Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blog giveaway!

Thanks to hitting a number of subs and getting some lovely comments, I'm having a thank you giveaway!

I love the blogging and beauty community and I am grateful for every follow, comment, question, email, tweet and friendly face I meet!

As a thank you, I like to give a little something extra back every now and again!

There are 4 prizes and these will be picked at random.  These are all products and brands I love and want to share with you.  All prizes have been purchased by me.

1 x NYX goody bag (false lashes, eye pencil, mascara and brush).

1 x Jemma Kidd lip gloss and philosophy 'presence' makeu primer for fine lines and uneven skin.

1 x OPI nail polish in 'Sweet heart' (See my post HERE) I liked it so much I picked up one for you! 1 x Rimmel Gloss

1 x Urban Decay Primer potion and No7 eye palette..

To be in with a chance of winning you must do 2 things;

1) Simply make sure you are subscribed to Computer Girl's Musings (via Blogger (blogger dashboard, GFC or email).  It makes it easier to keep in touch.

2) Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite 'Computergirl' blog post is!  (If you are feeling nice, you can leave a comment on that post too!)

If you want an extra entry or two, then you can kindly share my blog with your friends.  This is not essential, it's just a few ways of helping me discover friends I haven't yet met :)  You will get an extra entry for each of the following;

Post about my blog on your blog (leave a link for me below!)
Like my facebook page
Follow me on twitter @computergirl200 and tweet something about my giveaway
(E.g. Emma is having a giveaway @computergirl200 at
Follow me on Blog Lovin
Follow me on Networked Blogs.

Just don't forget to leave the appropriate urls and usernames below so I can follow you and keep track.
Also check back to see if you have won!

Thanks :)

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to close or extend the competition.  'Compers' will be disqualified.  Prizes are all new and unused.  Winners drawn at random on July 30th at 15:00 UK time.


  1. WOW great giveaway!!

    follow your blog and on twitter
    will now post a link on twitter for your giveaway and will add link on my blog in the giveaway section.

  2. opps my fav posts are your nail post sorry forgot to put that xxx

  3. I've really enjoyed your Aussie lusciously light posts. You've done really well and the posts have been very inspirational. I'll include a link to this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog ( and I'll tweet about the giveaway as well x

  4. hi dear.. followed via GFC: rhaindropz
    i love your facial routine posts ^_^

    hugs and kisses

  5. HI :)
    I love reading reviews on blog, so that would be my fav on your blog too..
    GFC: peniam
    Twitter: @Peniamm
    mpeczka at gmail dot com
    Thank u for that giveaway :)

  6. @Lisa, yes international! :) (Although I take no responsibility once posted!)

  7. I follow with GFC (Angie). I love the "How to recycle make up containers" post. I never thought about that.
    angiewith3 at live dot com

  8. I'm now following you on Networked Blogs (Angie B.)
    angiewith3 at live dot com

  9. followed you on twitter as @angiewith3 and RT'd giveaway:!/angiewith3/status/87577271401066497
    angiewith3 at live dot com

  10. gfc name :aabha nagpal

    i loved ur post on d mac u described it was really cool


  11. I really enjoyed your Spot product reviews... had a few hormonal spots and I tried a couple pproducts out after reading about them.. so thanx!!

    I follow you as KIM STAM via GFC
    email: kim (dot) stamiris (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. 1) Hi lovely I'm a new follower thru GFC :)
    GFC name: spider girl

    2) Though I'm quite new to your blog (and still have to explore it thoroughly), yet I love the reviews you've posted about various products. I've always loved reading reviews! Plus I enjoyed some of your hair posts :)

    I've shared about your blog on my FB wall :) Check here:

    I've also liked your FB page :)
    FB name: Ana Sarah

    And following you Twitter, too plus tweeted about your contest :)
    Twitter name: @techspidergirl
    Tweet URL:!/techspidergirl/status/89647990008070144

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

  13. I just followed you on GFC and Twitter. To behonest this is my first visit to your blog.
    So i cannot really give a prper oppinion, sorry #shame But looks gooed at first sight ;)
    my tweet:!/Joytjej/status/90063930721976320 and will now follow on Bloglovin'too :D

  14. Love your Vintage Glamour post. Slightly bias cos it features an item from my shop but love a good vintage post xxx

  15. Been a follower for a while !
    Loved your skincare post, it was simple, but obviously effective, which is how mine is !

  16. Hi :) Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    1. I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty and by email :

    2. My favorite 'Computergirl' blog post is a Tag you did a while ago about your Make-up and Beauty Storage :
    I left a comment on that post too :)

    I like you on Facebook with the name Kris BeautyTag

    I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty

    I tweeted about this :!/Kris_Beauty/status/93356933381234688

    I also follow you on Bloglovin'

  17. Hello.

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I would love to enter your giveaway.
    I blogged about the giveaway here:
    favorite post:
    I follow on twitter (Alexa1202@ and tweeted:!/Alexa1202/status/94823790273503233


  18. Hi,
    As a new blogger i only recently came across your blog. I loved your blog sale!!!
    I found you through Peonies And Lilies....

    Maria xxx

  19. HI :)

    I love reading reviews on blog.
    I love the "How to recycle make up containers" post. I never thought about that.

    I m follower via gfc as Sadi

    Follow u on Twitter: @Sad20ful

    Tweeted here :

    Liked ur facebook page as Sadia Latif

    email :

    Thank u for that giveaway :)

  20. Hey Emma thanks for such a great and lovely giveaway :)
    I'm following your blog as 'Ezzy'
    I particularly love your review on the Clarisonic Mia. I myself use neutrogena wave so I get really intrigued by such skincare gadgets :)

    following you on twitter as @lilofeverything & tweeted the giveaway here:

    I mentioned & linked your giveaway in this blogpost:



  21. I loved your help japan post! I used to live there so it was dear to my heart :)

    styleezta at gmail dot com

  22. Hey Emma!

    I'd like to enter please. I follow you via GFC (get gawjus!)

    I like your 'how to recycle make-up containers' post :)


  23. Hello lovely :)

    I loved all of your Aussie luciously lighter posts mainly cause I'm super nosey ;)

    Of course I follow you via GFC and I like your facebook page too :)

    Rosie xoxo

  24. gfc
    liked darphin post :)

  25. Hello, milkymoles here!!! I follow you on hello cotton GFC and bloglovin' I love the nail polish comparisons post it was really thorough and helpful.


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