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Lusciosuly Lighter Self! My story & challenge.

Emotional, Physical or Environmental! My challenge for the next few weeks is to become a bit more lighter in my health and outlook.  It's an Aussie Angel project but I have chosen apply it to all aspects of my life (not just my hair care!)  I am hoping that a few of you will join me so I'm not going it alone!

Who is a lusciously lighter angel?  To me she is clean, tidy, healthy in mind and body and free from negative worries and cares!  Above all she is a goddess, bursting with energy and life!

Although the title of this post might make you think about weight and weight loss, I want to stress that Aussie is NOT making us loose weight!  We said we wanted a health and clutter kick, so here it is!  A lot of things affect one's health; stress, food, exercise, clutter, worries.... Aussie is hoping to help us tackle some of those 'life stresses'

I have broken it down into categories so just skip to the bit that you want to read!  I will be doing posts along the way sharing my success (there WILL be success- positive mental attitude) and tips.

Lusciously Lighter Weight & Diet Overview:  Broadly speaking I am happy with my weight, or rather size measurements (See pic below!).  Muscle weighs more than fat, so the more toned you are, the heavier you'll be!  I'd like to tone up but more on that later.  The older I get, the more conscious I am of what I eat.  I don't 'limit' myself but I try to balance out what I eat.  I have a small stomach and slow metabolism in some ways, I can quite easily forget meals, but I would NOT recommend this!  I'm a tall girl so I can carry a little extra and still 'look healthy.

I have given up chocolate for lent.  I don't know weather to carry it on to the meet up or not?  What do you think?  I do find that I am eating less sweet things and if I do want a treat, then I'm reaching for alternatives such as flapjack, sponge cake and granola.  I am on the go a lot and get dehydrated, forget to eat fruit and sometimes reach for microwave meals.

Weight Challenger Goals:
  • Look healthy for my size, not skeletal or chubby.
  • Eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day rather than lots of veg and juice.
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  • No microwave fast food in plastic containers.  (Plastic= cancer causing dioxins cooked into foods & drink)
  • Find metal flask and kettle rather than plastic.  (Especially for in the car as water bottles which are left in the car/window warm the liquid inside and then boil cancer causing dioxins into the liquid).


Lusciosuly Lighter Cleaning Overview: Again, a victim of being on the go.  (Might I just add that this does NOT mean my body is unclean!!)  The busier I get the more things get left, which means I cant find them.  Some things are not easily accessible, but are used daily so I need to resort them.  The washing basket is never empty- lots of handwash items in the bottom, waiting for a dry day to hang outside.  My desk/work space needs a reshuffle and my keyboard needs a hoover!

Cleaning Goals:
  • Empty the washing basket and see that it is all washed, cleaned, sorted and ironed (right down to the last item, including every hand wash item!  
  • Empty suitcase from trips away!  
  • Clean out bathroom and use anti-bacterial wipes on computers and phones.  
  • Order stuff in a ways that the most used is easily accessible! Air duvet and pillows.


Lusciously Lighter Clutter!! Spring clean the following;
  • Medicines from bathroom cupboard.
  • Old expired beauty and make up products.  Donate new and lightly used to Give and Make-up
  • Wardrobe (Keep, charity, recycle)
  • Desk
  • that drawer.  Yes the one every house has.  The drawer of DOOM!

    Lusciously Lighter Exercise Overview: Not great but getting better.  With my busy life this does suffer.  My new (academic) year's resolution was to do Yoga.  This has slipped recently due to the class having problems.  I was doing ok  I like walks so now the weather is on the up perhaps I can get out more as some days at work barely move (hous, car, work, car, house, sleep badly)

    Excercise Goals:
    • Replace lost* pedometer and aim to do 10'000 steps a day. (*fell off while training for a charity run/walk)
    • Buy Yoga DVD and try to do 2 sessions a week (in class if poss, or on own)
    • Try to do 1 Cardiovascular class a week and a power walk for a healthy heart.
    • Try to tone up tum, bum and thighs.
    (This is not me in the picture!)


    Lusciously Lighter Mind Overview:  I have had a few sleepless nights in my time.  In fact I tweeted about it the other night.  I am a good one for writing down tasks I have to do at work but this seems to have slipped and I think I need to do it for everything.  I feel happy to tick things off and then don't stress that I have forgotten something.  I also need to make sure I relax and don't work too hard, but also don't feel guilty when I relax and haven't completed a task.

    Mind Goals:
    • Tidy Space, Tidy Mind (especially sleeping space, which must be a sanctuary)
    • Don't pick spots when stressed!
    • Go back to keeping a daily agenda of tasks for work AND personal life.
    • Diary in 1 relaxing evening a week.
    • Read a book or learn a bit of something new? (To be decided!)

    So a woolly mammoth of a post later, these are some of my goals!!  I hope to post on these things as I go a long and share any tips.

    So, are you going to join me? What are your goals? Perhaps you have some tips to share?  If you do a post, please link it in the comments.

    First things first, I need to go shopping.... (for cleaning and challenge supplies!)

    (P.s. to follow what Aussie are doing for their light challenge click HERE 
    To support me on twitter go to!/Computergirl200 )


    1. I'm way too organized for this xD ! However, I really want that pedometer.. I barely go walking where I live currently.. where I used to live I used to walk for over half an hour every day

      good luck with this ! Maybe you could show us before and after pictures of the organization ?
      Minus of course the washing basket :P

      Get a clothes horse, so you've no excuse when it's raining outside.

      good luck with this !


    2. Sounds like a good plan Emma! You sound much more focused than I am anyway. Although I have got through nearly a whole day without reaching for the muffins.
      Good luck with the challenge xx

    3. @xXMonsterManiacXx Thanks for the encouragement. Perhaps we can get a pedometer each and check on each other? (P.s. I have a clothes horse, its more getting loads together like white wash, wools, darks etc, and hard to do when youre not at home sometimes :) I might do some pics, although like you say, some is too personal ;) x

      @Lauren Well done for not attacking the muffins. I found a healthy recipie for them last night so might make some :) Hope you're well lovely xx

    4. Oh boy, I have a habit that if I make a goal of doing something.....I, uh, make it a point of not doing it in true rebel style. I have a born rebellious streak it seems, especially when it's cold!!!!!! I'm rather good during the summertime!

      However, I'll put down a few down that I *might* just be able to stick to without rebellion:
      1. Do some Abs exercises at least once a week. I used to have 6-pack abs because I used to swing on the swings a lot. Motion sickness as an adult = not fun and not as defined abs.
      2. Vacuum my bedroom floor. Um, yea, we won't go there. It's in need of some serious vacuumage.
      3. Ditto with dusting my bedroom. See, I just have no desire to do things like dusting and hauling a what feels like a 17-lb Dyson upright vacuum to my bedroom. No problem cleaning for money and vacuuming when it means I don't have to haul a vacuum up and down 15 stairs.
      4. Journal once a week.

      Okay, I think I can do that. I definitely got to do three and four sometime in the next month.


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