Wednesday, 31 August 2011

There's Golden Delicious in them ther hills!

Well not quite, but due to a large amounts of fools running round London a couple of weeks back I was unable to attend a very special event.  It's not everyday you get to see a bottle of perfume worth
$1 million

No, and now sadly due to the crazed actions of a majority, I was unable to get into central London, and furthermore the unveiling was cancelled.

DKNY have created a beautiful bottle of perfume using precious metals and 2909 precious gems sourced from all over the world.  The base reflected this by mimicking a map the earth made using gems stones, while the bottle itself has a profile of the New York skyline made out of diamonds.  The bottle is, of course, their iconic design (an apple) and is made out of yellow and white gold.  This creation took nearly 1500 hours to create and is currently touring the world before being auctioned off for the charity Action Against Hunger.

The world's most expensive perfume bottle would have been a sight to see, but being faced by a crowd of looters waving baseball bats was enough to create a lock-down.

DKNY kindly made sure we were all safe before sending out samples of the perfume.  I have been testing it for a few days and thought I would give you my thoughts.

Golden Delicious- a blend of florals and heat.
Top notes: Orange Flower Water, Sparkling Mirabelle, Golden Delicious Apple
Middle: White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Muget (I have no idea what Muget is)
Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Teakwood

Golden Delicious is quite a delicate fragrance.  It is not overpowering- I didnt get any weird looks or cause any asthma attacks with this one.  It's more of a light day scent, or one to perhaps wear out for a light evening date.  Perfect for a cinema trip where you would like the boy snuggling up to your neck to smell it, but not choke the rest of the cinema!  I found it lasts all day but does settle after the first 10-20 minutes (like all perfumes).  I was not able to smell it much by the end of the day, but other people could.  This is normal with perfumes as they adjust to your natural and individual ph, so each person smells unique!

I like the size of the DKNY bottles.  They are round and fit in hands and bags easily.  The 30ml size is perfect for traveling.  They also add a flash of Hollywood Glamour to any dressing table!

DKNY Golden Delicious is available from most perfume counters from August 22nd.  RRP £32 (30ml), £46 (50ml), £64 100ml.  Debenhams currently have a GWP offer of a shimmer body lotion.

What are your favorite light day or evening date fragrances?

P.s. Anyone know what Muget is?!  Whenever I read perfume descriptions there is always one random ingredient I have never heard of!

Disclaimer: item was a press sample as mentioned earlier: All views and thoughts are my own and not affected buy this!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

How to back up your blog in blogger.

Due to the sudden deletion of poor Fleur de Force's blog ( I found out today how to back up my blog.  A lot of hours have gone into creating my space, and I would be very upset it anything happened.  I think all bloggers dread this!

If you blog through blogger and want to back up your blog then here are some easy steps to help you;

Go to the dashboard and click 'settings'.
On the next page click 'Export Blog'.
On the next page click 'Download'


This will save a copy of your blog to your computer, but leave the original blog intact.  Should anything happen then you can you 'Import' your blog back and save lots of tears.

I hope that helps.  If anyone has any blogger techie tips then please share them below.

Apologies that this isnt a beauty/competition post.  I just thought this was important enough to share.

I hope Blogger reinstates Fleur's blog asap!

P.s. Huge thanks for Grace at for helping me earlier!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Aussie winners and Giveaway

Hi All,

Thanks for the entries.  The competition was hi-jacked slightly by some competition forums.  While I did not state you had to be a subscriber to my blog, I do feel that it is polite to subscribe if you are entering a competition which is clearly for the subscribers of a non-commercial blog!

Anyway, I have some more giveaways to put up (one before the end of the week!), and one to draw winners for.

Here are the winners as chose by for the Aussie Party Packs!

In no particular order;
Rosie H
Katie (mumtoolivia)

You shoudl all have a tweet or email so please, please get back to me v quickly!  If I dont hear from you by 10am tomorrow I will be redrawing!
Well done!

Sorry if you didnt win this time but plenty more to come so stay tuned.

Aussie Party Flash Giveaway

UPDATE: Due to professional competitions forums posting about this giveaway (sigh), I feel the need to add a little note that while I did not stipulate that you need to be a follower with this giveaway (I normally do), it is polite to show willing and sub to my blog if you are entering. this competition.  It is a giveaway to my followers as a thank you, and a chance for me to meet some of my lovely supportive community.  Thank you.

Yes, Another chance for your lovelies to have a pamper!  It's 110 years since Australia became a country.  Plus Aussie are celebrating an anniversary of their own, by producing limited editions of the bottles.  Don't they look pretty!!

I have 7 Aussie party packs to give away (like the one I received above!), and you get to choose a product to go in it!  Lots of fizz, bang, sparkle and pop- and of course yummy smelling hair!!

But wait, there is more!  The 7 winners will each be entered into a larger draw to attend an Aussie Party in October! Excited??!! I am!!

How to enter; (Please read Full Rules at Uncover Aussie HERE)

1) You must be over 18 and reside on the UK mainland.
2) You must have something to celebrate- please comment below or write a blog post on why you deserve a celebration!
3) Please leave a contact email address below.
4) Please put which product you would like to try from the list below.

Take The Heat range – shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, heat-protection cream, heat-protection spray – For beautifully blow-dried hair wrap these products around your locks.
Miracle Moist – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM – These heavenly products infuse moisture into dry damaged hair, leaving hair quenched, luscious, smooth and conditioned faster than you can say ‘shine on me’.
Luscious Long – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, leave-in conditioner – Blended with wonderful lovelies like Blue Mountain Eucalyptus extract, these products help transform weak, distressed hair into luscious locks.

Winners will be drawn at 21:00 GMT UK tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd August!  I will then send you an email for your address.  This will then be passed on to Aussie on Wednesday, so if you havent replied then I'm afraid you will miss out!  If you are going away or unable to check emails tomorrow then feel free to send me your address via email anyway just in case!  I will delete emails after the winners are drawn.

Please read this post carefully as I wont have time to chase people.  If you dont follow the rules your entry will be void!


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Witch Blemish Pen, Wipes, Wash and Stick

In a follow up to my posts (Here and Here) on the 'preparation' products by Witch, here is a post on their skincare products.

Witch Blemish Stick
Witch Blemish Pen
Witch Cleansing and Toning Wipes
Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash.

There is quite a lot of cover here so I'm going to keep it short!  These products can be used on all skin types but might get better results with oily/combination skin.  As with anything, test first for allergic reactions :)

Witch Blemish Stick.

Cool looking blue stick!
The classic Witch product.  Instantly fights the bacteria that causes spots.  I love the colour of this product. It sort of melts with skin contact.  I have noticed it breaking down my oily patches.  It's handy enough to pop in your handbag and, as with all Witch products, contains Witch Hazel (a known natural spot fighting ingredient!).  I have used this product for years and will continue to repurchase.

Costs around £2.75 for 10g which is a bargain.

Witch Blemish Pen

A spot treatment in a tube, with a brush end.  Thankfully the cap screws on, so no handbag disasters.  Contains Mint and Witch Hazel and claims to reduce redness and spot size in 2 hours.  I have so far got on with this gel product well and haven't found it bleaching my pillow (unlike another company's spot pen product!!)  I'm not sure how I feel about the same brush always touching my skin, but I guess the product sanatises it a little, and I could wash it.

£5.50 for 8ml

Witch Cleansing and Toning Wipes

I never use moisturing wipes.  I do use cleansing wipes, but only prior to facial cleansing (with a wash or my Clarisonic).  I don't find they clean pores deep enough (which is especially important for spot prone skin).  As a general pre-cleanse / cool down on a hot day wipe, they work quite well.  I can see my dirt and excess oil on them after use (yuck!), but know that my skin needs a deeper clean.  The smell fresh although possibly a bit chemically for my liking.  

I couldn't see these on the Boots website but they were on offer at Superdrug £1.99 for 35 (normally £3.95)

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash

This has tiny micro granules to help exfoliate dead skin cells before they clog pores and cause spots.  You're only supposed to exfoliate 1-2 times a week, otherwise you risk drying out the skin and undercovering new skin cells before they are ready.  As this is gentle, I use it with my clarisonic (larger granules are a no as they will damage skin with the speed of a Clarisonic!).  It gently foams, doesnt smell too weird and makes my skin soft.

Costs around £4.03 for 150ml

For me the stand out product is the pen.  It has given instant soothing and help to some mini mountains randomly popping up on my face.  I have happily used these products in my routine, and think that this range provides some great items to aid your skin at a low cost.  The stick has been in my kit for years and I take it on my travels so I can recommend that too (plus it's a cool blue jelly colour).

A word of warning, using lots of washes, wipes and spot treatments (with salicylic acid in) can leave your skin dry.  Dry skin flakes and clogs pores.  Don't forget to put some good moisture back into your skin.  Also, as with anything, use new products lightly at first in case of reactions.  Also don't forget to use suncream on your face in this weather (especially in places where your skin is healing after spot attacks).

While aiding problem skin is good, you can never beat finding the root of the problem.  I will be following this up with some good skincare tips I have learn't so stay tuned if you want to hear my tips.

My final Witch skincare post will be on the tinted moisturiser, concealer and powder.  Plus there will be an exciting announcement!

Have you tried any of these products?  What to you use for instant spot relief?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Pride

Noel Coward wrote 'London Pride' during the Blitz, Spring 1941.  He was overwhelmed while sitting in a damaged railway station.

I think it is very apt for today.  The lyrics are below but please feel free to press play and listen while you read my post. 

What is providing a ray of sunshine is small tales of brave strangers and kindness which are coming to light.

Like the 9 nameless young lads who walked @bridgetminamore from Camberwell Green to East Dulwich because "she's a girl innit!"

The 176 bus driver who was out of service, but stopped and offered people a lift to safety

The Turkish men in Dalston who guarded their highstreet with sticks.

The Clapham locals stopping thugs going up Northcote Road

70+ Teenagers chasing 150 rioters off their estate in East London

Last night Jewish & Muslim community united to stop looters raiding Stamford Hill Synagogue.

Brenda, the pensioner in Clapham who defended the Debenhams store on Monday!

The Police, fire brigade and emergency services deserve a lot of support.  I have heard lots of friends who have been working 22 hour shifts.  Very brave people.

00:38 9/8/2011: Camden Town, London
(As looters and rioters smashed up shops, looted and fought with police in Camden Town, Philippa Morgan-Walker, 25 and her husband, Jonny Walker, 31, made tea for the police who were protecting their street. Some of the officers had been on duty for more than 30 hours. Photo taken from

(If you know anymore uplifting stories please post them below.  We need to see the positive and show the thugs that they haven't taken our spirit).

If you are in London and want to help then please look at #riotwombles hash tag on twitter, or @riotcleanup.  There is a big clean up operation coordinated by the people.  Rather than sit around and let the small minority of thugs scare everyone, the people are taking London back.  The clean up is an excellent opportunity for people to talk to their neighbours.  How often to people actually talk to their neighbours?  We need to help each other and form a tight community.  If we are to stamp out this sort of behaviour then a tight community is essential.

My final word goes to parents.  Parents of all kinds, 2 year olds, 5 year olds, 14 year olds 30 year olds.  You are, and always will be, a parent.  It is your job to protect your children and teach them family values.  This means installing respect for others.  This doesnt mean just shouting at them, or 'respecting' their need to roam the streets at all hours.  It means spending time with them. Monitor what music videos, films, youtube videos, video games they watch, mind their violent language, vet their friends, punish their lack of respect by showing them the right way to live.  Spend time listening to them- value their words, show them hobbies and reward their interests, take them to the park, show them the meaning of everything and the value of nothing.


London Pride has been handed down to us.
London Pride is a flower that's free.
London Pride means our own dear town to us,
And our pride it for ever will be.

Woa, Liza, see the coster barrows,
Vegetable marrows and the fruit piled high.
Woa, Liza, little London sparrows,
Covent Garden Market where the costers cry.

Cockney feet mark the beat of history.
Every street pins a memory down.
Nothing ever can quite replace
The grace of London Town.

There's a little city flower every spring unfailing
Growing in the crevices by some London railing,
Though it has a Latin name, in town and countryside
We in England call it London Pride.

London Pride has been handed down to us.
London Pride is a flower that's free.
London Pride means our own dear town to us,
And our pride it for ever will be.

Hey, lady, when the day is dawning
See the policeman yawning on his lonely beat.
Gay lady, Mayfair in the morning,
Hear your footsteps echo in the empty street.

Early rain and the pavement's glistening.
All Park Lane in a shimmering gown.
Nothing ever could break or harm
The charm of London Town.

In our city darkened now, street and square and crescent,
We can feel our living past in our shadowed present,
Ghosts beside our starlit Thames who lived and loved and died
Keep throughout the ages London Pride.

London Pride has been handed down to us.
London Pride is a flower that's free.
London Pride means our own dear town to us,
And our pride it for ever will be.

Grey city, stubbornly implanted,
Taken so for granted for a thousand years.
Stay, city, smokily enchanted,
Cradle of our memories and hopes and fears.

Every Blitz your resistance toughening,
From the Ritz to the Anchor and Crown,
Nothing ever could override
The pride of London Town.

If anyone's children or neighbours sudden turn up with suspicious injuries or goods, then please be a good citizen and report them to Crime stoppers.  Also have a look at the press footage and see if you recognise anyone (especially the idiots posting 'Twit Pics' of their loot (Twit Pic is a very fitting name).  0800 555111

To anyone from outside the UK, we are not all like this. The majority of us are very polite, tea drinking, never complaining Britons.  This is a small majority.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Guest Gallery: Louise at Affordable Treats

Some of you will know the lovely Louise from Affordable Treats.  She is one of the first handful of bloggers I chatted to.  Her blog is all about luxuries at a price that wont break the bank.  She hails from Plymouth and has a growing collection of animals.

Here is what Lousie says

"Hello Computergirl's musings' readers! Hope you are all well :)
As my blog is called 'Affordable Treats', I'm going to be showing you my top 5 affordable treats. It was actually quite hard choosing the products, because 99% of my collection is affordable. These products I'm about to show you, are all under £5. They're some of the cheapest on the market, but are excellent quality. I haven't included blush because it was too hard to just choose one brand. I equally love my Sleek, 17 and Natural Collection blushes. Most of you will have seen the products below before, because they are quite popular.

Natural Collection Bronzing Powder in Golden Glow and Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls in Sahara Sun. These look a little washed out in the photo but are more intense IRL.

MUA eyeshadows in shades 1, 6, 8 and 11.

Natural Collection bronzers - £1.99 each
I cheated a little and put these into one group! The bronzing powder is a standard bronze shade with subtle shimmer and the bronzing pearls are slightly more pink in tone, with a sheen finish. Both are standard bronzers and are just as good as the more expensive ones.

ELF tools/brushes - £1.50-£3.50
Again, I cheated with this group! It was too hard to narrow it down to just 5 individual products. The eyelash curlers and mascara wand are both £1.50. They do what they're supposed to do and are essentials in my routine. I don't see the need to spend more when these work fine. The small angled brush is slightly more expensive, at £3.50, but still very affordable. I use this to fill in my eyebrows and to line my eyes. It's soft, dense and I've experienced no shedding. 

MUA eyeshadows - £1
2g of product for £1! So affordable. These are soft, pigmented and just lovely. I hope they bring out more colours, I really do. They've recently released a pro range and the palettes, which contain 12 eye-shadows, are just £4.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer - £4.19
I've recommended this to everyone and their dog. I'm on my 5th/6th tube and will continue to use it until they discontinue it. It's creamy, blends well, has high coverage and lasts all day.

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black - £2.99
This is absolutely amazing. Because of the felt tip, it's incredibly easy to apply. The colour is intense and it really does last all day. I also have the other shades of this and they are so long lasting, they leave a stain. The black shade is just as long lasting, but doesn't leave a stain; a win-win situation.

It looks like I've ran out of affordable treats to show you! I hope you've enjoyed this post :)
Thank you to Emma for allowing me to feature on her blog!"
Thank you Louise for this great post!  It has given me some more products to look out for and try!

This is Louise's first guest post, so please say hello!  What is one of your best affordable treats?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Visit to Daniel Sandler at Harrods!

You might have heard me mention Daniel Sandler cosmetics before.  If not then you might not know who Daniel is!  To sum up in a sentence or two (very difficult!), Daniel Sandler is a celebrity make-up artist who is based in London, but travels internationally!  He is very talented and has worked with many a famous face (Myleen Klass, Kate Moss, Yasmine Le Bon to name a few).  He has also featured in all the major magazines.  I have been fortunate enough to meet Daniel Sandler and he is just as lovely in person as he appears in magazines and videos- after all, you don't get to own your own make-up range, feature in multinational publications, see the rich and famous without makeup by being anything but lovely!
Picture credited to

There were a couple of products I wanted to checkout by Daniel, so I nipped into Harrods and visited the Urban Retreat spa.  Okay, I say 'nipped' but everyone who knows Harrods, knows that you don't 'nip in'!  It is HUGE.  I had to send texts to the line of 'Help! Am lost! Send Food!!'.  7 floors, 4.5 acres PLUS some of the lifts/stairs/escalators were closed.  Harrods is definitely an experience, not least because of the 'Doggy Day Spa' complete with a treadmill for dogs!!  I liked looking at the Chanel clothes, but got a stern look as I started to edge closer!  Off I trotted.

One thing that surprised me was that I followed the signs to Urban Retreat and was directed there by the shop assistant in the next store.  After my time in the Spa Shop I went to exit the same way, but was told there wasn't an exit that way, and directed out another way-where I had completely lost my bearings.  Do not forget to take a map, supplies and a compass!!

At Urban Retreat I quickly located the Daniel Sandler cosmetics stand, and drooled!  I already own some pieces and have been suitable impressed by quality.  This mission was to check out the microbubble lipsticks and range of water colour blushes.  I have only seen a few of the blushes as they sell out really quickly.  Ordering by Internet has its drawbacks.

An assistant approached me, but I knew what I was looking for and was quite happy to browse without assistance. (There is nothing I hate more than being hassled by over-active store assistants- Inglot take note!!)  The staff at Urban Retreat listened and happily left me to my own devices.  I decided on some purchases, so I caught an assistant's eye.  This assistant just happened to be the lovely Sebastian Brown (Head makeup artist at Urban Retreat!)- Daniel had told me that Sebastian would take care of me, and he did!  We started chatting and searching for the products in stock, however the watercolour blush I had chosen was out stock.  Sebastian suggested we try some of the others as there were a couple of shades that would suit me.  I wasn't after a specific shade, just hue, so this was perfect.

Sebastian said he would give my skin "a little treat" so he removed my face makeup and moisturised my skin with Creme de la Mer products.  He then proceeded to apply foundation, concealer, blusher and blusher as a stain on the lips!  He also defined my brows with powder (something I am a bit scared to do on my own) and managed to highlight/disguise my badly-in-need-of-a-thread eyebrows! While Sebastian worked away, we happily chatted about the make-up and what products I normally used.  Sebastian made some really great tips specific to my skin and makeup.

The finished look!

We used Daniel Sandler Foundation (Super Mineral liquid 01), Mineral waterbase concealer,
Watercolour Blush in Spicey on lips (as a stain!) and cheeks
Sebastian left my eye makeup but applied a couple of coats of Super Jet Mascara.  He also tended to my brows to add a bit of definition with powder.  After this I was treated to a little bit of setting powder over my oily areas.

Verdict: I had such a fun experience.  I loved how relaxed Urban Retreat was, and how I had Sebastian's full knowledge and attention.  I purchased the watercolour blush in spicey as it is a product I don't have in my kit, and a colour that I have only recently started to get into.  I went out feeling flawless and confident.  Unfortunately the road outside Harrods is notorious for having the wind sweep down it- and it swept dust straight into my eyes.  This was how I discovered the mascara isn't waterproof!  Not something that happens often, but I managed to create a nice smokey eye look with it!

The makeup lasted (bar mascara) for a full 10 hours.  I was very impressed as my oily/combination skin often makes makeup slide after a few hours, unless I use a good base/primer.

I have used the watercolour blush on many occasions since and love how a tiny tiny amount goes a long way.  It is also a versatile product and can be used on lips, cheeks or eyelids!  I have some Daniel Sandler brushes, but also love blending it out with finger tips.

So there is my trip to Harrods, Urban Retreat and Daniel Sandler all in one.  I am sure that I will be back soon (with supplies, compass and map!)

Thank you to Sebastian for spending time helping me, and making me feel very relaxed!

Have you ever been to Harrods?  Are you in Harrods and lost right now?!  Have you visited Urban Retreat or purchased any of Daniel's products?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

All products were purchased by me.

Updated: Flash Blog Sale (Most under £5!)

Flash blog sale rules;

Small clearout!
1) Paypal only. (Gift would be nice so I dont have to pay fees!)
2) Comment below with your paypal and shipping country!

3) I take no responsibility for items damaged/exploded/lost in the post.  I will do my best to package them up and label them to prevent this happening. 
4) UK Postage will be via Royal Mail second class. (If you want 1st or recorded just say and I'll invoice you accordingly).
5) International Postage.  I'll use airmail where I can although I have heard of some nail polishes exploding so you might want surface mail.  It is up to you whether you choose surface or air mail, but see 3)!
6) Please request even if someone else has.
7) Please pay within 48 hours.  I won't hold the item any longer than that.

UK £1.50 plus 50p for each additional item (unless otherwise stated. Postage 75p 1-5 pencils)
EU £2.00 plus 50p for each additional item (unless otherwise stated)
Elsewhere please ask!

1) New Helena Rubinstein Stellars gloss. Dark Red, Blue undertone, great to 'whiten' teeth! £3
2)New Lancome Juicy Duo. Gloss and lipstick 398 (neutral mauvey) £4 £3 (if nothing else, the gloss is good!)
3)Versace flash on lips pencil (and sharpener) lighty swatched 1 neutral colour) £3

4) 99 Kiss oval active nails (inc glue) Broke a nail while away and this was all I could buy. Used glue x 1 and 1 x nail! £3
5)NEW clarisonic cleanser £2 Mini
6)New Origins Perfect world cleanser £2 Mini
7) NEWOrigins Modern Friction microdermabrasion £2 Mini
8) swatched x1(not used) Origins Dr Weil Mega mushroom skin relief cleanser £2 mini
9) Swatched on back on hand x1 Collection 2000 gloss 'Showgirl' £2
10) Swatched on back on hand x1 Collection 2000 gloss 'Diamond Diva' £2
11) New No17 6 glitter kit (Lid cracked v slightly from where i opened it but fine) £2
12) NEW Sealed Eyeko pretty eyes pinks 5 layer cake blush/shadow £2
13) swatched on hand x 1 Avon morphtones cream shadow mave/pink £2

14) NEW sealed Beauty UK palette £1

15) NEW NYX Kohl £1
16)NEW Rimmel Special eyes ginger tea swatched 1 on hand £1
17)NEW Rimmel soft kohl chianti £1
16) No7 eye pencil in aubergine used & sharpened (kept in purse) 50p
17) New Rimmel exaggerate pencil Ocean blue £1
18) swatched on hand x1 Avon smooth minerals eyeliner in iris £1
19) swatched on hand x1 Avon glimmerstick luxe in emerald green £1

All pencils combined for £5

20) New Stila lipstick in Lyn (Nude/brown with very very slight sliver blue undertone (great for whitening teeth!)Cost £12/13 Sell for £5 £4

 21) Swatched x 1 Eyeko limited edition 3 in 1 Tinted cream. It's quite thick so you only need a small amount, gives a goddess glow. It looks like I have used lots, but this was how it came.  Highlighter/moisturiser/eye cream cost £10? sell for £6 £5

 22) New but caught finger lightly on it when photographing x1 NARS Multiple bronzer stick (These last ages!) in Rapa Nui Cost £30 sell for £20 £18 £15
23) New Smashbox Photo finish primer with bronzer.  Comes out a lot lighter than it looks (probably suitable for mac NW/NC25 and darker). This is an unused backup. Cost £36 Sell for £25 £22

24) Swatched on hand x1 (Will sanatise) Illamasqua Explode gloss. Sort of iredescent pinky/white sheen, great on own or over other colours. I just dont quite have the colouring or teeth for this one! £4

25) NEW Xen Tan Dark mini bottle. £2

26) NEW L'occitane Cooling hand cream gel 30ml £4

All items purchased with my own money.

Good luck!

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