Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Chanel Epatant dupe & Ins and out!

Avid readers and tweeters will know how much I love the latest collection from Chanel.  However the price isn't great.  Chanel is a classy brand, but also carries a higher end price tag.  I recently posted on the Illusion d'ombre shadows I purchased.  I said that there were some dupes for some of the colours and here is one.

Chanel Epatant is a sort of gold / khakis / taupe shadow.  Whilst looking through my (probably too big) collection I spotted this....
Left: Benefit Skinny Jean, Right: Epatant.

Benefit Skinny Jean creaseless cream shadow.  The consistency is different to Chanel.  Benefit is a (solid) cream, where as Chanel is a sort of spongey gel consistency.    They can both be applied with a flat eyeshadow brush or (clean) finger tips. You can also use them as a liner.

Left: Benefit. Right Chanel (Flash/ no flash)
As you can see, the colours arent an exact dupe, but they can look pretty similar.  The chanel has a bit more of of a metalic sheen (not glitter!) but if you are in love with the taupe/metallic trend then either of these will suit your needs.

Benefit Creaseless cream shadows retail for around £14 from stores (including Boots online), where as Chanel retail for £22.50.  I know that both of these are expensive, and that the Benefit may be classed as high end for some people, so if you have any cheaper alternatives please share below!

  • Don't forget, I am giving some of these Chanel eyeshadows away. Click HERE!  Please note I have had to disqualify some entries as they hadnt followed the rules- read carefully!

  • Hot weather in October.  I have loved breaking out the summer skirts again.
  • Elixir lipstick challenge. A different colour each day- I will be sharing 7 pictures with you very shortly!
  • Bioderma cleanser.
  • Cooler weather- spiders indoors!  I refuse to kill them (shame on those who do- or wash them down the sink).  But I'm not keen on them either!  Cup, card and out they go!  Going to put some citron oil over the door threshold as apparently that makes they stay away...
  • Christmas and Halloween stuff in the shops.  I'm not keen on the commercialism of Halloween anyway.  Most people seem to use it to cart their kids round and beg sweets of people they dont know :/ on that note, it's far too early to have Christmas stuff in the shops.
On that note, what are your dupe recommendations?  What are your ins and outs? 


  1. im not a big fan of how commerical all the holidays have become... plus i saw xmas stuff in august... talk about early :S

  2. Hi MissMathful Christmas in August?! Eeeek!! Too early! x

  3. I've been wanting to try Epatant because I love Skinny Jeans so I think I'll hold off until Christmas! thanks for the comparison :D xx

  4. ooh these are so similar! I have skinny jeans and epatant was the next illusion d'ombre i wanted to buy, not sure I will bother now- skinny jeans is a bit too cool for my skin and I struggle with it xx

  5. Omg! I thought I was the only one (bf too) who didn't kill spiders, I think they are so scary..but I do the cup thing too.. So I've heard Halloween isn't very big in the UK? I admit that I love it, BUT I do not do costumes and I don't go to Halloween must be the fall aspect and decorations that I like.

  6. hm..I'm tempted by Revlon's Diamond Lust.. What do you think? I'm not sure it could be the equivalent though..

  7. Hi Stacey! Hope father christmas brings you some Chanel then! xx

    Hi Georgia, I they are not exact dupes, but fairly similar. I have very pale skin, but find I can get away with it. Plus Epatant blends so well. Worth a look if you are near a counter xx

    @Alpha Blonde Small spiders are ok, its the larger ones that are a bit more scary. Especially the ones that are too big for a cup! Halloween isn't that big in the UK, but it has become a lot more commercial in the last 10 years or so (I think we have learnt a few things from you guys!) Fall colours are lovely though! xx

    Hi Peniam I havent seen it in the flesh but they look like they could be fairly similar from pictures, although possible Revlon is more powdery? The Chanel is not a texture I have come across before. I'll keep my eyes out next time I am out and see if it is a dupe! xx

  8. I have to kill spiders, otherwise I freak out that they're going to come into my room and crawl on me while I sleep *is irrational* Then again I live in Australia so there's no way I'm politely trying to capture a big huntsman D:

    On a less scary note, I really have to get myself to a Chanel counter just to see what these shadows feel like!

  9. @silhouetteScreams Oh yes Oz spiders can be nasty- our UK ones are scary but not that scary! And do- Chanel is great at the moment xx

    @Dolly Daydream Yes, I am sure that both would look great on you xx

    @Kia So do I! Glad you liked! xx

  10. I cant believe there are christmas ads on tv..its disgusting!!!!


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