Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer Essentials Part 1!

Seeing as we are getting into the summer months in the UK (even if the weather thinks otherwise) I thought I would do a few posts sharing some products I am loving for summer 2011!  Perfect for summer, or for holiday travels!

Medik8 Hydr8 B5
Created to be a 'green cosmeceutical brand' (good for your skin And the planet) and used by stars such as Sharron Osbourne and Simon Cowell!  When Elliot Isaac's sister developed red skin, it became obvious that the very products she was using to try and calm it were actually agrivating it.  He set to creating a serum to aid her skin.  Skip forward a few years and her skin is calm and Medik8 is a fully licensed range available for public use!

Since attacking my skincare in recent years, I have now found that my Oily T zone/normal cheek skin has now turned in Oily and dry T zone, dry cheeks!  I think this is due to a better cleansing routine and hormones.  The girls at Medik8 suggested I tried this serum, and I'm loving it.  I  apply it at night by popping a drop on my fingertip and then smoothing into cleansed skin.  This is going to be perfect for holiday when my skin is dry from the seaside air, sunshine and sea and sand!  For added penetration, I believe this serum can me used with a Dermaroller however I do not have one and haven't tried this method.

For more information and prices visit

Carmex Mint lipbalm
Carmex has been around for ages.  I used to have a pot in my pencil case at school.  The brand recently developed popping the product in a tube, and now has added a few different flavours into the mix - cherry and mint.  Whatsmore they have added SPF into some of the range!  It is very easy to foret to protect your lips with SPF when on holiday!

I have a tube of Mint Carmex and it has gone in my holiday bag already.  Firstly it is in a tube, which makes it sand friendly!  I love the minty fresh flavour and how it brings a cool feeling to my lips.  The balm does contain a little alcohol, which can be a little drying to some lips.  However as I am taking this on holiday, I actually want it to dry out a little so that it reminds me to reapply this sun protecting lip treat.  It is very easy to apply lip protection once in the morning and forget for the rest of the day.

Carmex is available from most chemists and pharmacy stores.  Retails around £2.60

Dr. Bronner's 18 in 1 soap
A soap product that claims to have 18 uses!  Yes, 18!  Now if that doesn't make savvy holiday packing then I don't know what does!  It washes your clothes (great for backpacking, or those who want to pack for three days and stay longer!), it washes your hair, it washes your body, face, teeth (not too sure about this as I haven't been brave enough to try it!), it's pet and baby safe, can be used as deodourant and so much more.

Even more exciting ("and what can be more exciting than 18 uses?" you say!) is that it is a natural product, cruelty free and environmentally safe. No harsh chemicals to pollute the sea for years to come.  I love the lavender and tea tree liquid version, although I would need one of the small bottles if taking it on a plane.  It also comes

Dro Bronner's can be purchased from many places including Liberty and Waitrose.  Prices start from £1.69 see to find your nearest stockist.

What are your magic holiday space saving essentials?  What are your holiday essentials?

Disclaimer: I have been given all the above products at various stages but have only chosen to mention them because I feel they are worth a mention.  As always I trails products and only mention them after testing.  All thoughts and content are my own words.

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  1. wow I have never heard of Dr. Bronners 18 in 1 soap!! this looks like a great product for traveling.I would love a detailed review on this. Have you used it for other purposes than the teeth? How can it work for skin, hair, clothes, babies, teeth and infact everything? I guess it has to be ineffective in half of its uses!

  2. Hi Ezzy. I will try and put up a more detailed review for you. I have used it for a few purposed and quite liked it A lot of soap is actually very easy to make but effective on a lot of things- it's just we name it shower gel, hand soap etc to give people ideas. I will give you a more detailed review though and say what uses I have foudn it works best for xx


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