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Witch Make-up & Competition!

Following on from my Witch skincare posts I now have the pleasure of sharing a few comments on the concealer, powder and tinted moisturiser.  Plus I have an exiting giveaway!

If you are like me then your skin suffers from oil, pollution, stress, diet- everything.  I feel self conscious, but I know that I wouldnt want to skip makeup, as then I would feel very under confident.  Witch have a range of makeup products which are designed to help your skin, while also helping your confidence. Win!

Witch Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturiser.

If you have spots then one of the best things you can do is keep your skin moisturised, not cover it over in cakey makeup and clog your pores!  Witch anti-blemish tinted moisturiser comes in several shades.  It helps add moisture to your skin, while adding a hint of foundation colour.  One of the main things with my skin is that foundations can really dry it out and then my skin produced excess oil.  I love this product for helping me 'feel' like I have put some makeup on, but also helping my complexion heel at the same time.

Costs around £5.99 for 30ML and comes in Light, Medium or Dark. Available from all good chemists including Super drug and Boots

Witch Anti-Blemish Pressed Powder

So my makeup is applied, I want to 'set-it' or get rid of that annoying oily shine which appears at mid day.  I automatically reach for this product nowadays, and apply with my synthetic Crow kabuki brush.  This powder is light, translucent and contains Witch Hazel to help calm your skin and combat redness and bacteria.  I have tried loose powders but end up either caked in powder or haveing to blow half off (what a waste).  Pressed powder is great as it allows you to pick up the right amount.

Costs £4.99 for 10g and comes in a nice handbag friendly compact.
Available at

Witch Concealer

Comes in a wind up stick.  This product is ideal for instant application, or application with a brush.  Again contains spot combating natural products, so you can cover that lovely third eye on your forehead, and go to your big presentation/interview with confidence.  It is thick so a little does a long way.  Think of MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer, but with Witch extract and in a tube for on-the-go convenience!

Cost £2.99 for 2g

Now concealer sticks are fine, but what about pitted spots, ones you have picked, or under eye concealer, we need a liquid!!

Funny you should say that, because Witch have just launched a liquid concealer pen.  It comes in three colours and has a brush inserted.  Just wind up and apply.  I have been very impressed with this product, it is holding it's own against other creamy liquid concealers I have tried!  It seems to have staying power and blends amazingly.  Exactly what I need to cover red patches or spot scars when I need a 'flawless work face'!  As with the other Witch products it id designed to help fight bacteria while also helping to boost your confidence.  I believe this costs £6.99.

Spots have many causes, we cant always cure them instantly but little changes can help.  I will be sharing some spot tips shortly so stay tuned! However now I have 10 Witch Liquid Concealers to give away!!! 

This is normally open just to the UK, but as I am nice, I will personally be sending two of the prizes out to international locations, so if you are sad at not being able to enter this sort of giveaway then this one is for you!!

To enter you must:
1) Be a follower using blogger dashboard/google friend connect.
2) Share one of your tips for good, clear, healthy skin.
3) State which country you live in (UK, USA, France etc!)

4) Extra entries for following via blog lovin, facebook, blogging about it, following me on twitter and tweeting (Have you entered @computergirl200 's Witch concealer giveaway? )
5) Please not that you should be over 16 or have parental consent to give out your postage address!

I reserve the right to close the competition at any point, to disqualify entries for not following in instructions, and to change the rules at any point as it's my competition :)

Good luck!
Disclaimer: All products were given to me at the launch as stated earlier in this post! (apart from the liquid concealer which I received a few weeks back!)


  1. Enter me please :D My tip for healthy skin is to never be lazy with your routine, an obvious one, but you can guarentee that if I leave my make-up on too long a pesky breakout will appear.


    I live in the UK :D

  2. I'm following via GFC: Pyari Beauty

    The only tip I have for good, clear, healthy skin which is an oldie but goldie is to drink lots of water. It really does help your skin a lot.

    I'm in the UK :)

    I'm following on Twitter: pyaribeauty & will be retweeting.

  3. enter me please :)
    although pretty simple my main tip is to never go to bed with makeup on! on the rare occasion i do this my skin always feels horrible.
    i'm in the uk + follow on google :)

  4. Following you via GFC

    ALWAYS take your make-up before bed



  5. Following you via Networked Blogs



  6. Enter me, please! :) Following on GFC as Llama, liked you on FB as Julia Llama Banach. My top tip for healthy skin is drop the booze and fags! They both make skin dehydrated, patchy and dull.

  7. My tip for healthy skin is applying the moisturizer with my fingers because the fingers heat the product and make it penetrate better.

    I'm from Spain.


  8. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted too:!/GabrielaGLC/status/110650607681019904

  9. i need to get new concealer x

  10. hello lovely :)

    i have to be honest and say i haven't tried much from witch but they things i have tried i LOVEEEEE so i should probably buy some more!

    my skincare tip has got to be cleanse, cleanse, cleanse and of course moisturise! it's the one and only thing that ever keeps my skin slightly under control. the second i slack even a little it flares up again!

    gfc: rosie.harvey
    fb: rosie harvey
    country: uk


  11. 1) I am following you~! gfc: The Vain GIrl's Palette
    2) My skincare tip would be to do some research and take vitamins like zinc, it really does help for me
    3) I live in the UK
    4) I have tweeted about your giveaway :)!/strawberryb2uty/status/112571907567652864


  12. GFC: glimmo



    twitter name: @FatemaGill

    Facebook name: Fatema Gill

    blogloving' id:

  13. gfc: vivien-zsofia
    FAcebook: Vivien Romvári
    I live in Hungary.
    MY advice : clean your face in the morning and at nigth and use tonic and dont eat oily food.
    my blog:

  14. GFC: Bex Smith
    Tip: Drink lots of water, and cleanse your face... don't let your pores get clogged up!
    Country: UK

    :) xo

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  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hello!

    Greetings from Estonia!

    Twitter: Glamoroux
    GFC: Glamorouxx

    My tip is probably exfoliating skin at least once a week. It helps to clean out any buildup and dead skin.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I'm following via GFC - Evelyn

    My tip for healthy skin would be to drink LOTS of water! It does make a difference!

    I'm in the UK

    Email: katiechainsaw(at)gmail(dot)com


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