Wednesday, 27 July 2011

5 Blogs I'm loving at the moment

Kate Shapland, beauty journalist, lovely, knowledgeable and speaks the truth!  Lots of new products and ideas. This blog is about fighting cellulite and all things leggy and I love her for it.  Begone cellulite!
(P.s. dig around a little and you'll find me on there!)

Laura (aka Lollipop26) fashion, makeup, skincare, trips to places. Fun!  Makes life look effortless!  I am so pleased she is back blogging!

Caroline Hirons (AKA Beauty mouth) Skincare Guru.  Speaks her mind and knows her stuff.  Loves Duran Duran.  And a glass of wine every now and again.  A beautiful person inside and out.

Muhsine (AKA Bubblegarm) Everything she makes looks amazing, and she is flawlessly beautiful (and pregnant).  I want her knack for making storage look pretty but remain functional.

Natalya (AKA Fithy Georgeous Make-up) Her outfit posts are amazing, and she is lovely in real life (and just as stunning as in her pictures!)

I do read a lot of blogs (and don't always comment *slap wrists*) but I thought I would do a few posts giving out links so stay tuned for more blogs I like.

If you would like to post a link to your blog then feel free to post below or on my designated PLUG YOUR BLOG page!

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  1. Am checking out those now, love new things to read :-)


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