Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Current Haircare Routine

Just a quick post to share my current haircare shampoo and conditioner routine.

In order (Left to right), I start with Sebastian Evokativ moist conditioner.  Smells a little of citrus (which it is meant to).  Applies easily to wet hair and helps take out any knots. (I think this was £10).

I then use Schwarzkopf Bonacure hairtherapy Moisture Kick shampoo.  This makes my hair so soft and managable.  It doesnt smell weird and you only need a little (which is great for my past-the-shoulders hair).  You can buy this for around £7 online.

Joico K pak reconstructor deep treatment.  I use this every couple of washes (as needed).  Apply, leave for 5 mins and rinse off.  Great when my hair needs a bit of TLC after over styling!  It smells lovely, may slightly of coconut? Cant quite place the smell.  My local hairdresser sells this for around £10 although online has various prices.

Prior to drying I use my Aussie leave in spray conditioner.  Smells like ice-cream :)  Helps protect my long hair from tangles and dry ends prior to hairdrying.  I decant this into a little spray bottle for travel.  I did get sent this but I used the miracle version for a decade (eek!) so it's part of my routine.  You can pick this up from most chemists for around £3.50-£4 (sometimes on offer!)

Of course my routine changes from time to time, and my hairdresser's don't have to work hard to sell me different products!  Sometimes a change can really revitalise my hair.

Let me know if you want a more in depth post on any item!
What products are currently in your haircare routine? Have you used any of these?


  1. Oh jeez, let's see.

    Aussie Cleanse & Mend (everyday)
    Neutrogena Anti-residue Shampoo (aka the degunker. Once a week)

    Aussie Aussome Volume (everyday)
    Aussie Moist 3 Minute Deeeeep (Once a month, just to make sure my ends don't get fried)
    Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner (To detangle my hair after cleaning it everyday)

  2. Hi Katie- looks like you are an Aussie girl too!! It's great when you find a routine that works :)x

  3. I've used Bonacure Moisture Kick (in fact, I have a bottle full of this shampoo here as I only used it once :O and don't know what to do with it now) but it was too moisturising for my greasy hair. Booo. I literally felt I had to re-wash my hair after a couple of hours (and I did!).

    Very odd as I used it a few years ago and loved it back then. Guess my hair's changed :(


  4. @Emma - I didn't really realize how much Aussie I used until I wrote it all out. I have super oily hair and while I've tried other brands, this system is the only one that works. It doesn't strip so much of my super oily hair that leaves it dry and dull like hay but doesn't leave so much of my natural oils that I'm wringing the oil OUT of my hair (it's genetic, not due to products or anything). Just enough oil there to keep it super shiny and long as I wash it everyday or it's back to its oil refinery roots!


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