Monday, 4 July 2011

NOTD: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

A vampy type of dark polish.  You can wear one or two coats to build up the colour.  It;s a sort of dark raisin / berry colour, although more purpley with one coat (See below).  This is pre-clean up, for which I apologise.  I forgot to photo after clean up and pre removal.

 Word of warning.  Unless you wear dark polish 100% of the time, then treat your nails to a good base coat.  This stains!  Protect your nails, or you'll look like you dipped your hands in raspberries and didn't wash after!  No-one likes polish residue!

This polish can be bought on Beauty Bay (HERE) or Ebay (HERE) or this seller has it for £7.99 inc postage

What are your recommendations for a good base coat? Any tips for removing polish stains?  Any other Vampy polish recommendations?

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  1. I really lovee this shade and keep meaning to buy it. Thanks for the base coat tip!

  2. Youre welcome- you shoudl get it. IT is a perfect polish! xx


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