Monday, 6 June 2011

I'm Back: Update!

This is what has been happening recently!
I celebrated my birthday last weekend (although due to other things I had already sort of celebrated the week before with a shopping trip).  Still didn't stop me doing another little shopping trip!  I bought a few things including a lovely blue silk Hobbs dress, some pink peep-toe Jones's shoes.  Do you want pictures?

My family don't really 'do' birthdays, so here few of my birthday gifts some lush items and a random bottle of something.  I also received a back up of my favorate Avon mascara and, very kindly, a travel facial care gift set from Arromatherapy Associates (Thanks guys for the gift!).  All in all, very low key- I didn't even have cake!!

I also received a Glossybox.  I am sure you have all read about these so I am not going to post anythig on this really, unless you want a post (comment below).

Aside from the obvious travel, shopping and work I have also experienced some other great things to share with you.

Coming up (some of the posts that 'should' have posted over the last few weeks while I have been away, or some that will be appearing!)
  • I visited a salon which I want to share with you, and have a few products from there.
  • My thoughts on some of the other new Witch skincare items.
  • My update on my health kick, declutter and exercise/food update.
  • I paid a visit to Daniel Sandler Make-up.
  • Advice for bloggers
  • Updated skincare routine.
  • I had a lovely Lusciously Light Day Bootcamp care of Aussie Lusciously Light Conditioner.  It was such a fun day and one that has helped me with my quest to become lighter (or healthy) in mind and body.
  • Vintage post- a peep at some of my treasures.
  • Giveaway
As you can see, I have been busy busy!  I just want to say a huge hello to all of you and ask how you are.  What is new in your life in the last few weeks?

My computer is still playing up, although I now have a mac so I am trying to access my old files on my PC (hich has all my blog information).  It's very flustrating.  I am also trying to work out how to watermark photos on a mac.  If anyone has any tips then please let me know.  It's driving me insane!  (Atleast all the keys on the keyboard work, and it doesnt turn itself off while booting up!!)

So just a random update, back soon with the posts that 'should have posted'!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Emma :D looking forward to the upcoming posts :)

  2. Hi Emma,

    Happy belated birthday! We don't do birthdays either; well, aside from receiving birthday money from my grandparents, a spending allowance from my parents....and the birthday cake. WE HAVE TO HAVE BIRTHDAY CAKE. Why? My dad. He's a cake fiend and only gets them on birthdays and special holidays. If we don't get cake, my dad gets cranky. We're going all out for my dad's birthday this year though because his turning the big 5-0 (i.e. a big event in our family. We love to tease.) We're debating between a Batman and G.I. Joe theme (he loved both as a kid). It's cruel, we admit, but oh so fun!

    I wish we got GlossyBoxes here in the USA. It's looks like such a fun thing!

    By the way, did you get my e-mail? I just want to make sure because I get antsy after awhile if I get nothing back (because, y'know, e-mail can be glitchy.)


  3. Hope you had a great birthday, I got some Lush stuff for my last birthday and most of it is still going strong! x

  4. Thanks Jadegrrrl xx

    Hi KAtie, thanks for the comment. I've got your email, Ive been away lots so just catching up on emails (that is not a fun task, too much spam!!) I'd go with Batman, but I dont think GI joe was a big in the uk.xx

    Thanks Lilylipstick- it does have a habit of lasting a longtime! I hope you are well xx


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