Thursday, 1 September 2011

CEW Awards: LIFETIME ACHIEVER 2011 is...

Hot off the press........Joan Collins!

I don't normally cut and paste sections of press releases but I actually learned something from this one.  I have always thought Joan to have flawless Hollywood Glamour.  You know, the kind that looks timeless and makes you wish you were in a black a white movie when glamour meant covered up in a dressing gown robe with a faux fur/soft neck line, and slippers always had heels darling- with pom poms on the toes.  Oh and baths- they were full of bubbles to the max, and places on a pedistal in the middle of the bathroom- with a cute little table and telephone to one side......

Anyway back to 2011....

"This year’s Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) Lifetime Achiever, Joan Collins OBE, is a true cosmetic executive woman.  She is one of us. She takes care of her skin, she loves makeup and she keeps her face out of the sun. Granted she was obviously born with wonderful genes and cleverly decided quite early on to take care of what she had been given.
Joan is a wonderful advocate for the beauty industry. She is also a straight talker, her latest book ‘The World According to Joan’ turns the spotlight on contemporary life - and she does not approve of actresses who live on a lettuce leaf and cucumber slice. What’s more she is appalled by the number of women who dress up but don’t bother to take care of their skin or wear any makeup. She claims she has never felt pressure to stay looking younger by going under the knife, a theme currently being echoed by current young British actresses.
So what’s her secret to looking so good? Well she has written four relevant books on the subject: ‘The Joan Collins Beauty Book’, ‘My Secrets’, ‘My Friends Secrets’ and ‘The Art of Living Well’ which gives an insight into her approach to lasting beauty and maximising lifestyle. She says discipline and eating less are important rules. She also continues to work hard writing books and articles and working on TV and movie projects, is extremely active and loves travelling. She’s a mother of three, and a devoted grandmother of three. She is happily married to Percy Gibson, a theatrical manager and divides her time between London , Los Angeles and the South of France. She’s extremely positive about life and she is “thrilled to be receiving this award”.
We applaud Joan Collins. She is an inspiration to us all."

The Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK Achiever Awards take place on October 10th.  You might recognise the name 'CEW' from their beauty awards  (Any industry insider tells you they are the place to be, or be nominated at.  Our own Caroline Hirons (AKA Beauty Mouth) has been there championing winning charity brand 'All for eve', current award winners include; Emma Hardie, Batiste, Sanctuary, Lanolips, Nivea, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Chloe, Nars... just to name a few Beauty Award winners)!

Other achiever award winners this year include;
Aude Appolinaire, Regional Marketing Director, Chanel
Jane Bruton, Editor, Grazia Magazine
Nicola Mendelsohn, Executive Chairman, Karmarama
Linda Taylor, Managing Director, Kenneth Green Associates

With a special industry award going to George Hammer, Chairman, Urban Retreats Ltd.

Past winners of these awards include Women of Avon, Harrods, St. Tropez, Lena White, Clarins and many more.

My question to you is who would you like to thank if you were able to give an achiever/beauty award to a company/celebrity?  Who do you feel embodies glamour, heart, public presence and beauty?  What one product would you like to thank the maker or inventor of?

Stay tuned as I have a giveaway for you all tomorrow :)

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  1. Love her! Her opinions on the riots were hilarious and spot on!! Xx


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