Friday, 16 September 2011

Chanel Illusions d'ombre

 After the stress of the past few weeks... normal service! Here is a highly requested post!

I bought 5 of these little babies.

Swatched: Emervielle, Mirifique, Epatant, Ebloui

They are little round pots of joy.  Also known as a sort of powdered gel consistency.  They sit somewhere between a cream eyeshadow and a powder eyeshadow.

They have a lovely finish- I like to think of it as grown up glitter (not really glitter,more of a sheen).  Suitable for daytime, older ladies, those who fear glitter...  You can also make them more dramatic for evening.

These babies blend too.  My favorite look at the moment is using Ebloui (warm burgandy brown) and blending with Mirifique (black) in the crease and outer corner.  I must photo this for you!

Epatant is a pretty silvery/goldy/taupe colour- hard to describe, but stunning on.  Easy to wear by itself.

Swatched: Emervielle, Mirifique, Epatant, Ebloui: No Flash
Emervielle I purchase because it has 'Emma' in the name.  I also quite liked the colour, although it isnt one I would reach for straight off.  Its a goldy shimmery peach- perfect for a base, highlight under the brow, lightening the inner corner OR- (and check this out!) a cheek/cupid's bow highlight! Who would have thought!

See the shrinking!
Illusoire is a sort of dark mauve.  Unfortunately this was faulty and I had to return it.  There were no more in stock at Boots, so rather than place me on back order then just refunded me and took my points away.  I am not a happy bunny about this!  Bad service- plus no apology for a faulty item.  I will have to wait until I can get to my local counter.  In case you were wondering, the product had shrunk in the pot- pulling away from all the edges.

Epatant Vs Illusoire- see the shinking?!
I love these products.  Such a refreshing change to powders or cream.  I find they last well on my oily lids, with or without primer.  They can make a statement or be a subtle bit of guilty pleasure.  Even the mini brushes are quite well made and useful (unlike those pathetic sponge applicators most companies inflict on you).

The downside- the price.  £22.50. Not cheap, but worth it if you have the money or points to spend.

Have you picked up any of the latest Chanel products?  Do you like glitter/shimmer?

Stay tuned for a surprise, including some cheaper dupes, and some FOTD looks!

P.s. I have been told that some people have difficulty commenting on my blog- if that's you, can you send me a tweet (@computergirl200) or an email with details.  I'd like to fix it. Thanks


  1. I am so desperate to get one of these! Which one would you say is your favourite? xxx

  2. Hi Laura,stay tuned a few days and your wish might come true ;)

    I love all of them, but for different reasons. The black will create a perfect smokey eye, and darken any shade you blend it with. The brown/burgandy works really well with my blue eyes, and is a really lovely warm colour.

    Epatant can be subtle or strong, and Emervielle is a lovely lighter shade for highlights/brightening. I think I have used Epatant and Ebloui the most for evening and daytime respectively. xx

  3. These are SO gorgeous! I need epatant for sure, thanks for the swatches! :)

  4. They all look lovely but no way could I justify spending that amount on eyeshadow. Look forward to your post on dupes :)

  5. @Alpha Blonde Epatant would suit you down to a T! Make sure you post on them! xx

    @Stitchinwitch I didn't pay full price for them ;)xx

  6. Poor customer service from Boots!! They look fab!

  7. ooooh,these look gorgeous, i love epatant and emerville!!!


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