Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lusciously Lighter Self: Journey update!

Cleaning, Exercise, Diet and Mind are my goal.  To read the story so far, click HERE!

It has been a couple of weeks so here is an overview update!

Weight Challenge Goals:
  • Look healthy for my size, not skeletal or chubby.
  • Eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day rather than lots of veg and juice.
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  • No microwave fast food in plastic containers.  (Plastic= cancer causing dioxins cooked into foods & drink)
  • Find metal flask and kettle rather than plastic.  (Especially for in the car as water bottles which are left in the car/window warm the liquid inside and then boil cancer causing dioxins into the liquid).

I have been eating fruit over smoothies and juice.  I have found remembering to drink water tough, as I just get busy.  I love the taste so I'm trying to drink 1 glass with each meal, plus one in between, leaving 2 more to be fitted in!  I fell down on one microwave meal, (but that is because someone else cooked it for me and I didn't want to waste food when some people have none).  I have found my skin and energy has improved.

To do:
Metal Flask for drinks (over plastic bottle).
Tone chubbyness!

Cleaning Goals:
  • Empty the washing basket and see that it is all washed, cleaned, sorted and ironed (right down to the last item, including every hand wash item!  
  • Empty suitcase from trips away!  
  • Clean out bathroom and use anti-bacterial wipes on computers and phones.  
  • Order stuff in a ways that the most used is easily accessible! Air duvet and pillows.
I did 5 loads of washing last weekend.  I washed all the towels, storage items, hand wash, plus my normal items.  It felt good to clear out the entire linen cupboard and my wardrobe.  I also emptied my suitcase and prepared it for the next trip.  Bathroom cupboard has been cleared and cleaned.  All out of date medicines and products have been emptied/recycled!

My biggest challenge: My entire room has been emptied/cleaned and de-cluttered.  I have new make-up storage and a de-cluttered space.  Tidy space, tidy mind!

I filled up;
1 x rubbish sack
2 recycle bags (plastic, metal)
1 x charity shop bag
1 x textile and shoe recycle sack
1 x box for Give and Make-up.

I will do a post on my make-up storage!

To do: 
Maintain order and do not clutter space!  If I bring a new item in (i.e. bathroom item) it must be because I have used something up!

Exercise Goals:
  • Replace lost* pedometer and aim to do 10'000 steps a day. (*fell off while training for a charity run/walk)
  • Buy Yoga DVD and try to do 2 sessions a week (in class if poss, or on own)
  • Try to do 1 Cardiovascular class a week and a power walk for a healthy heart.
  • Try to tone up tum, bum and thighs.

I bought a pedometer from Argos for around £10. It measures steps, as well as your fat percentage (through pressing your fingers against a metal plate).  I have upped my steps to 10'000 a day and feel GREAT!  I have not put on any fat which is also great.

I have been doing these exercises that Aussie sent us.

Aussie's Lusciously Light Videos: Part 1 from 1000heads on Vimeo.

(or Click or )

They are so simple but great to fit into my busy day.  Guess what!  I even found an much loved earring that I lost  (although that was down to the de-cluttering.  It had fallen into a box that I would never have otherwise emptied.  I am SO pleased!)  I am seeing and feeling the results.  Have you tried these?

I'm trying out different gentle cardio classes- mixed with a bit of dance.  Yoga DVD I have picked up is Leah Bracknell's 'Yoga and You' which varies from £2-£15 on Ebay and Amazon!

To Do: Maintain!

Mind Goals:
  • Tidy Space, Tidy Mind (especially sleeping space, which must be a sanctuary)
  • Don't pick spots when stressed!
  • Go back to keeping a daily agenda of tasks for work AND personal life.
  • Diary in 1 relaxing evening a week.
  • Read a book or learn a bit of something new? (To be decided!)
Tidying is done, spots- work in progress!  I have caught myself scratching absent mindedly.. Whoops!  Relaxing evening has been easy with all the Bank Holidays.

To do: Relax when not on Bank Holiday!  Read a new book!

So there is a long update!  If you want anymore details on specific parts, just ask.  I am finding this so therapeutic and I can't tell you how much more energy I have.  These are thing that I have wanted to correct for a while, but have lacked focus, energy and time.  Having a network of Aussie Angels has helped motivate me!

Are you on this journey with me?  What are your goals, and how are you getting on?  Let me know if you have any tips and if you try the exercises!

P.s. Don't forget 'My Leggy Giveaway'!
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  1. Well done on your progress so far - that sounds like an epic de-clutter! I also need to buy a metal water bottle, it's been on my to-do list for a while. x

  2. I'm still searching for one! Well done on your journey too- great that we're all supporting each other :)xx

  3. you are so organised, i need to do all that you have done this weekend. well done you ha ha.x

  4. Thanks- it's nearly done, and there will be make-up storage pictures :) Let me know how you go with your challenge :) xx


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