Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right!

What a day I had last week! (Partial absence explained!)  It started with waking up at dawn.  I wasn't that hungry for breakfast but ate some fresh pineapple (Lusciously Light!).  I had a few general medical check-ups (not doctor) but ended up slicing my foot open on some old metal and had to have the wound dressed.  I then had to have an emergency tetanus jab.  I had a sports massage to get knotted muscles out of my back after, so all in all the morning was quite stressful!  I felt quite ill for a few days, but getting back on track now!

I didn't get to eat lunch until later (salad and crackers) and general felt quite sick and tired.  What is a girl to do? SHOP!

I bought some new shoes (as seen on Hannah's blog 'Hello Beautiful').  New Look. Under £30.  Leather Uppers (which is unusual for cheaper stores such as New Look).  Normally they are all plastic material which, lets face it, makes feet sweat.  Hello fungus.  These are very comfy :) I love them.

Of course I also picked up a few other goodies, along with some ice-cream and strawberry jelly sweets.  I am still off chocolate so the sweets were to give me a bit of a sugar boost after all that adrenaline.  (The ice-cream was just because it was hot).

I hope you had a better day!!

 Top Miss Selfridge.  Pussy bow can be tied in multiple ways for different looks.

 Sale Bargain Bracelets from Miss Selfridge!

How do you cheer yourself up?  Are you a shoe or bag girl?  Have you found any bargains recently?


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! I need some new wedges and have been looking for a tan pair for ages!
    I love the little black bracelets too - very cute!

  2. love the miss selfridge top and the wedges, i really want some tan ones xx

  3. I really like the stripy sailor top - such a cute neckline!x

  4. @Natalie Worth checking out :) I love them with black tights, or bare legs :) xx

    @Jessica It's a lovely top. Getting lots of wear! xx

    @LionLovingTiger It's the first one I have bought like this. Slightly see through but affordable :)xx

  5. I have been loving wedges lately and those look so cute! xo

  6. Yay I'm glad you love the wedges! I wore mine today and yesterday with minimal pain! Thanks so much for the link up too :o) xxx

  7. @Devea Wedges are great :) Thanks x

    @Hannah Youre welcome:) Thanks for showing me the shoes :D Love them xx

  8. this lyric couldnt be truer :). what lovely shoes they are too.

    Helen, X

  9. Thanks Helen. New shoes are a great pick me up :)x


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