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Aussie Party Flash Giveaway

UPDATE: Due to professional competitions forums posting about this giveaway (sigh), I feel the need to add a little note that while I did not stipulate that you need to be a follower with this giveaway (I normally do), it is polite to show willing and sub to my blog if you are entering. this competition.  It is a giveaway to my followers as a thank you, and a chance for me to meet some of my lovely supportive community.  Thank you.

Yes, Another chance for your lovelies to have a pamper!  It's 110 years since Australia became a country.  Plus Aussie are celebrating an anniversary of their own, by producing limited editions of the bottles.  Don't they look pretty!!

I have 7 Aussie party packs to give away (like the one I received above!), and you get to choose a product to go in it!  Lots of fizz, bang, sparkle and pop- and of course yummy smelling hair!!

But wait, there is more!  The 7 winners will each be entered into a larger draw to attend an Aussie Party in October! Excited??!! I am!!

How to enter; (Please read Full Rules at Uncover Aussie HERE)

1) You must be over 18 and reside on the UK mainland.
2) You must have something to celebrate- please comment below or write a blog post on why you deserve a celebration!
3) Please leave a contact email address below.
4) Please put which product you would like to try from the list below.

Take The Heat range – shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, heat-protection cream, heat-protection spray – For beautifully blow-dried hair wrap these products around your locks.
Miracle Moist – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM – These heavenly products infuse moisture into dry damaged hair, leaving hair quenched, luscious, smooth and conditioned faster than you can say ‘shine on me’.
Luscious Long – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, leave-in conditioner – Blended with wonderful lovelies like Blue Mountain Eucalyptus extract, these products help transform weak, distressed hair into luscious locks.

Winners will be drawn at 21:00 GMT UK tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd August!  I will then send you an email for your address.  This will then be passed on to Aussie on Wednesday, so if you havent replied then I'm afraid you will miss out!  If you are going away or unable to check emails tomorrow then feel free to send me your address via email anyway just in case!  I will delete emails after the winners are drawn.

Please read this post carefully as I wont have time to chase people.  If you dont follow the rules your entry will be void!



  1. I'll be celebrating getting back to uni next month! I love the Luscious Long range from Aussie - I use the leave in conditioner all the time :)stacey.mckane@googlemail.com xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey hun! Aww would love to be entered in this giveaway! Thank you for hosting! Well I'm going to soon be celebrating my big brothers marriage as he shall be tying the knot next month! :D so excited! Would really love to try the luscious long range as I've never tried before :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. I'm celebrating leaving my job after four years to start teacher training. My leaving party is next week and shiny hair would be fabulous.

    My email is justwonderful@hotmail.co.UK or twitter @TheRoMonster x

  5. I'm just about to hand in my masters thesis so I think I need to celebrate! I love the miracle moist range :)

  6. I am celebrating being back on my feet again following knee surgery in June, its great to be mobile!

    could you tweet me @daisyangel1

  7. I'm celebrating the end of uni after a long three years!! I love the luscious long range :)


    Lauren x

  8. This is so lovely!

    I would like to celebrate all of my friends getting into their universities! I may not have managed to get a place this year but all of my friends are so excited and they all worked so hard. Prehaps I could even celebrate a little for myself as well, as I did put in so much hard work and get good grades just not quite as good as I needed :)

    I'd love to try anything from the 'take the heat' range but especially the heat protection creme!

    Hope you are well! xoxo

    e-mail: rosie.harvey@hotmail.co.uk
    twitter: rosiehannahh

  9. Hiya
    It's my birthday next month (25!) and I would love to celebrate! :)
    I think my hair would be thankful for the Take The Heat range - as it suffers with me straightening it!
    Katie: email (mumtoolivia@gmail.com)

  10. 5 years married to my gorgeous Tony. My husband and my bff :D

  11. Oops... forgot e-mail

  12. Me and my boyfriend are getting engaged next month and thats a reason enough to celebrate. If we join the party, you join ours at our civil ceremony next year!! :)

  13. I love Take The Heat range and will be celebrating hopefully getting near the end of renovating my house!!

  14. I am celebrating my parents coming over from Aus to see our brand new baby girl! I love the Luscious long range and the leave in conditioner. My email address is: renae@paulandrenae.com

  15. It's my birthday next month and I'd love to have gorgeous Aussie hair for the occassion! My hairs getting really long now and keeping it in great conditions getting tougher!

  16. I am celebrating a new addition to the family. My family have not had any good news for years and my aunt is now due to have a baby in october! We are all so excited :)

    I would love the miracle moist x

  17. Forgot twitter id @babymumbles

  18. I am celebrating not having cancer after waiting weeks to find out that the lump i found was just a cyst.

  19. im celebrating my husbands birthday in september which also is coincidentally(so he tells me) our 7th wedding anniversary(personally i think het got that day booked to make sure he never forgot it).
    a bit partial to the Luscious Long range.

  20. Just celebrating life in general i couldnt get any better at the minute.
    I would love o try the heat protection spray= from the take the heat range.

  21. I've just landed my dream job :)

  22. Hiya,

    I'm celebrating my best friend getting engaged and being her maid of honour! I'll need luscious locks for the wedding, so would love to try the Heat Protection range :)

    Beth (bethjackson86@gmail.com)

  23. Celebrating my partner's birthday soon, would love to try this range. Following you on Twitter @becky0020 email - rebecca_john@sky.com

  24. Celebrating having survived the first six months of being a new mum, am loving it but my long, thick hair is a nightmare, I'm hoping that some leave in conditioner might help to sort out one small problem and allow me to focus on the bigger stuff!

    kt: k_netcheck@yahoo.co.uk

  25. Celebrating having survived the first six months of being a new mum and loving it, only problem is my hair-long, thick and very tangled, would love to try some leave in conditioner alongside my old faithful 3 minute miracle

  26. after worrying so much about my results from college, I received them the other day and I got a B and a distinction! I am so proud of myself and could do with a celebration! I'd like to try luscious long, my long hair has gotten so weak at the ends and I don't want to have to cut it all off after its taken me so long to grow out. brumptonthomas@yahoo.com

  27. I will be celebrating my daughters 4th birthday and my best friends 28th birthday next month so would be great to feel even better by using the Miracle Moist as I have very dry hair and would be great to celebrate these occasions by having great feeling hair

  28. I'm looking forward to celebrating the birth of my grandchild somewhere near the beginning of September, my daughter in law is due on the 9th, but being a first baby it could be anytime! So excited, almost as if I was the one due. I've no idea what I'm being a Gran to, either a boy or girl, my son really wants a little girl, but will be perfectly happy with either.
    Be a great way to celebrate the birth.
    Would love to try the lucious long shampoo/conditioner.
    Great idea for a competition. Many thanks. X

  29. I want this to celebrate my sisters engagement, she doesnt even know its going to happen BUT I DO!!!!!


  30. I'm getting married in 2 weeks (!!!) and have been rushing around in a mad panic trying to get everthing sorted so some Aussie magic would help me (and my hair!) to look and feel fabulous on our big day! Long live Love :D I would love to try the Miracle Moist Shampoo!

  31. Me and my hubby have been married for 12 years next month!
    My email address is feefeegabor at googlemail.com
    I'd love to try the Luscious Long Leave-in Conditioner

  32. It's my 7th wedding anniversary on the 4th and then I return to work following maternity leave on the 5th so I'd love some Aussie magic

    Take The Heat range please

    Twitter ID: @littleboo_21

  33. I am celebrating lots - new job and a new boy :) feels great to have a smile permanently on my face! I would like to try the heat protection cream as I straighten my hair far too much!
    Thanks Emma

  34. I will be celebrating the kids going back to school ....OMG Is is just me or have these holidays gone on FOREVER!!!! I need some me time ASAP. My two boys have driven me up the wall and back down why is it that boys ALWAYS fight, ALWAYS find Mud and are ALWAYS filthy within 10 minutes of having a shower and putting on clean clothes....why are there rooms NEVER tidy for more than 1 day and WHY OH WHY do they not pick up after themselves ....oops gone off on one a bit anyways um thanks for the chance LOL :D

    my email is calleyrb@hotmail.co.uk

  35. I'm celebrating making a massive collage of Sachin Tendulkar today, it went really well! http://extremehousewife.blogspot.com/2011/08/big-art-sachin-tendulkar.html

    Laura dot hadland at
    yahoo dot com

    I'd love to try the Miracle Moist range, my hair is dry and knackered!

  36. I am celebrating a well deserved holiday with a group of friends next week to celebrate graduating from uni and toasting the things to come :) I'd like to have lovely soft hair courtesy of Miracle Moist while I dance the night away! :)

  37. heat-protection spray
    my hair needs it!

  38. I'm celebrating FINALLY selling my house which I've been living in with my now Ex Husband for 18 months!! My hair needs Miracle mist!!!

  39. THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED! I have had 10 entries since the deadline! The winners have been drawn. Please read the posts fully for all the info!

  40. I am celebrating my boyfriend turning 30, for the last 4 years he has been laughing at me for being in ym 30's and now finally he is too, this is one birthday celebration that i am going to be reminding him of for a very long time

    I would like to try the "Take the Heat" range please



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