Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bioderma H2O Crealine

This product has been on the beauty underground for many years.  It's been a sort of industry secret, only to be shared in recent years by makeup artists and skincare experts such as the Pixiwoo sisters ( and Lisa Eldridge (

Bioderma is a french made brand, and mostly available on the continent.  However there are a few retailers who have managed to make it available in the UK.

Why is this product so good?
It's an oil free gentle cleanser.  It contains nothing- well obviously not 'nothing' but it skips perfumes, parabens, silicone, mineral oils- basically all the stuff that might irritate your skin.  Not only does this makes it suitable for all skin types (young, old, dry, oily etc), it also means that it is unlikely to cause breakouts or reactions.  Being oil free also makes it suitable for use with eyelash extensions.

As if that wasn't enough, it doesn't dry your skin or strip the natural oils harshly.  This has made it a firm favorite for backstage use at fashion catwalk shows and shoots.  Have you ever done your make up, only to remove it and then reapply- multiply this by a few times and generally your skin will feel dry, tight, red and angry!  Bioderma gently cleanses skin, removing dirt and makeup, while not making your body think it needs to produce more oil (Yes Clinique, I am talking to you!)

Bioderma doesn't smell weird.  It looks like (but does NOT taste like!) water.  You can buy it is various sizes, but I like the 500ml size, which at the current rate of use will last me well over 4 months.

I use Bioderma in the evening to remove makeup and dirt pre face wash cleanse (or clarisonic).  If I haven't been wearing makeup I pour some onto a cotton wool pad and gently sweep over my neck and face.  If I have been wearing makeup then I will use 2-4 cotton rounds and move in small circular motions.  If I have been wearing heavy eye makeup then I use Lisa Eldridge's method

I have used several sorts of eye makeup remover and have mostly always woken up with panda eyes in the morning.  Bioderma really impressed me  I have used it and woken up with mascara residue on my face!

Obviously this is cheaper if you can buy it in France (minus train/plane/boat fare of course).  However in the UK you can sometimes purchase it at or ebay for around £10-£14.  If anyone can recommend other online please link below.  It sells out very quickly!

Just in case you are in any doubt, I will be repurchasing Bioderma H20!  I also sometimes use an oily eye makeup remover, but that's a new post!

Have you used Bioderma?  How do you remove your makeup?  Do you have a eye makeup removing routine?  Where do you buy Bioderma from?

(P.s. if you buy it in the US can you share your source?  I have had a few emails asking me for help in sourcing it and I havent found anywhere yet!  Thanks!)

P.p.s. Chanel giveaway closes very soon. Witch skincare giveaway is closed- and to the cheeky people who have subbed, entered and then unsubbed, that is not in good spirit!


  1. People have seriously subbed & unsubbed? That's appalling!
    Great review xo

  2. Hi Bex! Yeah, its just a bit cheeky. I host giveaways for my blogging family- sometimes I buy the gifts, sometimes I just host. It's supposed to be a thank you- just leaves a bad taste when people take advantage! I am monitoring it and if the winners arent subbed then I redraw! Anyway glad you liked the review. It's a great product! xx

  3. This sounds great! Once my other cleansers are used up I think I will definitely be hunting htis down! x

  4. @Mybutterfly63 It is a good cleanser- worth a whirl! You can also get smaller sizes so good to try if you are unsure xx

  5. I looooooove this cleanser! I always use it to take off my makeup before my proper cleanse, its amazing, I barely even need to cleanse again, but I love to double cleanse anyway just in case! I'm on my second bottle already... its love :) x

  6. Hi Nikki, it's good isn't it? I love double cleansing too- but mostly because my skin is still healing and getting rid of deep set dirt. Where do you get yours from? xx

  7. It's now my absolute favourite cleanser! I'm on my second bottle and can't wait for my trip back to france to pick up more!

  8. i really want to try this, ive heard so much about it, next time im in france i will be stocking up :D

  9. @Gaelle Another Bioderma lover! It's good stuff xx

    @MissMathful Do- I'd love to know what you think of it! xx

  10. I just saw in the pharmacy the 2pac for 16,90 euro.. You think it is a good deal? I will probably buy it after your recommendation even if the brand hasn't convinced me so far..

  11. Hi Peniam! 2 bottles for 16euro seems a good deal! I would give it a try- it really suprised me, and is so gentle on my skin! xx

  12. thanks for sharing - must get me some xxx

  13. You're welcome Kirsty! Do! And let me know what you think! xx

  14. This looks very interesting i love to read about new products i've not heard of xx


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