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Chanel Mat Lumiere Vs Pro Lumiere

After reading Sarah's piece on Chanel Pro Lumiere it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't actually written about the Chanel foundations.  I took some pictures when I first purchased both so here you are!

I own several pieces by Chanel but I'll just chat about these two foundations, and if you want more Chanel reviews/thoughts then please comment below!

In general Chanel foundations are loved by professional make-up artist and general public alike.  They are mid to high end in price, but are they worth it?

Chanel Pro Lumiere
Chanel says "A flawless complexion in any light. PRO LUMIÈRE stretches like a canvas that forms a curtain veil of light on the skin. The material reshapes the skin, the color adapts and the density adjusts depending on the desired effect."

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This foundation glides on easily, it certainly fills in a few flaws and creates a nice finish.  The coverage is quite good, and the consistency is liquid but not too watery.  It is more fluidly than Mat Lumiere and has a nice light reflecting finish.

My gripe with this product is that I chose the lightest shade (oddly named 'Limpide' 10), and that it is still too dark on my pale skin.  I think this runs across lots of Chanel foundations- great products, rubbish range of colours.

Runny but not too runny!
I also have seen some pictures of me wearing a full face of this foundation, and unfortunately if you have combination or oily skin, then I would definitely try before you buy!  I am looking mega shiny in the pictures! 

The plus point is lasting power- it does last and did help even out my skin tone.  It comes in a glass bottle (better for the environment and for you (less plastic dioxins!)).  It also has a pump applicator which is more hygienic and helps the product keep for longer.  A last bonus is that it contains SPF15 to hep protect your skin all year round.

Little goes a long way (1/2 pump for full face).

£33 for 30ml

Chanel Mat Lumiere
Chanel says " A silky and comfortable texture for a matte, slightly powdery and radiant makeup result, all day long. The fluid formula of MAT LUMIÈRE blends delicately into the skin."

Another light foundation.  When buffed in it creates good coverage (evens skin tone), and blends well.  I have found this one to have quite good lasting power (but obviously this changes with various primers and skin preparations!)  I have this in 20 Clair which, despite the niumbers, actually comes out lighter than Pro Lumiere 10!  It does stay matte on my skin which is great.

This comes in a glass bottle with pump applicator- exactly like Pro Lumiere (hygienic and environmentally friendly, just not great to lug around in your handbag!) It is slightly more thicker liquid than Pro Lumiere but not 'gloopy'.
Thicker but still moveable and runny!

The downside with this product is that, due to the matte finish, it shows up my pores and scars!  If I have a good primer then this does help, but it did shock me the first time I wore it!  Of course a good highlighter and illuminator can help to disguise crags and craters in the skin.  Also a good concealer helps.

This product also contains an SPF of 15.  If you have dry skin I would probably not go for this product, but my combination (dry cheeks, oily t-zone and chin) likes it.  I have also photographed better with it!

Little goes a long way (1/2 pump for full face).

£33 for 30ml

Pro Lumiere Left, Mat Lumiere right. Colour different: Obvious!
Chanel's foundations feel very light on the skin- I always feel like my skin can breathe but has good coverage from the product.  I hate products that feel cakey and clog my pores- Chanel feels soft and comes off easily with a decent cleanser.

Pro Lumiere left (blended) Mat Lumiere right (blended).  Notice the sheen with Pro Lumiere?
The price is high, but I always think that I should invest in good base products like skincare and foundation.  When I say 'invest' I don't mean spend hundreds, just invest my time in choosing good products with good ingredients.

Word of warning: PRO LUMIERE is being DISCONTINUED!  If you are a fan, grab it while you can!

I normally buy my Chanel from DebenhamsBoots or Selfridges

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and products change depending on your skin and the time of the month!  Also application has a large part to play.  All products were bought by me and this piece is my own words and my own opinion!

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Do you have any Chanel Foundations?  What do you think?  What is your favorite foundation? Any oily/combination foundation recommendations?

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