Monday, 10 October 2011

Gosh Holographic Nail Polish

Gosh Holo Polish
Just a quick post today.  My camera has been playing up, so hopefully it will decide to work again shortly!  I went out with a friend for drinks the other night and this was my nail venom!  Gosh Holographic polish.  It's no longer for sale on the Gosh website, but sometimes you can find it on the stands in Superdrug (or tucked underneath ;) )  It retailed for £4.99 although can be seen for astronomical prices on ebay every now and again!  I think this is the only holo polish I have in my (ever growing) collection.  I might be wrong though!  Anyone have Gosh Holo polish in their collection?

Great for the festive season / black tie events!

In other news, thanks for all the Witch concealer giveaway entries.  That giveaway is closed and I will be drawing the winners as soon as I get a chance to breathe!  My Chanel giveaway is still open, and I do have some entries to verfiy so dont worry if your comment hasn't appeared.

I was going to do my updated skincare routine, but of course I have just has 2 cysts appear (hormonal ones!) so I need to attack those before I plaster my face on here!  I am toying with putting some video footage in it.  Good idea?

What is your favorite festive polish?  Dont forget you can plug your blog using the link in the side bar!

As much as I love it, I dont find that it lasts too well.  As with a number of polishes, the particles are larger than with your average 'colour' polish.  Colour polishes tend to stick fairly well for several days and then chip or peel in large chunks.  Glitter or partial polishes just tend not to bond so well with the nail and therefore chip pretty quickly, even with a base and top coat.  That said, I wouldn't really wear this as a daytime/work polish so I don't mind that it doesn't last for weeks!


  1. wish i could get hold of this polish, it look's so lovely! xx

  2. i have wanted this for so long but i cant find it anywhere... boo hoo :D

  3. Thanks ladies, it is hard to find but do keep an eye out- or perhaps someone can suggest some dupes? xx

  4. I got mine for like £6 on ebay and i saw one going for £55... holy shit its like the holy grail rare polish!!!

  5. Tali £55?! That is INSANE! I know us beauty types can be a bit obsessive, but £55 is crazy!! xx


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