Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Skin Love: Body Shop Exfoliator

Skin quest continues!  This has helped so much!

I love my Clarisonic but it is not an exfoliating gadget!  It's a cleanser, and everyone still needs to exfoliate.  In need of something a bit more for my nose and eyebrows, I stopped by The Body Shop last week and picked up a facial buffer.

Slip your hand under the band and exfoliate dry, dead skin off your face with small circular motions.

Yes it works and makes getting rid of dry skin so easy.  Especially in hard to reach areas such is round the nose.  It is tough but not too hard (obviously this depends on how much pressure you apply).  A perfect cheap 'extra'.

I use gently about 3 times a week and wash in hot water after use.  The key is regular routine, not hard pressure.  After all, less dead skin = less gunk to clog your pores = less spots.

It cost £3 and you can pick it up here online.

What do you use to exfoliate your face? Do you have this?


  1. That is a great idea...would you use an exfoliant over the top of that? And use it to buff it in? Xxx

  2. Oh this really interest me, I have such bleurgh flaky/dry skin!


  3. @Hannah I just use it dry or slightly damp. I do have some exfoliants, but I havent used them with this yet. It seems to do quite a good job on its own. Certainly easy to do dry or wet :) Let me know if you get one! xx

    @Georgie My skin was but is so much better. At £3 it is worth a go! xx

  4. I got another one of these today I have 3 I love them for daily washing and exfoliating

  5. Louise <3 mine. Will be picking up another :) xx


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