Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to recycle makeup containers.

I hate throwing things away.  I love to recycle and reuse if possible.  Here is one idea...

Take one Elf compact (complexion correction)....

This compact contained 4 powders, and I had used up 2 1/2.  I was never going to use the pink on it's own so....
I cleared it out and....

 ...created a small compact carry case, which has a huge mirror in the lid.  I popped 1 Mac Blush, and 2 Mac eyeshadows in it, which was perfect for a day away.

What do you do with old makeup containers? Do you have any ideas to share?

I hope to show you more ideas soon :)


  1. Awesome idea, I'm gonna keep it in mind!

    I emptied two of these elf powders too ;) And right now I have a facepowder that I mixed pressed into this compact. I find eyeshadows much easier to press though than powders, probably because the pan is smaller and deeper, but aside from the fact that the surface doesn't look that pretty and I have to be careful not to press it too hard, or too loosely, I'm happy to have some nice compacts to press any selfmade mineral powders in.


  2. @Hollywood Thanks. Hope youre well xx

    @Zepresso Cool idea aout face powder. I hate it when it spills. These compacts are perfect xx

  3. @Sparkle Beauty Blog Thank you :) xx

    @Helen Thanks :) xx

    @ Oxford Jasmine :) Thanks you xx

    Glad you all like it x

  4. Ah good idea! I don't ever use up enough things to have any empty cases though! x

  5. Thanks Carlito! I didn't use all this up, but my face is pink enough so wasnt going to use that, and the blue was nearly out. x

  6. Great idea to reuse the empty cases! Thank you.

  7. wowww really a great idea.

    i'll try that

  8. love the idea! I will give this a go :)


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