Saturday, 6 August 2011

Updated: Flash Blog Sale (Most under £5!)

Flash blog sale rules;

Small clearout!
1) Paypal only. (Gift would be nice so I dont have to pay fees!)
2) Comment below with your paypal and shipping country!

3) I take no responsibility for items damaged/exploded/lost in the post.  I will do my best to package them up and label them to prevent this happening. 
4) UK Postage will be via Royal Mail second class. (If you want 1st or recorded just say and I'll invoice you accordingly).
5) International Postage.  I'll use airmail where I can although I have heard of some nail polishes exploding so you might want surface mail.  It is up to you whether you choose surface or air mail, but see 3)!
6) Please request even if someone else has.
7) Please pay within 48 hours.  I won't hold the item any longer than that.

UK £1.50 plus 50p for each additional item (unless otherwise stated. Postage 75p 1-5 pencils)
EU £2.00 plus 50p for each additional item (unless otherwise stated)
Elsewhere please ask!

1) New Helena Rubinstein Stellars gloss. Dark Red, Blue undertone, great to 'whiten' teeth! £3
2)New Lancome Juicy Duo. Gloss and lipstick 398 (neutral mauvey) £4 £3 (if nothing else, the gloss is good!)
3)Versace flash on lips pencil (and sharpener) lighty swatched 1 neutral colour) £3

4) 99 Kiss oval active nails (inc glue) Broke a nail while away and this was all I could buy. Used glue x 1 and 1 x nail! £3
5)NEW clarisonic cleanser £2 Mini
6)New Origins Perfect world cleanser £2 Mini
7) NEWOrigins Modern Friction microdermabrasion £2 Mini
8) swatched x1(not used) Origins Dr Weil Mega mushroom skin relief cleanser £2 mini
9) Swatched on back on hand x1 Collection 2000 gloss 'Showgirl' £2
10) Swatched on back on hand x1 Collection 2000 gloss 'Diamond Diva' £2
11) New No17 6 glitter kit (Lid cracked v slightly from where i opened it but fine) £2
12) NEW Sealed Eyeko pretty eyes pinks 5 layer cake blush/shadow £2
13) swatched on hand x 1 Avon morphtones cream shadow mave/pink £2

14) NEW sealed Beauty UK palette £1

15) NEW NYX Kohl £1
16)NEW Rimmel Special eyes ginger tea swatched 1 on hand £1
17)NEW Rimmel soft kohl chianti £1
16) No7 eye pencil in aubergine used & sharpened (kept in purse) 50p
17) New Rimmel exaggerate pencil Ocean blue £1
18) swatched on hand x1 Avon smooth minerals eyeliner in iris £1
19) swatched on hand x1 Avon glimmerstick luxe in emerald green £1

All pencils combined for £5

20) New Stila lipstick in Lyn (Nude/brown with very very slight sliver blue undertone (great for whitening teeth!)Cost £12/13 Sell for £5 £4

 21) Swatched x 1 Eyeko limited edition 3 in 1 Tinted cream. It's quite thick so you only need a small amount, gives a goddess glow. It looks like I have used lots, but this was how it came.  Highlighter/moisturiser/eye cream cost £10? sell for £6 £5

 22) New but caught finger lightly on it when photographing x1 NARS Multiple bronzer stick (These last ages!) in Rapa Nui Cost £30 sell for £20 £18 £15
23) New Smashbox Photo finish primer with bronzer.  Comes out a lot lighter than it looks (probably suitable for mac NW/NC25 and darker). This is an unused backup. Cost £36 Sell for £25 £22

24) Swatched on hand x1 (Will sanatise) Illamasqua Explode gloss. Sort of iredescent pinky/white sheen, great on own or over other colours. I just dont quite have the colouring or teeth for this one! £4

25) NEW Xen Tan Dark mini bottle. £2

26) NEW L'occitane Cooling hand cream gel 30ml £4

All items purchased with my own money.

Good luck!


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  2. Hi, do you still hvae the smashbox primer??xx

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