Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blog giveaway!

Thanks to hitting a number of subs and getting some lovely comments, I'm having a thank you giveaway!

I love the blogging and beauty community and I am grateful for every follow, comment, question, email, tweet and friendly face I meet!

As a thank you, I like to give a little something extra back every now and again!

There are 4 prizes and these will be picked at random.  These are all products and brands I love and want to share with you.  All prizes have been purchased by me.

1 x NYX goody bag (false lashes, eye pencil, mascara and brush).

1 x Jemma Kidd lip gloss and philosophy 'presence' makeu primer for fine lines and uneven skin.

1 x OPI nail polish in 'Sweet heart' (See my post HERE) I liked it so much I picked up one for you! 1 x Rimmel Gloss

1 x Urban Decay Primer potion and No7 eye palette..

To be in with a chance of winning you must do 2 things;

1) Simply make sure you are subscribed to Computer Girl's Musings (via Blogger (blogger dashboard, GFC or email).  It makes it easier to keep in touch.

2) Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite 'Computergirl' blog post is!  (If you are feeling nice, you can leave a comment on that post too!)

If you want an extra entry or two, then you can kindly share my blog with your friends.  This is not essential, it's just a few ways of helping me discover friends I haven't yet met :)  You will get an extra entry for each of the following;

Post about my blog on your blog (leave a link for me below!)
Like my facebook page
Follow me on twitter @computergirl200 and tweet something about my giveaway
(E.g. Emma is having a giveaway @computergirl200 at
Follow me on Blog Lovin
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Just don't forget to leave the appropriate urls and usernames below so I can follow you and keep track.
Also check back to see if you have won!

Thanks :)

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to close or extend the competition.  'Compers' will be disqualified.  Prizes are all new and unused.  Winners drawn at random on July 30th at 15:00 UK time.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lusciously Light Boot Camp and Update

A couple of weeks back I was invited to a Boot Camp day at The Reebok Sports Club, Canary Wharf, London.  This Gym has been voted the best Gym in London, so I was really excited, but slightly apprehensive.  I'm not a great one for keeping fit, but know that it is essential, so I packed my gym kit and toddled off.

For those of you who don't yet know, I'm an Aussie Angel.  I have been using the 3 minutes miracle for about 10 years.  I love the way it smells, and I love what it does to my frazzled locks!

Our latest challenge was to embrace being lusciously light.  We could choose lighter hair, or lighter self.  I chose lighter self as there are several things I wanted to tackle in my life, but just had not had the kick up the backside that I needed.  I set my own goals to do with lightening the load on my mind and body through addressing food, mind clutter, exercise, physical clutter etc.  (If you want to read the story and challenge updates then here is the beginning post.  I have updates here and here and have been tweeting lots about what I have been doing!)

The Boot Camp day was set aside for the angels to meet up and do some gentle exercise, eat healthy food and support each other with our goals!

The first thing I saw was a giant climbing wall INSIDE the building!  I took some sneaky pictures while no-one was up the wall (I didn't want to get thrown out for taking pictures of someone's bum!), we then all changed and ate some fruit in the cafe before heading up to the studio.  It was great to see some familiar blogger friends, as well as meet some new ones!

Amanda of Gymanda was our host for the day.  She started off with a gentle warm up which involved some twists, jogs and jumps.  This got us nicely warmed up for the circuits!

We split into groups and spent a minute at each station (weights, jogging/star jumps, kick boxing, tricep dips and hula hooping).  After one circuit we partnered up and did some stretches and ball work.

A couple more repetitions of this and we were all gasping for water!  I was glad when we took a break for a healthy sandwich and fruit snack!

The second part of the day consisted of some yoga.  As some of you know, I have taken up yoga and stepped it up a bit for my challenge.  Amanda's yoga did push me a bit, but I enjoyed it.  I certainly felt energised afterwards and more healthy.

All too soon it was time to go.  I headed to the showers before catching the tube back with Catherine, Carlito86 and BrionyLou.
L-R Me, BrionyLou, Catherine, Carlito and Phibster! (Post Gym, healthy glow!)

I met so many lovely people that day, so sorry if I haven't mentioned you by name!

Since coming back from Boot Camp I have tried to incorporate some of the routines, although I haven't got a hula hoop.....yet!
Healthy and happy!

Thank you to Aussie and Amanda for a great day.  It certainly made me feel energetic and tackle my fitness in a new light!  If you want to read more then check out

And now for my challenge update;

I am pleased to say that I have tackled all my goals.  Since embracing the challenge of Lusciously light mind, body and hair, I have notice lots of good things.  Here are my goals and how I met them.

  • Look healthy for my size, not skeletal or chubby.
  • **I have maintained my weight, toned a little AND NOT PUT ON ANY FAT THROUGHOUT THE CHALLENGE!! WOOP!!
  • Eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day rather than lots of veg and juice.
  • ** I kept a fruit chart and ticked it off day by day. My skin is much better and I haven't had sugar crashes through drinking lots of fruit juice.
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  • ** This was tough but I now carry a large drinks container round with me and sip it through the day.  Concentration is much better, and my skin is brighter.
  • No microwave fast food in plastic containers.  (Plastic= cancer causing dioxins cooked into foods & drink)
  • **I have cut out fast food and cook meals in bulk and freeze them for days when I am in a rush!
  • Find metal flask and kettle rather than plastic.  (Especially for in the car as water bottles which are left in the car/window warm the liquid inside and then boil cancer causing dioxins into the liquid). 
  • **I finally found a metal flask at my local camping store.  Well worth it-plus if you pop an ice cube or two in, it keeps the drink cool!
  • Empty the washing basket and see that it is all washed, cleaned, sorted and ironed (right down to the last item, including every hand wash item!  
  • **Due to lots of travel, this had mounted up,but I spent a day washing and then a day ironing. That was fun!  But I slept very, very well after all that physical work!
  • Empty suitcase from trips away!  
  • **As above, but I have got into the habit of keeping my dirty clothes in a bag, so they can be put in the washing basket straight away on return, leaving my case quicker to empty.
  • Clean out bathroom and use anti-bacterial wipes on computers and phones.
  • **Half a day and the cabinet was emptied of all clutter, out of date meds and half used items.  Give and make up benefited, as did the recycle bag!
  • Order stuff in a ways that the most used is easily accessible! Air duvet and pillows.
  • **I did a post or reorganising my dresser, makeup.  At the same time I left my duvet and pillows outside to air.  I also ran the hoover over them.  The next morning I woke up with clear breathing, and had a nice relaxed  time using all my products at my vanity table.  I know where every item is and it makes mornings relaxed (mostly!).
  • Replace lost* pedometer and aim to do 10'000 steps a day. (*fell off while training for a charity run/walk)
  • **As you will know from one of my other challenge posts, I bought one from Argos and aim to do 10'000 steps daily.  I love the challenge, plus I feel much more relaxed and full of life.  I recommend this if you find exercise hard.
  • Buy Yoga DVD and try to do 2 sessions a week (in class if poss, or on own)
  • **I bought a yoga DVD and I'm loving it.  It is an easy way of trying out a new sport, without feeling self conscious, although home does have a lot of distractions (phones ringing, postman ringing the door).  For this reason I love the classes. A complete retreat!
  • Try to do 1 Cardiovascular class a week and a power walk for a healthy heart.
  • **My 10'000 steps include some power walking to raise the heart rate.  I have also taken up some dance classes which are fun but tiring!  Another great way to exercise without 'exercising'!
  • Try to tone up tum, bum and thighs.
  • **I must be doing something right as I had a nice comment the other day!  I think they are more toned.

  • Tidy Space, Tidy Mind (especially sleeping space, which must be a sanctuary)
  • ** I have got into the habit of putting things away, no matter how tired.  I have been sleeping better and not finding mornings  such a chore!
  • Don't pick spots when stressed!
  • **This one is hard, as I do suffer with  'pick things' mode-mostly on my arms, back, neck and face.  My hormones affect my skin, but obviously picking it doesnt make it heal quicker.  I now verbally tell myself off if I start to pick my skin.
  • Go back to keeping a daily agenda of tasks for work AND personal life.
  • **I love my agenda!! I am even toying with getting a filofax!   I am sleeping better too as my mind isn't full of clutter.
  • Diary in 1 relaxing evening a week.
  • ** My relax nights have included a bath night with bubbles and wine, a movie night, girl pudding night, manicure, back massage (with hot stones!).  Spending time on you is essential.
  • Read a book or learn a bit of something new? (To be decided!)
  • ** I have read a complete trilogy of books and really enjoyed the escapism of something far from reality.  I read the Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan.  I haven't really read this genre before, but really enjoyed it.  I am now looking for my next read.

    So there is an update.  I am more energetic.  I have had people say how well I am looking, plus I am sleeping more peacefully.  My skin is looking less dull and I have found I like grapefruit in the mornings!  Plus I am getting excited about cooking and books.  

    The challenge doesn't stop here, but I might add some new goals but for now I am happy maintaining these and seeing where I am in a few months.

    If you set your mind to something, you CAN achieve it.  Little steps at a time, but eventually you look back and see how far you have come.

    Thanks for all your support with this life change :)

    How are your challenges going?  Please update me- plus if you have any good book suggestions or tips then share them below! How do you stay healthy or break habits like stop picking?

    Saturday, 11 June 2011

    Vintage Glamour

    I love vintage glamour.  I love accentuating natural features to provide a classy look.  Some of my style inspirations include Emma Watson (she is never pictured looking trashy or 'underdressed'), Eva Longoria (who looks like a doll some days!) and Audrey Hepburn.

    I love picking up vintage treasures, although I don't always have space to keep them.
     Top: hat (see below)

    Right: Cotton Wool display jar.  £5 from a Hospice charity shop.  Perfect to hold large cotton wool pads (and support the amazing work done by hospices in the UK).

    Bottom: A powder compact by Sutton.  A personal treasure.  I would love to put my powder in it, but finding one that fits is a challenge!  Any ideas?

    The hat was from charity shop a few years back.  I haven't been brave enough to wear it out, but if anyone has any tips on how to secure/wear it, then let me know!

     Vintage Black silk skirt with a flare at the bottom.  Great for a posh evening or funeral.  £40 paid, at it was new.... the best part......
     It is slightly too big, but the sizing's generally run small in vintage/designer lines.

    I saw the broach on Bang on Vintage and had to snap it up.  It is the perfect accessory for adding a sparkle to an evening dress or jacket.  Also great for wedding guest outfits! Visit

    Vintage Makeup

    Of course I don't have much vintage makeup, and certainly do not use any bits and pieces I have.  Makeup does expire and I wouldn't want to get an infection.  Besides some formulas have improved over the years, so I am sure some make-up now is better than several years ago (less egg whites, lead and blood in it these days!!)

    A vintage essential is eyelashes.  If you look at any of the iconic black and white pictures, they portray nice full eyelashes.  A brand I have been trying recently is Eye Kandy.  Their lashes are split into decades so it is easy to pick up a set that represent the decade you like.  Lashes frame the eyes and help to make them look more open.  The psychology of it is that open eyes = truthful and innocent.

    These lashes help create a perfect vintage look, and are helpfully categorised in decades (here are some 50's and 60's look lashes).  If you want to look at the range then check out or your local Boots or Gordon's the Chemist.  These retail around £4.50 and so far I have been quite impressed with the amount reuses.

    Hair: It has to be big!

     Any 60's, 70's or 80's hair need volume, and this is a product which I keep reaching for.  It's not just for 'past it's best' hair (i.e. 'I don't have time to wash it for a few hours so I'll reach for the dry shampoo').  I regularly use fry shampoo on washed hair to help create texture.  This helps hairgrips to stick to the hair, and it's as damaging as backcombing (or bad backcombing, ouch)!  This is the relaunched version for dark hair, and it does the trick.  I'm still not sure if the can is CFC free, so it would be good to have a non aerosol version Batiste...?  (Retails in most Superdrugs, boots etc for around £2.30)

    Other vintage essentials are a decent black eyeliner, although some false lashes come with a thick band so your eye looks automatically lined on the top.  (Excellent if you are in a hurry!)  I would suggest a dark liquid eyeliner (perhaps the Lancome Art liner although I haven't tried it yet!) although if your hand is a little shaky and liquid scares you, then I find gel liners easier to use.  Just a thin brush and pot of gel liner.  My reach for gel liner is MAC's Blacktrack although I sometimes set it with a dark powder eyeshadow, just to be sure it won't budge.

    Brows are an essential part of vintage glamour, and must be groomed.  I get mine regularly threaded in my local Debenhams.  Threading is hair removal by using and ancient technique of twisted cotton.  I can't recommend this enough if you want a long lasting, clean, shaped brow without pulling the delicate skin round the eye area.  Just make sure your blood sugar is up and that Aunt Flow isn't near (it hurts more if either of these is a factor).  A good therapist will talk you through the treatment, distract you if you are tense (tension=painful treatment), thread quickly and apply cooling aloe gel at the end.  I normally pay around £7- I paid more once, but the treatment was shocking so I never returned to that salon.

    Vintage lips must be full, lined, and smooth.  I love my By Terry Baume de Rose (click here for a mini post) as a night treatment for smooth morning lips.  For lips, I am still loving the lip look I'm wearing HERE!

    Of course I couldn't do a post on Vintage glamour without mentioning 'Art Deco makeup'.  This line is fairly cheap and I do have some pieces so expect to see a mini post up in the future.

    What are your best vintage buys?  How would you sum up vintage glamour? Who are your Vintage Glamour Icons?

    Disclaimer: All items purchased by me apart from Batiste, which I normally buy but was sent this can after I mentioned not being able to find the new brown version in shops. The Eye Kandy Lashes were sent for consideration.  All views are my own and completely unbiased.

    Monday, 6 June 2011

    I'm Back: Update!

    This is what has been happening recently!
    I celebrated my birthday last weekend (although due to other things I had already sort of celebrated the week before with a shopping trip).  Still didn't stop me doing another little shopping trip!  I bought a few things including a lovely blue silk Hobbs dress, some pink peep-toe Jones's shoes.  Do you want pictures?

    My family don't really 'do' birthdays, so here few of my birthday gifts some lush items and a random bottle of something.  I also received a back up of my favorate Avon mascara and, very kindly, a travel facial care gift set from Arromatherapy Associates (Thanks guys for the gift!).  All in all, very low key- I didn't even have cake!!

    I also received a Glossybox.  I am sure you have all read about these so I am not going to post anythig on this really, unless you want a post (comment below).

    Aside from the obvious travel, shopping and work I have also experienced some other great things to share with you.

    Coming up (some of the posts that 'should' have posted over the last few weeks while I have been away, or some that will be appearing!)
    • I visited a salon which I want to share with you, and have a few products from there.
    • My thoughts on some of the other new Witch skincare items.
    • My update on my health kick, declutter and exercise/food update.
    • I paid a visit to Daniel Sandler Make-up.
    • Advice for bloggers
    • Updated skincare routine.
    • I had a lovely Lusciously Light Day Bootcamp care of Aussie Lusciously Light Conditioner.  It was such a fun day and one that has helped me with my quest to become lighter (or healthy) in mind and body.
    • Vintage post- a peep at some of my treasures.
    • Giveaway
    As you can see, I have been busy busy!  I just want to say a huge hello to all of you and ask how you are.  What is new in your life in the last few weeks?

    My computer is still playing up, although I now have a mac so I am trying to access my old files on my PC (hich has all my blog information).  It's very flustrating.  I am also trying to work out how to watermark photos on a mac.  If anyone has any tips then please let me know.  It's driving me insane!  (Atleast all the keys on the keyboard work, and it doesnt turn itself off while booting up!!)

    So just a random update, back soon with the posts that 'should have posted'!

    Wednesday, 1 June 2011

    Computergirl is away!

    And computer hasn't been publishing posts in the lady couple of weeks. Just noticed. Sorry folks, back to normal very shortly!

    Lots to report, some London sights, a birthday, some events and new exciting products! Happy may bank holiday!! Xx

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