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Visit to Daniel Sandler at Harrods!

You might have heard me mention Daniel Sandler cosmetics before.  If not then you might not know who Daniel is!  To sum up in a sentence or two (very difficult!), Daniel Sandler is a celebrity make-up artist who is based in London, but travels internationally!  He is very talented and has worked with many a famous face (Myleen Klass, Kate Moss, Yasmine Le Bon to name a few).  He has also featured in all the major magazines.  I have been fortunate enough to meet Daniel Sandler and he is just as lovely in person as he appears in magazines and videos- after all, you don't get to own your own make-up range, feature in multinational publications, see the rich and famous without makeup by being anything but lovely!
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There were a couple of products I wanted to checkout by Daniel, so I nipped into Harrods and visited the Urban Retreat spa.  Okay, I say 'nipped' but everyone who knows Harrods, knows that you don't 'nip in'!  It is HUGE.  I had to send texts to the line of 'Help! Am lost! Send Food!!'.  7 floors, 4.5 acres PLUS some of the lifts/stairs/escalators were closed.  Harrods is definitely an experience, not least because of the 'Doggy Day Spa' complete with a treadmill for dogs!!  I liked looking at the Chanel clothes, but got a stern look as I started to edge closer!  Off I trotted.

One thing that surprised me was that I followed the signs to Urban Retreat and was directed there by the shop assistant in the next store.  After my time in the Spa Shop I went to exit the same way, but was told there wasn't an exit that way, and directed out another way-where I had completely lost my bearings.  Do not forget to take a map, supplies and a compass!!

At Urban Retreat I quickly located the Daniel Sandler cosmetics stand, and drooled!  I already own some pieces and have been suitable impressed by quality.  This mission was to check out the microbubble lipsticks and range of water colour blushes.  I have only seen a few of the blushes as they sell out really quickly.  Ordering by Internet has its drawbacks.

An assistant approached me, but I knew what I was looking for and was quite happy to browse without assistance. (There is nothing I hate more than being hassled by over-active store assistants- Inglot take note!!)  The staff at Urban Retreat listened and happily left me to my own devices.  I decided on some purchases, so I caught an assistant's eye.  This assistant just happened to be the lovely Sebastian Brown (Head makeup artist at Urban Retreat!)- Daniel had told me that Sebastian would take care of me, and he did!  We started chatting and searching for the products in stock, however the watercolour blush I had chosen was out stock.  Sebastian suggested we try some of the others as there were a couple of shades that would suit me.  I wasn't after a specific shade, just hue, so this was perfect.

Sebastian said he would give my skin "a little treat" so he removed my face makeup and moisturised my skin with Creme de la Mer products.  He then proceeded to apply foundation, concealer, blusher and blusher as a stain on the lips!  He also defined my brows with powder (something I am a bit scared to do on my own) and managed to highlight/disguise my badly-in-need-of-a-thread eyebrows! While Sebastian worked away, we happily chatted about the make-up and what products I normally used.  Sebastian made some really great tips specific to my skin and makeup.

The finished look!

We used Daniel Sandler Foundation (Super Mineral liquid 01), Mineral waterbase concealer,
Watercolour Blush in Spicey on lips (as a stain!) and cheeks
Sebastian left my eye makeup but applied a couple of coats of Super Jet Mascara.  He also tended to my brows to add a bit of definition with powder.  After this I was treated to a little bit of setting powder over my oily areas.

Verdict: I had such a fun experience.  I loved how relaxed Urban Retreat was, and how I had Sebastian's full knowledge and attention.  I purchased the watercolour blush in spicey as it is a product I don't have in my kit, and a colour that I have only recently started to get into.  I went out feeling flawless and confident.  Unfortunately the road outside Harrods is notorious for having the wind sweep down it- and it swept dust straight into my eyes.  This was how I discovered the mascara isn't waterproof!  Not something that happens often, but I managed to create a nice smokey eye look with it!

The makeup lasted (bar mascara) for a full 10 hours.  I was very impressed as my oily/combination skin often makes makeup slide after a few hours, unless I use a good base/primer.

I have used the watercolour blush on many occasions since and love how a tiny tiny amount goes a long way.  It is also a versatile product and can be used on lips, cheeks or eyelids!  I have some Daniel Sandler brushes, but also love blending it out with finger tips.

So there is my trip to Harrods, Urban Retreat and Daniel Sandler all in one.  I am sure that I will be back soon (with supplies, compass and map!)

Thank you to Sebastian for spending time helping me, and making me feel very relaxed!

Have you ever been to Harrods?  Are you in Harrods and lost right now?!  Have you visited Urban Retreat or purchased any of Daniel's products?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

All products were purchased by me.


  1. I LOVE Harrods and I go every time I am in London :o) It's so iconic, I could happily get lost in there any day :D xxx

  2. Hi Hannah- it is a great store, but quite overwhelming at times! I just need to make sure I have a full stomach before I go in!! xx

  3. Obviously, here in America, there is no lovely Harrods. HOWEVER, there are lots of malls here and I have a tendency of getting lost in malls (I get lost in a store so the fact I get lost in a mall is no surprise. I haven't got a compass bone in my body. I've got a killer memory, but no sense of direction! Once I recognize something, I'm fine!) Thankfully, most malls here have illuminated maps everywhere, a help desk in at least two areas and paper maps! All those maps just can't reunite me with my mom. Intercoms, security detail and cell phones have to do that and it's been done (We won't mention how many times it's been done. My mom and I both have anxiety issues. I'll let you guess.) We now have designated stations and times if we get lost!

    I'm surprised Harrods hasn't installed maps or something so more people aren't calling security or the help desk. I'd need a 5-mile leash for that store that goes back to the main entrance! I get panic attacks if I can't reorient myself!

  4. What a lovely look. That blush really suits you and your brows look amazing. Sounds like you had a really good time x

  5. Hi Katie, they do have some maps but you have to know where to look :) Plus there were bits closed for renovation which scuppered some plans! It's a good idea to have a meeting point and time, just in case phone batteries die or signal is lost! It's a great store and you should visit if you get a chance, just for the experience! x

    @Lauren Thank you! Peach tones are great for blue eyes/pale skin- you have pale skin too so perhaps something you should try? Hope you're well xx

  6. Sounds like the perfect make-up shopping experience. I hate pushy sales people who hover over you while you're browsing.
    Your make-up looks amazing, especially the brows. x

  7. Thank you! Sebastian did a great job with my brows! And yes, a pet peeve, pushy sales. I have stopped shopping at some brands due to their in store or customer service attitudes. Shame but i'm not paying for abuse/stress/bad treatment!! Hope you are well xx

  8. @Emma, Well, that sucks. They need a few more, if you ask me! I can't wait until malls will be navigable with a GPS unit (I can dream; it can't be that far off.)

    I'd love to visit London (I've never been to England), but if I ever am able to visit Europe, I'd go back to Bamberg, Bavaria first which was where I was born. I don't remember living there; I was 2 1/2 years old when I moved!


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