Monday, 31 October 2011

Lancome Art (thou gone) Liner?

In my search for a decent dark black eyeliner I picked up the Lancome Art liner.  It is a liquid black 'felt tip' pen eyeliner.  The reason I chose this one is that the tip sits in the ink (which also has tiny ball bearings in so that it doesn't set in the inkwell).
Lancome Art Liner

Lancome says: "Gentle felt eyeliner.  An intense and precise line, in a single sweep.  Exceptionally long-lasting.  Shake before use."

I like the applicator.  It is easy to hold, and fairly easy to apply.  I don't find that I am skilled enough to apply in one sweep though!
Sorry that is a little out of focus, I only just noticed!


On the lid and already patchy :(
I am not a fan of this product.  I find that it applies patchy,  and then dries to a black which isnt a true black.  As if this wasn't disappointing enough, I also found that this product does not live up to Lancome's 'exceptionally long lasting claim'.  In fact I found it was fading within around 20 minutes.  By lunchtime it is gone.  My lids are a little oily, however other products last longer than this.  With an eye primer it does last a little longer, but it is nowhere near long-lasting, let alone exceptionally long lasting!  Another trick I tried is 'setting' the liner with a powder eyeshadow in the same colour, but that didn't help too much.

Lancome Art Liner = Fat fail from me.
Lined: But not for long!

I wont be replacing this product once finished- especially at around £20 per liner.  I'll stick with my gel liners!

Please note I have oily lids, so you might find this product performs better if your eye lids are dryer.  You might not.  This is just my own opinion.  Hope this review helps some of you.  Sorry Lancome!

Do you use a liquid eyeliner?  Can you recommend any products?  Have you used this liner?  Have you any tips for making a liquid liner last longer?



    xxxx :D trust me!

  2. I don't like this product, but we don't like it for different reasons. I feel like the tip is way too soft and makes for very messy application. I much prefer the sturdier tip of MAC's liners, it only takes me a sec to apply liner with that type of tip!

  3. @Jennifer I will have a look for that next time I'm in boots. Thanks hun xx

    @Aleksis I am not a huge fan of liquids, but thought I would giev this one a whirl to see if I got a darker black. I will have a look at the Mac ones, although Gel and pencil are winning right now!!

    Thanks for the comments xx

  4. I am a eyeliner freak.. and have tried sooo many brands. But have come to realize that I dont need to pay big bucks for a decent eyeliner. I would recommend giving ELF Liquid Eyeliner a go, from the cheap range. I have been using for almost 2 years now, and when given a shiseido liner as a gift, I still preferred the ELF as it is a good solid black and does not budge until I remove it!!!
    I would also suggest since your eyelids are oily, after your primer, start off with a good waterproof pencil liner (Kohl) and go over it with the liquid liner. Or alternatively, give your eyelids a good dusting with powder after the primer, to soak up the oils and then apply the liner!
    Hope these tips help.. :)

  5. Hi Kim, I have tried a few Elf products, and like most of them. Probably overdue an order so will have to try your recommendation. Also thanks for your tips. They are not oily all the time, but on the oily side of normal. I have found Urban Decay's Primer potion works well, but this liner just doesnt stay on me :( Thanks so much for the tips xx

  6. I have this in a brown colour and I love it. I was actually going to go and purchase the black one because I like the brown so much, but I think I will give it a miss! xx

  7. Hi Georgia, I could only see black. You might get on better with it, I just found it dissappeared very easily. I really wanted to like it, perhaps I might one day. Just not at the moment :( Hope you are well xx

  8. I use L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense if I use liquid liner and never have a problem. (My lids tend to be on the oilier side too.) I normally never use gel/creams as I find I never use them. Love the look, hate how time consuming they are. I tend to use about 2 brushes on my eyes and I start to whine when I think about a 3rd one, so the creams never get used and they dry out when I may have used them 3 times! I'm very lazy.

  9. i have always heard really good things about this but never tried it myself :(


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