Friday, 30 September 2011

Skin Foundation update, Chanel + Aveda concealer

Trademark recycled and recyclable packaging from Aveda'

Guest reviewer wanted! Stay tuned!

Following on from my post on Aveda cosmetics, I thought I would give you a closer look at their Inner Light concealer.  I was initially given one as a sample, however it was the wrong colour for me to use.  After reading through the ingredients, looking at the consistency and hygienically testing a swatch on my wrist for a day I decided that this was too good to miss and thus spent my own money buying a shade that I could use.  There is no point in my raving about products if I am not prepared to buy them myself!

A normal doe-foot applicator,  This product is thick but not overly thick.  Creamy is probably a better word.  It is cooling on the skin.  This is my colour 02 Balsa.  It is designed to conceal and illuminate a bit.  This does both.

Spot the spots!
So how does it look on- well here is my jaw with Chanel Mat Lumiere shade 20 Clair (click link for my review/comparison to Pro lumiere) with Aveda inner light concealer  covering up my uneven skin tone and pimples.  For those of you who are long time readers, you'll remember early posts of my bare skin (not for the faint hearted but some links to posts here and here).  I will be doing an update on that, but I think (hope!) you'll agree that the texture is better.  Not perfect, but better!

This concealer is so light I feel I can use it a tiny bit under the eyes, round the nose and on the inner corners of the eye.  It's multipurpose.  It's semi-matte, long wearing, helps disguise darker patches and 'lightens and brightens'.  The best bit it that it is tested on humans.

Where to buy: Chanel can be purchased online from retailers like Boots, as well as larger department stores.  Mat Lumiere retails for £33.  Aveda sell their products in selected salons and online HERE for £16.  It is higher end price wise but saves time, makeup bag space by replacing 2-3 products AND it's caring for the earth.  I have also found that my tube is lasting ages.  I like to invest in products that will save me money in the long run.

When I logged on to Aveda's website it informed me that they have free delivery this weekend, and are offering 3 samples on checkout.  Use the code AUTUMN!

I mentioned that I wanted a guest reviewer. Well this is the shade I was given in nutmeg 06 and as you can see, it's far too dark for my pale-as-pale skin.  I have tested a tiny amount using a clean sterile spatula to extract a teeny amount.  If you think your skin would be right for this shade then please post a comment below saying why you should get to review it.  Please include your blog URL and an email address.

What concealer do you use? Do you use a separate under eye highlight?  Have you used Aveda's products?  Do you think my skin is any better?  Do you want to review the concealer?  Are you still reading these questions?!

P.s. Chanel giveaway is still open.  Click the link on the top bar!  If your comment isnt visible it might have been disqualified so make sure you read the instructions!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

haul and sleek blushes

Just a few of the items I have acquired recently.  Alpha-H Liquid gold and liquid gold intensive treatments.  Sleek blushes, Gosh Holographic polish, Bobbi Brown eye corrector, Chanel...

I have Sleek blushes in Pomegranate (Left) and Rose Gold (Right).
They are such pretty colours and I can't wait to share them in looks with you!

Pomegranate (Left) is a sort of pink toned red.  It looks quite violent in the palette, but swatches in a more friendly colour.  Rose Gold is a coral / peach colour with a gorgeous highlighter colour.  The sheen reminds me a bit of Dior's Amber Diamond highlight (one of my all time favourites!).  These retail for around £4.29 in Superdrug or £4.30 off Sleek makeup online

Just shout if you want any info on the other products I have in my haul here!

Have you used any of the products from my haul?  Have you any Sleek makeup products?  What is your favourite blush?

P.s. Don't forget my giveaways! Chanel and Witch Cosmetics. Just click the link on the top bar!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

How I sanatize my products

You know the drill.  You use a lipstick/blusher/eye pencil chuck it into the chasm that is a handbag.  You then discover sed product later on in the day when you reach for your phone/purse/keys and find lipstick/blusher/eye pencil smeared all over them.

It is the nightmare scenario.  In my experience this normally happens with my most beloved products.

Now I am not one to waste.  Most things are salvageable.  I have been asked how I clean my products and here is a little 'How to' in pictures!

What you will need:
Surgical spirit (I think this is also known as rubbing alcohol)
Cotton wool rounds
Product you want to clean (Sleek Blush in Pomegranate)

N.B. Surgical Spirit is normally not safe to post, therefore you will have to visit a store.  Some stores keep it behind the counter due to the alcohol content.  Always keep in a cool place and out of reach of little hands!

Open the safety gap and pour a generous amount of surgical spirit onto the cotton round.

Use the cotton round to blot the powder product.  You will see the colour/consistency of the product change as the liquid saturates the product.

Leave to dry.

Et Voila.  One dry and very clean product.  Some people say that the product changes permanently with sanatising, but I have always found products to be the same after drying.  The alcohol evaporates after killing any bacteria on the product.  

In general it is good to do this to most products periodically to limit the transfer of bacteria from face-brush-product.  We all regualry (ahem) clean our brushes, but how many times do we dip our brush and then touch our face and then dip the brush again?

Cleaning lipsticks and wind up cream products in bullets (concealers, blush etc)

  1. Use a knife to scrape any 'debris' off (think fluff, dust etc!)
  2. Pour surgical spirit into a small container.  I generally use an old camera film pot (remember those from pre digital days?!)
  3.  Wind product up and dip into liquid.  Hold submerged for about 20 seconds and tap end gently to dislodge any air bubbles.  (Air bubbles would create an air barrier preventing the spirit from penetrating the product). 
  4. Lift product out of liquid and hold, allowing excess liquid to drip off.
  5. Stand on end and allow to dry without the lid on.  If you are impatient you can always grab a tissue and gently blot.  It is important to air the product though or you will trap the evaporating alcohol vapours in the lid and these will then infuse with the product (not so nice to smell!)  Don't fret though, it wont get you drunk!

*If product is really mashed, I scoop it out and put in a glass jar (E.g. old mac concealer pot).

How to clean cream/gel products in a pot.

  1.  Open jar and place lid upside down next to product.
  2. Pour surgical spirit directly into both.
  3.  Leave to work magic for 20 seconds.
  4.  Dispose of surgical spirit and leave product to air for a while.
  5.  Wipe inside of lid with a clean tissue.

Remember when disposing of surgical spirit, run the tap and rinse away with running water.  You dont want the alcohol sitting in and around your sink!

Hope that helped you!  How do you clean your makeup products?  Do you have any product packaging failure stories?

P.s. Don't forget my Witch concealer giveaway AND Chanel eyeshadow giveaway.  Just click the link at the top of the page!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Aveda Makeup and Autumn Lipglaze

A while back I did a post on my visit to the Aveda Institute in London.  Well Aveda firmly has a place in my top brands.  For those who don't know, Aveda has a great ethical policy on using the earth sustainably.  This means everything they use is sustainable, recycled or recyclable! (I have mentioned this in more detail in the post I linked above!)

I thought I would give you a closer look at some of their makeup products.  

Please feel free to feast your eyes on the makeup stand.

That is a little bit exciting!  It screams 'come here and have a look!'  I have a couple of things off that stand.  Here are a couple of the stand out products for me.

Colour Options Eyeshadow Transformer.
A little pricey at £22 but a magical product and a little goes a long way!  This bottle will certainly get lots of use during the party season.  Simply apply 1-2 drops of the liquid to a brush and then use with any powder eyeshadow to create a vibrant cream eyeshadow.  The fun doesn't end there, you can also create a liquid liner from any shadow using the same method.

Left: Plain shadow. Right: With Aveda's Eyeshadow Transformer!
This product will give you intense shots of colour.  It creates a whole new palette from your existing stash!

Travel makeup palette! £11
Aveda are well worth looking at for travel products too.  My eye was quickly drawn to this amazing little palette.  It's magnetic, so will hold pretty much any loose pan or de-potted pan on the market (yes even Mac for you Mac pro pan junkies)!  It is recycled, sustainable, and hard wearing (metal).  The slot at the top will take a lipstick, while if you use Aveda's own pan makeup it will neatly fit 2, 3 or 4 pans of eyeshadow, blush or bronzer.  Add in a sturdy mirror in the lid and you had a perfect custom handbag sized compact for daily use or travel.

Lipglaze for Autumn
Autumn means colder drier lips for me, and a shift to berry colours.  I am so pleased I have this product.  Aveda Lipglaze in 865 Cassia.

Recycled box made of egg-box type material.

Pretty colour!
This glaze has Aveda's Nourish-Mint technology.  It smells and tastes slightly of mint.  I believe that mint has antiseptic properties, as well as making your breath smell nice and fresh.

Aveda Hydrating LipGlaze in 865 Cassia.  Doesn't it look like a lovely refreshing berry drink?
The ingredients are great.  No drying alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, silicone.. just a whole bunch of goodness (pomegranate, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil to name a few). 

Left: Bare lips
Right: Lips with Aveda gloss on!

I find this glaze is a nice treat for my lips.   Some lip products seem to dry out within 20 minutes, leaving your lips unprotected.  You then lick then to make them moist- which then evaporates and dries them even more!  Not this product.  I can happily apply it in the morning and it's still moisturising at lunch.  The hint of colour is still there too.   These glazes come in a range of colours and costs £15.50 for 7ml.  When I compare it to other tubes of gloss I fine that I am using less of this over the same time due to needing to apply less.  Value for money!

Aveda products are available internationally from many of their stores, or if you don't live near an Aveda store then you can peruse or purchase from their website

I also like it because the word 'Glaze' reminds me of glazed donuts at Krispie Kreme.

  • I have some other Aveda products in my stash so I will share those at later dates.
  • I am currently loving wearing mid trench coats for autumn (replacing my blazer jackets).
  • My nails are now sporting YSL's Expresso nail polish having raiding my 'Autumn' basket.
  • Skin is loving Alpha H.

Do you change your lip colours for Autumn?  What is your favorite nourishing lip product?  Have you tried Aveda's makeup?

P.s. Don't forget my Chanel giveaway is open (click top bar giveaway link!)

As always views on here are my own and not influenced by the origins of the product.  The lipglaze was a PR sample, but I do shop in Aveda with my own money.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Chanel Giveaway. Positive thinking!

After 2 years of blogging here, many, many, many comments and views I have decided to have a thank you giveaway!  I love these products (and have had a rubbish few weeks and need some positivity).  If you read my blog/twitter regularly you'll know the back story, and if you now want to know the back story then just read through the last few posts (Incidentally someone said they couldn't comment on my blog.  If you ever have difficulty commenting then please let me know @computergirl200 on twitter or send me an email).  Add to that the loss of the most amounts of work contracts in a week (not through bad work, just random circumstances and markets).  All of this equals 1 Computergirl in StressVille!

I personally have 5 4 of these babies (one in transit due to faulty batch) and I love them. Chanel Illusion d'ombre from their latest collection.  If you want to read about them then I posted an overview post

I will have some more posts coming up on dupes and looks created with the products!

I picked up Epatant (Right: silvery, taupe/khakis colour) and Emervielle (Left: peachy/shimmer/highlight) for you.  I want to call it EmmaVille.

I will be giving these new and unused products away to two lucky Computergirl's Musings Subscribers.  They are completely as I received them and have only been opened for photographic purposes.  These are not the same ones I swatched and use!

 The Positive Giveaway!  A thank you to my followers!
Open internationally.

How to enter
(Read carefully or your entry will be void)
1) Must be a subscriber using Blogger Dashboard (GFC).

2) Leave a positive comment. Either something you love about Computergirl's Musings, a positive mantra, a positive saying etc.  It must be uplifting!!

For an extra entry or more share the Computergirl family with others;
  • Write a blog post about my giveaway on your personal blog (with links!)
  • Follow me on twitter @computergirl200
  • Tweet "Wow @computergirl200 is having an amazing Chanel giveaway" (You can substitute 'amazing' for something positive!)
  • Follow me on Facebook, Networked blogs or bloglovin (links to right or top).
 Don't forget to claim your extra entries my mentioning them in your comment!

Closes Sunday 16th October 2011 11:59pm UK time.
Open internationally.
Winners announced here and must claim their prize within 48 hours.
This is a beauty blogger giveaway to my subscribers.  No entrants will be accepted from competition forums.
I reserve the right to end the giveaway early, amend the giveaway, void entries or close the competition.
Items will be send internationally.

I take no responsibility for prizes after posting.

Good luck!  Thanks for your support!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Watch this space! (Micahel Kors watch dupe)

This is an old watch for me, but a new one to you guys!  I really like the Michael Kors style of watch (as worn by the likes of Lollipop26 Lorraine Current Custom/Boobies and many other youtube/blogger beauty/fashionista people.... not to mention the celeb wearers.  Maybe it's just me, but a lot of the time I hate seeing lots of people wearing the same thing as me!

One thing I don't like is the price tag.  £150+ for a watch, which isn't guaranteed against breakages (read the small print, they only repair it for a limited time, and it only covers the internal small pieces, not the chain or external.  Plus they will only fix it if the battery has always been changed by them (at a high price) so they can reseal the water tight seal.  Oh and the external metal colour is expected to rub off and fade within a year and cant really be touched up.  So basically you pay a lot of money and expect the thing to fall apart within a year and to get no help from them!  Naturally you will just buy another one, just like they planned! (Rant over!)

The backstory: I did managed to get a Rose Gold Michael Kors watch last year, (with a discount) but it was huge.  I mean man size huge.  I have very tiny wrists.  I actually like them a lot but bracelets fall off them all the time :(  The watch looked ridiculous.  Not all trends suit everyone!  This made me sad, but when I found out that the watch wasn't the 'life time investment' I thought it would be, I returned it.  I then concluded that I was better off getting a cheaper plainer watch and having a few, rather than one.

Cue Oasis.
  • Chunky watch but not man sized chunky. Dainty women chunky!
  • Metal strap. Hard wearing!
  • Click clasp (which hopefully wont wear down like the one I bought from Argos many years ago :( )  
  • Big face, easy to look at without appearing rude in meetings!
  • Second hand so you can time yourself to-the-second! (Very useful for silly office challenges like holding your breathe on long work phonecalls)

    One weird point. The face has glow in the dark spots by each  'number' marker on the face, yet the hands do not glow in the dark.  This means if you are in the dark (camping lets say) and you wake up and want to know the time, you'll be able to see where the numbers are on the clock face...... you just wont be able to see WHERE THE HANDS ARE!! What on earth is the point in that?!

    By far the best point about this watch is the price. £35.  (Plus students get a discount at Oasis, and they are always having online promos).  You can check it out on the Oasis online website here! Or Check out there other amazing watches at affordable prices!

    Do you think watches are something you invest in, or just a fashion accessory throw away toy now-a-days?  What is the most you have paid for one?  Are you a Kors lover or hater?

    P.s. A peep at my handbag- maybe I'll show you what's in it one day!

    Friday, 16 September 2011

    Chanel Illusions d'ombre

     After the stress of the past few weeks... normal service! Here is a highly requested post!

    I bought 5 of these little babies.

    Swatched: Emervielle, Mirifique, Epatant, Ebloui

    They are little round pots of joy.  Also known as a sort of powdered gel consistency.  They sit somewhere between a cream eyeshadow and a powder eyeshadow.

    They have a lovely finish- I like to think of it as grown up glitter (not really glitter,more of a sheen).  Suitable for daytime, older ladies, those who fear glitter...  You can also make them more dramatic for evening.

    These babies blend too.  My favorite look at the moment is using Ebloui (warm burgandy brown) and blending with Mirifique (black) in the crease and outer corner.  I must photo this for you!

    Epatant is a pretty silvery/goldy/taupe colour- hard to describe, but stunning on.  Easy to wear by itself.

    Swatched: Emervielle, Mirifique, Epatant, Ebloui: No Flash
    Emervielle I purchase because it has 'Emma' in the name.  I also quite liked the colour, although it isnt one I would reach for straight off.  Its a goldy shimmery peach- perfect for a base, highlight under the brow, lightening the inner corner OR- (and check this out!) a cheek/cupid's bow highlight! Who would have thought!

    See the shrinking!
    Illusoire is a sort of dark mauve.  Unfortunately this was faulty and I had to return it.  There were no more in stock at Boots, so rather than place me on back order then just refunded me and took my points away.  I am not a happy bunny about this!  Bad service- plus no apology for a faulty item.  I will have to wait until I can get to my local counter.  In case you were wondering, the product had shrunk in the pot- pulling away from all the edges.

    Epatant Vs Illusoire- see the shinking?!
    I love these products.  Such a refreshing change to powders or cream.  I find they last well on my oily lids, with or without primer.  They can make a statement or be a subtle bit of guilty pleasure.  Even the mini brushes are quite well made and useful (unlike those pathetic sponge applicators most companies inflict on you).

    The downside- the price.  £22.50. Not cheap, but worth it if you have the money or points to spend.

    Have you picked up any of the latest Chanel products?  Do you like glitter/shimmer?

    Stay tuned for a surprise, including some cheaper dupes, and some FOTD looks!

    P.s. I have been told that some people have difficulty commenting on my blog- if that's you, can you send me a tweet (@computergirl200) or an email with details.  I'd like to fix it. Thanks

    "I found a lump"

    Something I thought I'd never have to say.  But I did.  I was sat in a pub when my fingers ran gently over my skin.  A sharp jolt pricked my consciousness, dragging my mind from the external to the internal.  I ran my fingertips over the area again.......

    People always describe moments like this in a way that I have never been able to comprehend, until now.

    I tried to hide the panic in my eyes, and fix a relaxed look on my face.  Internally my body went cold. Numb even.  All sound drained from my ears.  People were talking but I have no idea what was going on.  Then my body went to boiling hot.  I started sweating.  I could feel my heartbeat.  Outwardly I was on autopilot, nodding away to people, with a fixed glazed look on my face.  Behind the painted veil I couldn't move my face or the hot tears pricking my eyes would burst through the facade.

    I waited a little while, afraid my company would realise something was wrong if I left early.  As soon as I could I made my excuses and left.  As soon as I was outside I started retching and the tears came.  I probably looked like a regular drunk who couldn't hold their drink.

    So what did I do?

    I googled, I thought, I prodded, I slept very little.  I came back to earth and rationalised.

    I monitored the lump for a number of days to check for growth, changes and other symptoms.  After little change I went and sat in the doctors waiting room and shook like a leaf, running hot and cold again- with the lovely accompaniment of a couple of screaming toddlers who seemed to like staring at me as a sort of sport.   I'm not sure how one is supposed to react to this, but I wasn't in possession of many child entertaining grins today.

    Thankfully I found out that it is the safe sort of lump- a cyst.  It might go away on it's own, or I might need an operation if it starts changing- an op that could carry a number of permanent risks.

    I have never experienced this before, but thankfully the lovely Kellie had written a post on her experiences and I happened to read last week.  This helped me so much and I urge you to read it.  She had more of an ordeal than me, but reading this just helped me to know that I wasn't alone.  That was what mattered to me.  At least if other people have been though it, it makes it slightly less scary.

    Kellie told me to write down my thoughts, so I have.  Not to draw attention to myself, but to just pass on the same message.  Should you be in the same situation, you're not alone.

    Thanks for reading.  Normal service will resume shortly.  Take care.

    Wednesday, 14 September 2011

    Winners of my UD, OPI, No7 etc giveaway!

    A while back I had a lovely giveaway with four prizes.

    Will I finally drew the winners thanks to

    There were quite a few to count so sorry it took so long.

    The winners are

    aabha nagpal
    Maria Sparkle

    Please send me an email with your address and I will get the prizes sent out asap!  If I don't hear from you within 48 hours I will be redrawing the winners!

    If you didn't win then stay tuned as I have an amazing giveaway from a brand that begins with C!

    Also dont forget you still have time to win a Witch Skincare liquid concealer- open internationally.  Just click the giveaways link on the top bar!

    Friday, 9 September 2011

    And blogger of the week goes to...!  If you check out Immediate PR's blog you will see that they have voted my blog.....

    Immediate PR Blog of the Week

    Blog of the Week!

    This made me smile a lot!  It's always great when someone else likes my blog.  I did have a complete blushing rose moment when they told me- even more so when I saw what lovely things they said!

    To see what they said about me please click this link

    Now if you would like to be considered for Blog of the Week, then jump on to their radar by joining their facebook page :) (There is a little F symbol at the top right hand corner of their blog).

    As a little extra they even sent me a little parcel of goodies, which I will be using in my shower tomorrow morning.

    A huge thank you to Immediate PR and to you guys.  I wouldn't still be here blogging and rambling in the same way if it wasn't for your lovely comments and tweets!


    (P.s. still time to enter my Witch Concealer giveaway. 10 to give away and a high percentage of winning- just click the Giveaway link on the top bar!)

    Question to you, who would YOU award blog of the week to?

    Thursday, 8 September 2011

    Haul: Miranda Kerr, Bioderma, load of CHANEL etc

    Here are a few things I have acquired recently!  I wont go into huge detail here but let me know if you want more thoughts on anything!

    Book: Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr
    Witch Blackhead Strips. Yes these blackhead strips are nasty, but every now and again I reach for them.
    Bioderma Crealine H2O.  The cult oil free cleanser.
    A Chanel Counter.

    Ok maybe that was a bit of a lie, but it looks like I bought a whole Chanel counter!  I had some points to spend before they expired at Debenhams, plus some Boots vouchers etc and I knew I had to have some of the new range of Chanel.  These shadows are like nothing else I've seen.   The are a sort of powdered gel.  Best of all, its a sort of grown up sparkle- suitable for daytime. No chunky glitter here!

    Sadly I ordered some by post, and illusoire arrived looking past it's best.  There has been a fault reported by Chanel that some of the Illusion D'ombre shadows shrink in their pots.  This baby will be going back as faulty.  I will post pictures if you want?

    I was planning to do an overview of the five shadows (I have 5 out of 6 woops!) but with this one being returned I think I'll wait for it be returned.

    I will say now that I am slightly in love with them.

    So much so that I am considering sharing the Chanel love with you.  Is that a good idea?!  

    I also received a pack of Caudalie goodies as a gift from a friend who went to France this summer.  I cant wait to try these out!

     Of course, in with the new so I guess I'll also share an out with the old.  I finished this Botanics Cleansing Body Exfoliator and it's a thumbs up from me.  It has salt (?) grains in it, but its not a harsh scruby scrub like some I've tried.  I can quite happily use this on my cellulite-y thighs daily and not overdose my skin.  It's very gentle, doesnt smell weird and is easy to use.  Best of all Boots have a habbit of running 3-for-2 on the Botanic's range.  This costs around £4.50 if you buy it on it's own.

    So there you are, a rambly haul/product post!  What have you purchased recently? Do you want more details on anything here?  Have you ever purchased a product to find it's faulty? Did you return it?

    P.s. Don't forget I have 10 Witch skincare concealers to give away.  See post below.  I don't even have ten entries yet so you have a great chance of winning plus it's open internationally :)

    Friday, 2 September 2011

    Witch Make-up & Competition!

    Following on from my Witch skincare posts I now have the pleasure of sharing a few comments on the concealer, powder and tinted moisturiser.  Plus I have an exiting giveaway!

    If you are like me then your skin suffers from oil, pollution, stress, diet- everything.  I feel self conscious, but I know that I wouldnt want to skip makeup, as then I would feel very under confident.  Witch have a range of makeup products which are designed to help your skin, while also helping your confidence. Win!

    Witch Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturiser.

    If you have spots then one of the best things you can do is keep your skin moisturised, not cover it over in cakey makeup and clog your pores!  Witch anti-blemish tinted moisturiser comes in several shades.  It helps add moisture to your skin, while adding a hint of foundation colour.  One of the main things with my skin is that foundations can really dry it out and then my skin produced excess oil.  I love this product for helping me 'feel' like I have put some makeup on, but also helping my complexion heel at the same time.

    Costs around £5.99 for 30ML and comes in Light, Medium or Dark. Available from all good chemists including Super drug and Boots

    Witch Anti-Blemish Pressed Powder

    So my makeup is applied, I want to 'set-it' or get rid of that annoying oily shine which appears at mid day.  I automatically reach for this product nowadays, and apply with my synthetic Crow kabuki brush.  This powder is light, translucent and contains Witch Hazel to help calm your skin and combat redness and bacteria.  I have tried loose powders but end up either caked in powder or haveing to blow half off (what a waste).  Pressed powder is great as it allows you to pick up the right amount.

    Costs £4.99 for 10g and comes in a nice handbag friendly compact.
    Available at

    Witch Concealer

    Comes in a wind up stick.  This product is ideal for instant application, or application with a brush.  Again contains spot combating natural products, so you can cover that lovely third eye on your forehead, and go to your big presentation/interview with confidence.  It is thick so a little does a long way.  Think of MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer, but with Witch extract and in a tube for on-the-go convenience!

    Cost £2.99 for 2g

    Now concealer sticks are fine, but what about pitted spots, ones you have picked, or under eye concealer, we need a liquid!!

    Funny you should say that, because Witch have just launched a liquid concealer pen.  It comes in three colours and has a brush inserted.  Just wind up and apply.  I have been very impressed with this product, it is holding it's own against other creamy liquid concealers I have tried!  It seems to have staying power and blends amazingly.  Exactly what I need to cover red patches or spot scars when I need a 'flawless work face'!  As with the other Witch products it id designed to help fight bacteria while also helping to boost your confidence.  I believe this costs £6.99.

    Spots have many causes, we cant always cure them instantly but little changes can help.  I will be sharing some spot tips shortly so stay tuned! However now I have 10 Witch Liquid Concealers to give away!!! 

    This is normally open just to the UK, but as I am nice, I will personally be sending two of the prizes out to international locations, so if you are sad at not being able to enter this sort of giveaway then this one is for you!!

    To enter you must:
    1) Be a follower using blogger dashboard/google friend connect.
    2) Share one of your tips for good, clear, healthy skin.
    3) State which country you live in (UK, USA, France etc!)

    4) Extra entries for following via blog lovin, facebook, blogging about it, following me on twitter and tweeting (Have you entered @computergirl200 's Witch concealer giveaway? )
    5) Please not that you should be over 16 or have parental consent to give out your postage address!

    I reserve the right to close the competition at any point, to disqualify entries for not following in instructions, and to change the rules at any point as it's my competition :)

    Good luck!
    Disclaimer: All products were given to me at the launch as stated earlier in this post! (apart from the liquid concealer which I received a few weeks back!)

    Thursday, 1 September 2011

    CEW Awards: LIFETIME ACHIEVER 2011 is...

    Hot off the press........Joan Collins!

    I don't normally cut and paste sections of press releases but I actually learned something from this one.  I have always thought Joan to have flawless Hollywood Glamour.  You know, the kind that looks timeless and makes you wish you were in a black a white movie when glamour meant covered up in a dressing gown robe with a faux fur/soft neck line, and slippers always had heels darling- with pom poms on the toes.  Oh and baths- they were full of bubbles to the max, and places on a pedistal in the middle of the bathroom- with a cute little table and telephone to one side......

    Anyway back to 2011....

    "This year’s Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) Lifetime Achiever, Joan Collins OBE, is a true cosmetic executive woman.  She is one of us. She takes care of her skin, she loves makeup and she keeps her face out of the sun. Granted she was obviously born with wonderful genes and cleverly decided quite early on to take care of what she had been given.
    Joan is a wonderful advocate for the beauty industry. She is also a straight talker, her latest book ‘The World According to Joan’ turns the spotlight on contemporary life - and she does not approve of actresses who live on a lettuce leaf and cucumber slice. What’s more she is appalled by the number of women who dress up but don’t bother to take care of their skin or wear any makeup. She claims she has never felt pressure to stay looking younger by going under the knife, a theme currently being echoed by current young British actresses.
    So what’s her secret to looking so good? Well she has written four relevant books on the subject: ‘The Joan Collins Beauty Book’, ‘My Secrets’, ‘My Friends Secrets’ and ‘The Art of Living Well’ which gives an insight into her approach to lasting beauty and maximising lifestyle. She says discipline and eating less are important rules. She also continues to work hard writing books and articles and working on TV and movie projects, is extremely active and loves travelling. She’s a mother of three, and a devoted grandmother of three. She is happily married to Percy Gibson, a theatrical manager and divides her time between London , Los Angeles and the South of France. She’s extremely positive about life and she is “thrilled to be receiving this award”.
    We applaud Joan Collins. She is an inspiration to us all."

    The Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK Achiever Awards take place on October 10th.  You might recognise the name 'CEW' from their beauty awards  (Any industry insider tells you they are the place to be, or be nominated at.  Our own Caroline Hirons (AKA Beauty Mouth) has been there championing winning charity brand 'All for eve', current award winners include; Emma Hardie, Batiste, Sanctuary, Lanolips, Nivea, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Chloe, Nars... just to name a few Beauty Award winners)!

    Other achiever award winners this year include;
    Aude Appolinaire, Regional Marketing Director, Chanel
    Jane Bruton, Editor, Grazia Magazine
    Nicola Mendelsohn, Executive Chairman, Karmarama
    Linda Taylor, Managing Director, Kenneth Green Associates

    With a special industry award going to George Hammer, Chairman, Urban Retreats Ltd.

    Past winners of these awards include Women of Avon, Harrods, St. Tropez, Lena White, Clarins and many more.

    My question to you is who would you like to thank if you were able to give an achiever/beauty award to a company/celebrity?  Who do you feel embodies glamour, heart, public presence and beauty?  What one product would you like to thank the maker or inventor of?

    Stay tuned as I have a giveaway for you all tomorrow :)

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