages!

Natalya and I

We then had a talk from Witch.  The whole message of the event was Guilty Pleasures and Innocent Virtues.  Witch said that after consumer research they concluded that bad skin is caused by lots of factors- Diet, hormones, location (polluted air in cities) etc, and we shouldn't have to sacrifice too much to have healthy skin.  However we can work with it to try and balance it out.  In other words, you can have a glass of wine or piece of chocolate (in moderation)!

They also concluded that rarely do women buy an entire range and find it works, however their aim is to have a choice of products with a view to ladies incorporating one or two into their routine.  This was bang on.  I mix and match products according to need and time of the month or year.

Nat, their celebrity makeup artist, showed us a quick full face of makeup, using a few Witch products.  I was quite impressed with the redness relief.


Next we were let loose on the room full of Virtues and Pleasures!  Manicures, Reiki, Pizza, Massage, Makeovers, Smoothies, Pizza, Knitting, Cookies, Sweets, Poker, Pizza, Palm Reading, Pizza, Chocolate fountain, Pizza, fruit..... 


I started with a personal consultation from Nat on which products would help me.  She also gave me a few make-up tips which were brilliant!  (Don't forget to clean your brushes of bacteria on a regular basis!!!)  She also gave me a very generous goody bag packed with suitable products.  I had a manicure using OPI's Blue my mind- a gorgeous Sapphire blue which was out of my comfort zone!

Then the lovely Mel gave me a makeover using Mac's Blankety (again not a colour I've used) and a dark blue smokey eye.  Some fruit and drink later and we were all treated to a mini talk and demo on the history of Burlesque and how to incorporate it into daily life (!) by Miss Kittie Klaw of the Ministry of Burlesque.  Very informative and fun!  I know none of us will stand at the bar again without a twist of the knee, hips and an arm on our hip!

All too soon it was time to toddle off armed with information, tips and a few products to try!  All in all a lovely event and a great environment to ask questions and learn about good skincare.

Foods and chocolate fountain!

A big thank you to the Witch team for being so welcoming, and to all the other girls I met there!

I will be following this up with a post on what I thought of the products!

What are your guilty pleasures?  How to you balance them?  What are your skin's (good and bad) guilty secrets?


  1. Really enjoyed reading this and I was so gutted I missed the event. Hope you're well? We haven't chatted for a while xx

  2. I really love the colour you chose for your manicure. Thank you for the mention too - It was lovely to meet you :) Hopefully we will again soon! xx

  3. aww looks like you all had a fab time hun! Absolutely love the colour on your nails, beautiful! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. was such a fun event :) x

  5. @Lauren Good thanks- had hoped you'd be there! It was a fun day :) Hope you're well xx

    @Pyxiee It was lovely :) I have a nice picture of us together. Hope you're well xx

    @Aysh Thanks- recommend it! xx

    @Ooona It was fun! You catwalked so well! Hope you're getting on ok with the products xx


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