Friday, 15 April 2011

Summer Leg Preparation Secrets! The Leg Room

Ever wondered how to get winter legs shaped up for summer? Look no further!  I am very please to tell you that Computergirl has moved temporarily over to 'The Leg Room', a site hosted by Kate Shapland.

Kate is a very lovely beauty journalist.  Her work includes The Daily Telegraph (beauty and fashion), Victoria Health and Debenhams Beauty Club.  She has a mission against Cellulite.

If you want to know a secret or two, including a personal admission by me, then Click HERE or to read my thoughts and tips on Summer Leg Preparation- The Computergirl Routine!*

Please have a look at The Leg Room... go on... walk in, sit down, take a look around!  It is very special place, full of all sorts of industry secrets ;)

It is my first post there, so I would really value your thoughts and feedback.
Thanks for reading, and THANK YOU KATE for inviting me! :)

*That almost makes me think of a dance routine a la Can-Can dancers.  In my head yes I can Can-Can, but in reality my body would hate me.  As would the local A&E department.

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