Thursday, 25 August 2011

How to back up your blog in blogger.

Due to the sudden deletion of poor Fleur de Force's blog ( I found out today how to back up my blog.  A lot of hours have gone into creating my space, and I would be very upset it anything happened.  I think all bloggers dread this!

If you blog through blogger and want to back up your blog then here are some easy steps to help you;

Go to the dashboard and click 'settings'.
On the next page click 'Export Blog'.
On the next page click 'Download'


This will save a copy of your blog to your computer, but leave the original blog intact.  Should anything happen then you can you 'Import' your blog back and save lots of tears.

I hope that helps.  If anyone has any blogger techie tips then please share them below.

Apologies that this isnt a beauty/competition post.  I just thought this was important enough to share.

I hope Blogger reinstates Fleur's blog asap!

P.s. Huge thanks for Grace at for helping me earlier!


  1. so awful about Fleur's blog. Thanks for the post, I have successfully just exported my blog. xx

  2. THANKYOU! I have just done this, it's such a shame about Flurs blog :(

  3. THANKYOU! I have just done this, it's such a shame about Flurs blog :(

  4. Hi Milly and Heather, you're welcome. I think all bloggers are really feeling for Fleur today :( xx

  5. I think the Settings->ExportBlog->Download saves only the posts and comments. If you want to save your template too, go to Design->Edit HTML->Download Full Template

  6. Hi Kris, thank you so much for that! I didnt know that but will back up my template too. Its such a horrible thought to loose everything :( xx

  7. Thanks for the tip! doing this now xx

  8. I've just exported, thanks for the tip x


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