Wednesday, 25 May 2011

NOTD: OPI Tease-y Does It!

More of an Nail of the Evening, as I went out for drinks :)  Park of the Burlesque collection, but still available in some stores/online etc.  A dark polish with small glitter.

It has a sort of petrolly sheen too.  Very pretty.  A base coat is a must though :)
 No flash picture to show colour.

Blurry shot to show how it picks up light.  This shot reminds me a bit of China Glaze's Ruby pumps / Maybelline's Red Comet polish (Glitter, red and gorgeous... until you try to remove them :)

What are your favourite evening polishes? Is glitter a 'yes' or 'no'?  Do you have a special method for glitter removal?

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Winner of my Leggy Giveaway!

Sorry this has taken a few days long to pick a winner.  There were quite a few participants to count up and I have been away a couple of times this past week.

Without further a do, the winner of an exfoliator mit  (for improving circulation, fighting cellulite and aiding removal of hard, dry skin) is..................... (as chosen by number generator!)


Thanks to everyone who took part.  I have the next giveaway ready, just transferring the pictures from my old computer to new one :)

Well done Kate!  Please check your inbox!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ins and Outs!

Lots of news to share so this post seemed like a good idea!

 Amazing birthday cake :D (I wish!)

  • It's my birthday coming up shortly, but due to lots of reasons (other things hijacking the day!) I am celebrating tomorrow with a shopping trip :) and cake. Probably!
  • GLOSSYBOX ARRIVED!!  For those of you that don't know, it's a subscription sample service. for high end brands.  I will do a post on it in the future but for now, here is a picture.
  • Men shopping.  (No not shopping for 'men'!)  The boy was at an airport so I asked if he could get me a Victoria's Secret lipgloss (we have no shops in the UK :( but some Duty Free shops carry it)  He looked confused when I saw him last, and said he didn't know what to get.  THIS is what I ended up with!! Bless- he didn't know which one so he bought all of them!! One for each day of the week!! Crazy!!  Boy did good!!  He earned some twitter praise!
  • Medik8 hydrating serum. My cheeks are so dry right now.  I'm applying this at night and waking up with lovely supple soft cheeks :)
  • My computer has been poorly for a while, and I had a new one, but had put off using it because it's going to take me a while to set it up, figure out how to use it.  I am now on my new computer and everything is so different.  Makes me feel very uneasy!  All my pictures are on my old hardrive, so that is why blogging is a bit slow at the moment.  I have pictures of my 400 subs prizes (OPI, NYX etc) but can't get at them so I either need to photograph again or get a cable.
  • Spots.  Enough already.  Hormonal cystic acne?  Nice hard lumps under the skin.  Hormones suck sometimes!
  • Clutter!  Well nearly.  Just that last push.  I just need to find the time.
  • Tabloids.  So many uplifting and shocking real life stories have been bumped this week in favour of pathetic tales.  I really do not care who cheated with whom, who is trying to get a court gagging order, who tapped someone's phone.  Maybe it is just me.  In particular there is talk of 'rape' sentancing being cut to suit the 'type' of rape.  But that is ok because Arnie 'Terminator' Schwarzenegger has a secret love child and we would rather read about that.. (rolls eyes!)
Just a few thoughts of the last few days!  What are your INs and OUTS?  Post them below!!  I love reading them!

Also let me know if you have tried any of the products I mention, or if you have any tips for me!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NOTD: OPI Sweet Heart

I needed a subtle polish for grown up stuff at work today and my hand fell on this one.  OPI Sweet Heart.  A soft pink / nude that will suit most, if not all, hands :)  This could easily be used to french manicure.

What are your favourite nude /natural polish for days when you need to look a bit more 'grown up and sensible?!

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

TAG: My Make-up and Beauty Storage

This post has been requested many, many times since I started blogging donkey's years ago!  So for all you people who, like me, enjoy a little nose at other people's worlds, and want a few storage ideas.... here is my current set up.

I have changed it around quite a bit, and haven't quite got things perfect.  However I set myself a declutter challenge as part of my Lusciously Lighter Self Journey (Click HERE 1, HERE 2 and HERE 3 to read up it) and I'm just unpacking things into this set up, so I though it was a good time to share.

I have a sort of desk/vanity in my room, which I keep my most used items in (as well as some personal items).  I don't have space to keep everything to hand in this unit, but I do have some other storage in the room (and another room which is very handy).  I would love to have all my make-up, products, hair items together but this unit isn't big enough.  (Oh to have a walk in wardrobe or 'Closet' as the people over the pond say)

 Old Storage!

I used to store my make up in baskets like this one.  Although large, it became difficult to find products, although great to throw products into when back from a late night!

New Storage!
I bought these plastic baskets for £2-£3 from a local hardware/DIY shop (next to the tupperware section).  These fit perfectly in a shallow drawer, and I have spit them into eyes, lips and face.  The space at the end is for larger items (E.g. my Chanel Bronze Universal Sorry 'Tan de Soleil', make-up bags for my handbag)

These glasses were £2 each from Next.  I put face brushes in one (blush, bronzer, highlighter, foundation, powder) and smaller brushes (lips, eyes, concealer) in the other.  Then I have pencils in one, I tend to try and keep one free for dirty brushes.  Lip pencils seem to migrate between the basket and glass (and my handbag!)

I keep my normal polishes in this basket on a shelf.  I have another basket which has my upper end polishes in (YSL, OPI etc) but I keep this is the other room.  This was £3 from StoreTwentyOne

I keep a lot of items in the bathroom cabinet (which I tidied/cleared out expired products but I don't really want to show you that ;)  In my bedroom I keep a few things in these baskets on a shelf.

One has hair care/style items (heat spray, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair spray, shine etc) plus my night care body and foot lotions (including my Sanctuary Spa night socks and exfoliating gloves).

The other one has deodorant, facial care, eye make-up removal, eye cream, facial toner spray, MAC Fix+  etc.

Again things gravitate between the bathroom and these baskets, but I try to keep night creams and treatments close so I don't forget to use them!

I don't like to clutter up too much, especially after my bank holiday de-clutter, plus the more products I have to hand, the more I'm likely to flit between them and not form a routine.  Also I don't like opening too many products as they expire before I've had my monies worth!

Make-up baskets!
I know some of you would like a close look!  These blue baskets contain my 'most used' items aka my everyday face.

Lips: Lip glosses, lipsticks, liners, treatments, lash curlers, tweezers etc

Eyes: Shadows, mascara, under eye concealer, Fluid liner, brow kits etc.

Face: Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzers etc

But wait, there is more.......
Eagle-eyed readers will be asking " Emma, where are your MAC palettes?" well, maybe not... but anyway, here is another basket on my shelf, with MAC palettes, benefit box powders, kits, glitter (going out items!), pigments (Mac, Sassy, Bare Minerals etc), more lipsticks, brushes (and roll), handbag brushes, and some back-ups of things which are close to finished.  I have some more backups in the top of my wardrobe, and in the other room... (Woops!)
 Mac Palettes, NYX, shell pearl, samples etc.  I have the an old plastic tub to hold small brushes and samples (ready for travel).

So there is my current storage and some of my collection.  This is in no way a brag about what I have.  I hope that this has been useful for those of you looking for cheap storage ideas.  I like to try and keep a streamlined collection (as I only have face and so many days, and limited space at the moment!) but also I work hard to buy products, and I research most things before buying and try to spend wisely.  A few things were presents and one or two were sent for consideration.

If you want me to go over any of the products in a bit more depth, then just pop a comment below.  Perhaps if you enjoyed this post then just say 'thanks' :)

TAG: I now tag all of you reading to share your make-up storage ideas!  I love reading those posts and getting inspired.  Don't forget to post a link below so I can click directly to the post ;)

NOTD: Orly Mini Mani Lemonade

Orly Mini Manis are great.  A small travel friendly pot in lots of colours.  I recently showed you Etoile and today I'm showing you Lemonade.  It's a lovely pastel yellow.  Not a colour I have in my collection at all, but I love it!

Please excuse the pre-clean up shot.  I only noticed after :(  I won this off Farrah's blog  Please stop by and say hello to her.

Thank you so much Farrah for making me try something new :) I love it!

What colours of nail polish have you never tried? Are you faithful to the same groups of colours?

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Computergirl Archives :)

I was reading through some of my old posts last night and thought I would do a little link to some of my 'golden oldies'!  I've been blogging for a bit, so here are some of my favorite posts (or ones which seem to have made you email/contact me!)  Enjoy 6 from the vault!  :)

October 2010 saw a post all about 'That time of the month' and some tips for boys on how to support us :)

In November 2009 I had a look at Mac Mythology and dupes

In January 2010 I started my Blush Love Series with Mac Well Dressed Blush

October 2010 saw Bourjois Volumiser Mascara Review

July 2010 Saw a Fairytale Party

June 2010 saw Benefit, Jemma Kid (and Mac Shell Pearl)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lusciously Lighter Self: Journey Update: Diet!

You are what you eat!

I am on a Lusciously Lighter Self journey, supported by Aussie.  We have all set our own goals and are supporting each other. I know that some of you are detoxing areas of your life along with me which is GREAT.  Thanks for the support.  Following the last update and exercise tips, I'm doing a mini update with some dietry tips from Aussie.

Aussie's Lusciously Light videos: Part 2 from 1000heads on Vimeo.

These make so much sense!  I had been drinking at meals, but I have changed that now!  I think I am aveaging 1.5 litres of water a day so still room to improve!  I haven't found a metal drinks bottle but I am still searching.  Anyone got any ideas on where to buy one?

My fruit over fruitjuice mission is still going, and I have picked up some straws to help protect my teeth from juice.  I have completely kicked TEA, COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE!! Opting for a peppermint or Chamomile tea if I need a hot boost!

Your body can't survive if you don't feed it, but similary it needs to be fed the right sort of foods.  For example Raspberries are very good for you but also very filling.  They are not empty calories, like most crisps, biscuits etc.  This means you get full and stay full :)  I have been cutting out empty calories, and eating wiser choices (I hope), pasta, sala, chicked (no micrwave foods which have extra salt in normally).

My agenda keeping is working really well and I have been sleeping better so far.  Such a simple thing, but it makes a lot of difference.  Getting a good night's sleep really allows your body to press the reset button!  I am also waking up to a glass of water with a splash of FRESH LEMON JUICE in it every morning.  This helps to detox and energise the kidneys after a long dyhadrating sleep.

All in all I am more energetic and my skin is looking quite good (HURRAH!), My 10'000 steps a day challenge is hard somedays, but I have taken up a sort of dance based cardio class which I LOVE!!

What are your healthy eating tips?  How do you keep cravings at bay?  Are you on this journey with me? Please update me and link me if you post!

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Monday, 9 May 2011

NOTD: Revlon Tropical Temptation 093

I'm digging hot pinks and corals for spring and summer. Especially on my toes (with gorgeous open toe wedges or flipflops!)

This is Revlon's nail polish in Tropical Temptation 093.  A hot fluro pink/orange coral.  It makes me think of sunny islands, hot sandy beaches, cocktails and, strangely, penny fruit salad sweets.  I don't know if that was a UK thing, but I expect them to cost 5p these days :)

What are you current favorite polishes for spring and summer?  Do you associate things with colours or am I alone in my fruit salad sweet polish? ;)

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Witch 'Redness Relief' and 'Primer'

I have been testing these for a couple on months and am now ready to share my findings.  If you want the back story then look at my Witch Skincare Overview

This range is formulated as an affordable range to help with problem skin.  Witch know that it is rare for a woman to buy an entire range from one company, so have formulated products which are supposed to work independently to target a specific problem.  I like this as it really annoys me when I buy a product only to find that you 'need' to use it in conjunction with products B, C, D and E, and you 'must' buy them to get the best.... blah blah blah.... (Clinique 3 step, I'm looking at you....(even though that was a mistake  click here! ) )

                    Witch Redness Relief Moisturiser                     

Witch Say: 
  • Anti- Redness, 
  • helps sooth skin, 
  • oil free, 
  • no artificial fragrance or colour,
  • dermatalogically tested
Directions: Smooth a small amount on to your fingertips and gently target areas that are red.  Blend and apply a tinted moisturiser or foundation over the top.

I say: Certainly works quite well!  It goes on green, but don't worry, this goes when your foundation is over the top.  You couldn't wear it alone though, unless you really judge it well!  I looked a bit ill when I first applied it!  A little bit goes a long way, and I didn't find it smelt weird or faded through the day.  It also contains natural ingredients that aim to help combat congestion and problem skin (e.g. witch hazel).  This is great as the last thing you want to do it use products to cover up problems, but end up aggravating the problem even more.  It would be nice to have a pump action bottle, but I would never use 1 pump's worth on my face!
The Redness Relief is applied just above 'Computergirl2007'

Cost £6.99 for 30ml from Boots.  Also available from other chemists.

                    Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer                   

Witch Say:  
  • Hold's makeup in place and helps protect skin from the causes of blemishes
  • oil free, 
  • no artificial fragrance or colour,
  • dermatalogically tested

Directions: Apply a small amount evenly over face (not eye area). Once dry apply foundation.

I Say:  We all know what difference a primer makes to eye makeup!  This face primer forms a barrier between your skin and makeup, helping your skin to stay bacterial and clog pore free and your makeup in place.  I have used this on many occasion and my makeup hasn't budged!  I have combination skin, so often excess oil leaves my foundation patchy within a few hours.  This doesn't smell weird and is amongst the best primers I have tried.  It's a joy to use.  Plus a pump action bottle keeps bacteria out.  Contains Witch Hazel, Grapefruit, Licorice but you can't eat it!  I was given this for free but I will repurchase when I have finished it (although my bottle still has loads in, even with frequent use!)

Costs £6.99 for 30ml from Boots although other chemists do stock it!

The stand out product for me out of these two, is the primer.  If you have problem, combination skin, like mine, then do have a look at this product.  We all want to cover our flaws (mine include red skin, spot scaring, large pores, spots, blackheads, clog pores etc...Oh sounds hideous!) but we need to make sure that masking a problem isn't actually contributing or causing the problem.  After 8 hours of make-up wearing, most pores will be fully fed with dead skin, oil and the day's makeup.  My pores have been visible smaller and less congested while using this primer.

Do you use a redness relief or primer?  Which ones do you use?  What are your top tips for reducing red skin and keeping makeup from sinking into your skin?

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Summer Nails: 17 Supreme Shine: Coral Pop

Part of the NEW collection!  A lovely vibrant corally pink!

Applies quickly and evenly with a 'Maxi brush' and stays on for 10 days (although I did find mine chipped a little although that might be the base/top coat I used).  Stayed on my toes perfectly.  Lovely for a cute summer pedicure :)

Costs £3.99 from Boots stores or online HERE 
HOWEVER... Boots currently have them as part of their 3 for 2 Deal!  Worth snapping up for a pop of colour!

What are your favourite nail colours for summer? Have you tried this range?

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to recycle makeup containers.

I hate throwing things away.  I love to recycle and reuse if possible.  Here is one idea...

Take one Elf compact (complexion correction)....

This compact contained 4 powders, and I had used up 2 1/2.  I was never going to use the pink on it's own so....
I cleared it out and....

 ...created a small compact carry case, which has a huge mirror in the lid.  I popped 1 Mac Blush, and 2 Mac eyeshadows in it, which was perfect for a day away.

What do you do with old makeup containers? Do you have any ideas to share?

I hope to show you more ideas soon :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Blues

Gorgeous UK in May :)

Hope you are having a lovely day, however you spend it.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right!

What a day I had last week! (Partial absence explained!)  It started with waking up at dawn.  I wasn't that hungry for breakfast but ate some fresh pineapple (Lusciously Light!).  I had a few general medical check-ups (not doctor) but ended up slicing my foot open on some old metal and had to have the wound dressed.  I then had to have an emergency tetanus jab.  I had a sports massage to get knotted muscles out of my back after, so all in all the morning was quite stressful!  I felt quite ill for a few days, but getting back on track now!

I didn't get to eat lunch until later (salad and crackers) and general felt quite sick and tired.  What is a girl to do? SHOP!

I bought some new shoes (as seen on Hannah's blog 'Hello Beautiful').  New Look. Under £30.  Leather Uppers (which is unusual for cheaper stores such as New Look).  Normally they are all plastic material which, lets face it, makes feet sweat.  Hello fungus.  These are very comfy :) I love them.

Of course I also picked up a few other goodies, along with some ice-cream and strawberry jelly sweets.  I am still off chocolate so the sweets were to give me a bit of a sugar boost after all that adrenaline.  (The ice-cream was just because it was hot).

I hope you had a better day!!

 Top Miss Selfridge.  Pussy bow can be tied in multiple ways for different looks.

 Sale Bargain Bracelets from Miss Selfridge!

How do you cheer yourself up?  Are you a shoe or bag girl?  Have you found any bargains recently?

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