Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Clinique Chubby Stick!

I got one :)  I have been checking at my local counter weekly in vain (just in case).. on Saturday I was in luck.

I am sure you have all read about them so I'll keep this brief.

Clinique Superbalm Chubby sticks come in 8 colours.  They wind up, so no product is lost while sharpening.  Claim to be moisturizing colour balm.

This is the colour 08 Graped-up. A nude rose brown colour.  Dark natural but not too much.  (Slightly blurry but shows up the beautiful sheen.  It is NOT glittery or shimmery).

Verdict: After four days wear, I love it.  Applies easily, moisturises but doesn't feel greasy.  The balm is fairly solid so it doesn't apply in huge gobs (unlike some products).  It lasts a fair while, and doesn't dry out the lips.  Have also found the added bonus that my hair doesn't stick in it too much.  I hate my hair sticking to my lips.  You never see that happen to say, Cheryl Cole in her Glam shine advert, or Lily Cole as she heads down the catwalk. (Not that I am either of those two!)

Great summer bag essential, and will be picking up another when this is used up.  Maybe I might pick up another colour.


This cost £14 from Debenhams or House of Fraser (unless you have club points or Boots Advantage points to spend ;)

....And for those who had forgotten.  This is the old style chubby stick (in Vanilla Brownie).  Needs to be sharpened.

Do you have any clinique chubby sticks?  What colours do you like?  Any recommendations for other colours?  How do you moisturise your lips?


  1. I love the look of these for Summer/Hols, not sticky but moisturising with colour.

    Good colour choice too.x

  2. I've got Chunky Cherry and love it. Went back today after reading your post to try Whopping Watermelon but it was just a bit too light for me.

    Think they're fab though and I really hope they bring out more colours in the future.


  3. @Farrah they are very good. Have you got one yet? What colour would you go for? x

    @LionLovingTiger Ooo Chunky cherry sounds nice, ditto on bringing out more colours in the future. Love them x

  4. Whoops. Bought another one today :)

  5. The color is pretty and the design of the packaging too.

  6. used to love the old vanilla brownie


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