Wednesday, 30 November 2011

12 Days Giveaway. Day 1 Carmex

I have several prizes to giveaway on the run up to Christmas as a thank you!  It's been a fun year so what better way to celebrate than to pass on some wonderful goodies!  These are all items I have either bought or been sent as surplus samples or giveaway prizes.  I have made a substantial donation to the local women's refuge (though Give and Makeup) but have kept a few things aside especially for a Christmas blog giveaway!  All items are new and unused.  Please follow the rules carefully!  Good luck!

On the FIRST Day of Christmas Computergirl gave to me....

One Carmex Lipbalm. Open Internationally.
Open until further notice!

See my review HERE
To enter you must

1) Be a subscribed follower of this blog via GFC/blogger dashboard.

2) Comment below (perhaps with a seasonal message or christmas wish).

3) If you have had some enjoyment out of my blog this year then feel free to show your appreciation by clicking the 'like' my post on Bloglovin, sharing this post on twitter (using the 't' button at the end of this post), or share my blog link on your blog.

Winners announced via blog post after Christmas (but hopefully before new year).
Winners picked at random.

Entrants from competition forums are not allowed. After item is posted it is in the hands of the postal services.  I accept not responsibility for items lost at this point.  No alternative prize is available.  I reserve the right to disqualify entrants, amend the rules or cancel the giveaway at any point.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Just a heads up that tomorrow sees the start of 
Computer Girl's Christmas Giveaway, or GCGC for short! 
I had hoped to have 12 days of Christmas so keep your eyes peeled.  The posts will go up early each day so not to clutter your feeds up too much!  The prizes will only be for subscribers on GFC so make sure you are subbed!  Thanks and good luck!

November favorites

Here are some of the products I have been reaching for a lot this month!

Sudocrem.  I have had a few spots crop up through having a patch of dry skin recently.  I think it is the result of harsh dry winter winds and central heating.  Originally made for nappy rash, Sudocrem is now used for all sorts nowadays.  It's a cream which contains antiseptic and helps lock moisture into skin.  This makes it perfect for attacking spots.  It's thick and doesn't sink into the skin easily, so best used at night.  Most spots need moisturising, some (bacterial) spots need antibacterial products.  This product has recently been put in a tube, which makes it perfect for every skincare basket.  Available from Boots online for £1.99 (Here)

Lush Gingerbread House.  It smells of gingerbread and is shaped like a house.  What more do you want for a cold winter's evening?  A nice long soak in a hot bubble bath!

I picked up this bubble bar during a recent online order, having never seen it in real life.  I was so glad I took a chance!  This has provided me with enough bubbles for four baths.  It doesn't stain the bath and makes the bathroom turn into a lovely (smelling) gingerbread cottage.  I will be buying a few more of these before they stop making them! (Online here £2.99)

Alpha H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Serum.  This stuff is amazing.  My skin has really benefited from this serum.  My skin is in no way perfect, so its not an 'quick fix' product, but certainly one which I have been religiously applying every couple of nights.  It contains Glycolic acid which eats up dead skin cells, while helping kick start new skin cell growth.  Perfect for skin with 'issues' like mine!  My skin is softer, the dullness has gone, my pores are less visible, my spots are diminishing and occurring less frequently, my scars are reducing.  This product is pricey, but lasts a long time (shelf life of 2 years due to hygienic pump).  However the effects is has had on my confidence is well worth the price.  Available from Beauty Bay HERE

With flash. Mirifique is the dark one.
No flash.

Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Mirifique and Epatant.  I have been loving doing a smokey eye with these shadows.  I previously posted about them (Here).  They are so easy to use, and blend so well.  Such a perfect sophisticated smokey eye for the party season (with a little bit of shimmer). Debenhams normally send out good free samples with online orders Ombre shadows  ;)

Browns Earth Mango Body Butter.  Smells absolutely gorgeous.  It's thick but applies easily, and is great for stretch marks.  It contains mango oil (yummy smelling), shea and cocoa butter.  I have had this tub for around 6 months and have only used this much up (with regular use).  In winter I find my knees and elbows can get dry and flaky just because they are covered up more.  I apply this after a shower.  This tub cost around £10 for a huge 120ml and is fairtrade (available to purchase online from Here)
Almost gone!

My Butler and Wilson blue glittery earrings.  I wore these out one evening to match a navy blue Zara dress.  I do love a bit of sparkle.  Butler and Wilson have some lovely things- most sporting lots of sparkly Swarovski crystals.  I don't think this particular colour is available any longer but you can view other colours in the style on the Butler and Wilson website (Here).  They are sell a few pieces on QVC and, of course, there are always a few pieces on Ebay!  Definitely a must for magpies like me!
With flash!
Doesn't quite pick up the sparkles, but you can see how many crystals are on them!

Aussie Mega instant conditioner.  This conditioner isnt thick and gloopy, but smooth and creamy.  I find it really helps my dry ends.  My hair is very long and the ends get dry and knotty easily- especially when I use lots of heat tools in the winter.  This really helps my hair stay nourished and tangle free!  Costs £3.99 from Boots (Here).

What are your November favorites?  Link me to your post if you have done one!

(P.s. Don't forget my new blog discussing tall fashion!  There is now a links page so if you are a tall blogger then feel free to leave your blog address!)

Friday, 25 November 2011

The most cutest video you will ever see..

..a short break in normal postings to share this gem with you.
The seriously cute bit happens just after the 1 minute mark.

Normall posting will resume shortly.  Happy thanks giving to all of you who celebrate.  

Enjoy your Friday!  Don't forget to smile x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

(Semi-breaking) news for Chanel: Discontinued Product.

Well possibly not so breaking, but news which might break my heart a little!  I don't think this discontinuation is widely known so I thought I would give you a heads up (although not at my own computer so have to keep this short)!

We all knew Chanel were pulling Pro Lumiere foundation (post here) in favour of Perfection Lumiere (released in January in the UK).  However I am now hearing on the grapevine that my beloved Mat Lumiere (post here) is going to be pulled as well.  I have heard this from a few sources* who work with and for Chanel, so I think it is sadly true.  HOWEVER I have yet to find the official release from Chanel, so will keep you posted.
My Holy Grail foundation?

I have previously posted on both these foundations and find Mat Lumiere great on my oily combination skin.  I guess I will be stocking up very quickly and trying to find a suitable replacement then.   Any foundation which makes my skin look like the picture below is worth it!

Post on this foundation routine here
Boots currently have double points on selected beauty so I'll be picking up a couple of backups later.  I hope the replacement product is just as good.

Can you recommend any replacement foundations for me?  Will you be rushing out to stock up?  Cant you shed any light on this?

P.s. If you missed the news I started a new blog for 'tall girl fashion' (although you don't have to be 5ft 8 and over to read it).  The second post is on Kate Middleton's (5ft 10) style.

(* I don't count sales assistants as sources after several of them denied Bronze Universal /Tan de Chanel exists or ever existed- it's a permanent product!!  Now that's a subject and a half!)

Right, back to work I go! If anyone asks, you never saw me......!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

My new blog. 5foot10.

Today I am proud to share with you my new blog

The diary of a tall girl in a world made for shorter people!

I will still be posting on Computergirls Musing's as usual, the only difference is that you might see the occasional reference to 5 foot 10.

5 foot 10 is the result of my struggles with being a taller girl (See the first post).   It is designed for the taller girl- although some posts will hopefully be interesting to everyone.  There might be a little general overlap with this blog- although posts tend to be more general here.  I thought it would be better to make a 'Tall person' hub rather than bombard you with posts which are not applicable to some of you!

Things you'll find on 5foot10.
Wardrobe posts, Style advice, Body shape posts, Shopping advice, Gadgets, Humourous 'Tall Tales', Relationship talk, Star style, Shoes, Health advice, Links to tall bloggers, Bargain buys, Fashion, Reviews, Products and Much More!

If this interests you then take a look (and subscribe if you want).
If you know any fellow 'Tall Girls' then feel free to point them towards 5 foot 10!

Thanks for reading

Stand Tall x
P.s.  Chanel Winner announced later today!!
How Tall are all you guys?  

Friday, 18 November 2011

Children in Need: Style Challenge

It's nearly here.  The fun kicks of at 7:30 on BBC1 in the UK.

For those of you outside the UK, it's a televised fundraising show to raise money for children's projects in the UK.  Since 1980 Children in Need has raised over £500million!  You can find out more at

Many famous faces tend to lend their support- some of them by doing somehting completely new (and sometimes very embarrassing (a usual highlight is the newsreaders creating a pop band and learning a song and dance routine).  Of course there are other fundraising drives that take place before and after the show, like Strictly Come Dancing.

Many local schools here have had cake sales and none uniform days today- one even had a pijama day- I laughed as I drove past lots of kids in their dressing gowns in a school playground!

If you want to lend your support then you can make a donation easily via paypal, text, post, post office, telephone, or through your bank or building society  Visit for details.

Of course you can also donate through purchasing some of the official merchandise.  This way you get something you need, but also make a donation.

My personal favorite is these really cute Pudsey Bear Ears.  They cost £2.50 and are available from many places including the BBC Children in Need Ebay page (which is officially linked to from the BBC Children in Need page).   They have lots of other goodies available so if you are not near a shop, then this is a way to pick up some items and donate to a great cause.

This year Alexandra Burke, Tamara Ecclestone, Patsy Kensit, Chipmunk and Kevin Pietersen unveil statement styles in a new limited edition collection for Debenhams in aid of BBC Children in Need.

You can watch how they got on with their Challenge to create these items below in 3 very short parts;

Part 2

Part 3

If you want to see the finished products then just look here

Children in Need have also asked for people to text in which design is their favorite.

To vote for your favourite design, text the celebrity's name below to 80588, texts will be charged at £1.50 per message plus one standard rate message, 90p will go to BBC Children in Need.
Text the word:
'ALEX' to vote for Alexandra Burke
'CHIPMUNK' to vote for Chipmunk
'KEVIN' to vote for Kevin Pieterson
'PATSY' to vote for Patsy Kensit
'TAMARA' to vote for Tamara Eccleston

By texting you could win a £300 shopping spree with Brix Smith Start, TV stylist who has featured on Gok Wan's Fashion Fix.

I have voted for my favorite design- have you?  Who would you pick?

For more information see

Hope you all enjoy Children in Need.

Have you been fundraising today?  What did you do?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

November Loves and Lusts

Here are some products and things I am loving this November.

Picture from Dior.
Natlaie Portman in the Chanel Miss Dior advert.  It's simple and classy.  She looks flawless in a natural way- and I like the fact that, despite showing flesh, its isn't too revealing.  Mind you, Ms Portman could wear a back sack and still look beautiful!  I like vintage, classy glamour, and this reminds me of the 60s glamour puss photoshoots.  There are a few people is this day and age that could learn a lot from this!

One coat, a little streaky, 2 coats perfect! Not as dark as in the bottle!

Dark! No flash!
Dark berry or blood coloured nail polish.
Nails inc polish in Victoria (QVC £11 or Beauty Bay
(If OPI is more you thing then I have also been wearing this polish from an older post)
Burt's Bees!

Burts Bees richly replenishing body lotion.  This was a gift from a boy.  Yes.  A boy!  I was very shocked.  In my experience boys normally go for gift vouchers or chocolate.  Its nice when people take the time to get you something you need and will actually use.

It smells lovely (Coconut, honey, cocoa, grape to name a few) and has a big bonus of being sustainable, not tested on animals and recyclable.  Big tick!  I am loving slathering this on my hands, knees and elbows before bed to help lock moisture in during the colder months.  I havent yet started to wear my winter gloves but will do soon.  I hate chapped, dry hands in the winter.  You can pick this up from Waitrose and its on 3 for 2!

Winter Boots.  No not the chemist (although I do go in there lots).  Winter warm, sturdy (but fashionable) boots.  I have a few pairs from previous seasons which I am enjoying getting re-acquainted with.  I have some pixie boots (See the full length shots of me HERE) from New Look.  I have been really impressed with how long they have lasted considering they cost £20!  I can;t see these on the website anymore.


This season I have been looking for some simpler shoe boots which are a bit softer.  I want to pair them with more dresses and more chunky belts (and the shoes boots above have buckles on so I might overdo the metal hardware in a look).

I have my eye on these Temper side zip shoe boot from ASOS at the bargain price of £35.  Plain enough to go with any item of clothing (patterned or block colour), plus the neutral grey means it wont clash.  Investment item! 
I am also looking for a nice 'leather jacket'.  Unfortuatley I dont have the budget of a small house to spend on one.  I keep seeing nice ones and then reading the prices and promptly turning a bit green.  As much as spending £710 on a D&G Motorcycle Jacket might be a blink of an eye to some people, its just not possible for most of us!
Picture from My LINK
Perhaps a little more affordable (and ethical) is this Supertrash jacket from the Outnet.  If you are unfamiliar with the Outnet, they set off designer clothes at a fraction of the price.  I think it is normally end of lines, end of seasons and samples.  ( I think I recently saw some House Of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie) boots on there for £50 but they were too small for me).
Supertrash Faux jacket £108

 What are your Loves and Lusts at the moment?
If you of one of these posts, then link me below!

Coming up: Spot posts (requested), Chanel Winner and 12 days of christmas giveaway!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Aussie Soiree and exciting news!

As the nights draw in and it gets really cold, I thought I would share with you something I did in the summer!  A couple of weeks...(er months!) back all the Aussie Angels were invited to the Sunbeam Studios for our summer soiree wrap party.  The building was like a tardis!  It had this beautiful piece of artwork on the wall, obviously marking some of the building's past history.

This post is a little late, but at least you wont be seeing 100s of the same post on your dashboard now ;)

You'll remember that we got to choose whether to celebrate the Lusciously Light Conditioner by being a Lusciously Light Self or Lusciously Light Hair Angel.  I chose Lusciously Lighter Self route and ended up at Boot camp!!  This party brought the Light Hair and Light Angels all together.

I will keep this short and sweet and let the photos do the talking!

The afternoon involved;

Photography by Sam Witney
Champagne tasting
Gorgeous food
Phoebe, Carlito and Catherine

It was lovely to meet up with some old friends Natalya (Filthy Gorgeous Makeup), Lauren (A Lauren to Herself), Hayles (Ceriselle), Catherine (Perfectly Polished) and many more (sorry to those I havent mentioned here!)
Natalya of Filthy Gorgeous Makeup (hold all of our puddings, she didn't eat 3 yummy fruit cheesecakes!)

It was also lovely to meet some new Angels- particular Hannah (Hello Beautiful!) who had flown over from Ireland!

My hair was done by the wonderful Eugene Davies.  Not only did he make me feel very relaxed, but we had a big long giggle while I let him loose on my locks.  He had been up since 3 or 4am doing a friend's bridal hair, and was still as fresh as a daisy (I don't know how he did it but I wish I could do that!!).  Eugene hails from New York and is in the great position of working both New York Fashion week and London Fashion week.  We chatted about that and I felt so lucky to be in the hand of someone who styles for lots of the major designers as well as celebrities like Ertha Kit, Lil Kim and Gillian Anderson.
Eugene Davis @
(I am wearing Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation- not good for oily/combination skin & photos!!)

Eugene pinned my hair half up and half down, making use of the thickness and accentuating the natural curl.  He gave it a bit of lift and used Aussie serum in the ends (which are a bit dry and in need of a trim).  I was so pleased with the result and it's something that I have tried to recreate since.  Obviously I havent managed to match Eugene's skill level but he gave me some great tips to help me manage my unruly locks!  I can recommend him highly to anyone who needed a skilled creative hair stylist (visit Eugene Davis at for more information).
That is my dress on the left!  I had lots of fun with the candyfloss machine!
One amazing twist happened towards the end of the afternoon.  Aussie had set us a challenge of running with the Lusciously Light theme.  I am sure you will have read my Lusciously Light posts (and tweets), well I won the challenge out of the Boot Camp girls.  The hair challenge was won by Zoe AKA London Lipgloss.  Zoe won a macaroon making day, and me? I won A SPA DAY!! The Aussie girls know me well!!!  I will really enjoy taking full advantage of this very soon!!  Thank you for all the encouraging emails, tweets and comments- especially to those of you who joined me in this challenge!

Final shot. Thanks Sam!

All too soon the afternoon was over.  The Aussie team know how to hold a party!  Thank you to Aussie for hosting another top event.  There was food, drink, hair magic and lots of smiles.  I cant wait to see what they have in store next!

Frock: Vintage
Cardigan: Oasis
Shoes: (Pink Suede Peep Toes-Love them! Comfortable and well worn!) Jones
They dont have these anymore but I did see some similar red ones on sale for £37.50, and some exact style match ones but in Black (perfect for Christmas?) £59.

Necklace: Lorraine chain! 42inch Rose gold chain.
Earrings: Topshop! (A few years old, and they were in the sale at 50p!)

Ring: Forever21  (It cost around £2-3 and there is a similar one Here!)

(On a side note Forever 21 has been in the UK for a year now, and has 21% off to celebrate!  That year has gone very quickly!)

A huge hello to all the Aussie Angels!  Hope you are all well and enjoying winter!  Hope this post brings back some summer magic! xx

What would be your ideal afternoon soiree?  How would you lighten your life a little?  What is one of your best summer 2011 memories?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Shoes- you'll want to read this!

Yes, sparkly like a christmas tree!! Satin Pumps.
The other day I saw the perfect pair of evening and/or Christmas party shoes.  After some horrible foot injuries through poorly fitting shoes, I am trying to only pick up shoes that fit and are comfy when I try them on.  I am fed up of blisters, burning shooting pains in the ball of my feet, feet that hurt with every step, toe nails that are bruised... need I go on?!  The price we pay for fashion huh?!

So then I saw these babies.

Hidden platform, stiletto pumps.  Jewel embellishments on the front.   (The magpie in me jumped for joy).  They look standard enough?  I challenged a few friends to guess where they came from and how much they cost.  The general consensus was Dune, Carvela, Kurt Geiger, Reiss and the average price was £100.

I also purchased this black suede and Jewel version

This is where it gets interesting....

These are the most comfiest pair of shoes I have tried on in a long time.  The hidden platform contains a really soft cushion inside- no more stabbing pains in the ball of my foot. I can wear these for hours.  There is a lot of space in the toe box, and the heel is sturdy.

What's more they come in half sizes so you can get the perfect fit!

Sound good?

These babies cost not £100, not £80, not even £60 but £49.99 from Clarks shoe makers.  

The style is Drum Beat, although the same comfortable style (called 'softwear' has been made into various boots and slingbacks.  Yes, I was suprised too.  Clarks in normally an 'older ladies' brand, but they have really revamped it recently and offer some great, timeless pieces which wont break the bank!

The suede pair have sold out on clarks online but I have noticed pairs on Pares online and Donaghy's shoes  Both offer super fast delivery (I ordered with Donaghy's before 4pm and they arrived the next day free of charge!) and their customer service is fantastic!  Clarks do free delivery and returns.  If you want a bargain pair then I have seen a couple of pairs appear on new/worn once or twice from £20!

I also noticed Pares have a nude version with embellishment- perfect affordable shoes for those of use that missed out on the LKBennett 'Kate Middleton' Nude Courts this summer! (There are some similar ones now of the LKBennett website HERE)

So that is my Christmas footwear sorted, now I just need a dress and someplace to go!! 

On a side note thanks for all the comments recently- I've been really touched.  I'm going to do a 'What's in my makeup bag?' video, and a skincare routine, and of course the Chanel winner very shortly :)

Have you been unexpectedly surprised my any brands recently?  Have you picked up any new shoes?  What are your most comfortable shoes?  Have you got any Christmas plans yet?

Chanel Giveaway Update

I have had a couple of emails about this. The winner is coming, it's just there are so many entries (literally 100s) that it's taking me a while to count and check everyone. Some people have subbed, commented then unsubbed. I am discounting any entries who do not meet the requirements, otherwise it is not fair. Winner shortly!

In other news I have some great Christmas giveaways coming up! I'm excited!

Friday, 11 November 2011

7 Lipsticks, 7 Days, 7 Faces

I don't tend to wear lipstick very much.  Shock horror.  Does that make me a bad beauty blogger?!  I tend to reach more for balms and glosses at the moment, rather than lipsticks.  I guess it stems back to the fact that I don't like my teeth, and drawing attention to that area scares me.  However Max Factor challenged me to wear 7 lipsticks in 7 days.  I was all for passing it up and then a little voice in my head said "go on, try something new!"

The colours are; (L-R bottom row first)
610 Angel Pink
827 Bewitching Coral
745 Burnt Caramel
510 English Rose
825 Pink Brandy
715 Ruby Tuesday
685 Mulberry

Max Factor have recently released their Elixir range.  It claims to be moisturising, which is quite a claim.... Stay tuned for the final verdict.  This is a bit of a mammoth of a post, but stick with it!

They look so pretty, all new and unused!

Here are swatches with flash and no flash (excuse the goose bumps on my arm.  It was cold!!)

Colours L-R 
610 Angel Pink
827 Bewitching Coral
745 Burnt Caramel
510 English Rose
825 Pink Brandy
715 Ruby Tuesday
685 Mulberry

This is the order in which I wore them so here is 
7 Lipsticks, 7 Days, 7 Faces.......
 I took most of these on my phone as I was running out of the door in the mornings so some are not the best quality!

DAY 1 610 Angel Pink
 A Bridget Bardot 60's inspired look!  Backcombed hair with Batiste (Vintage Glamour Post) and gripped.  Nautical top
Face: Chanel Mat Lumiere Post, Body Shop Pink Heather Blush Post, Lancome Art Liner Post, Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer.  Mac Lingering brow pencil.

DAY 2 827 Bewitching Coral
 Retro 80's look with matching nail polish (Coral Pop by 17 Post)
Face: As above but with Bourjois Smokey eye trio in Violet Romantic  (I always read it as Violent Romantic..oops!)

DAY 3 745 Burnt Caramel
 Technically night in the picture.  Was off to a ball/posh evening do so here is me in my dress.  Crystal drop earrings.
Face: No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Alabaster, Witch liquid concealer, Urban Decay Naked Palette and brown pencil on eyes, Daniel Sandler peach blush, Mac Fix+ to set.

Day 4 510 English Rose
Rubbish picture, but I was at a wedding and my camera packed in!  I chose English rose to go with the dress (see swatches above for a better look).  Vintage A line floral dress.
Face: Chanel Mat Lumiere Post, Body Shop Pink Heather Blush Post, Mac Studio Sculpt concealer, Dior Amber Diamond Highlight powder, Witch anti blemish setting powder Post,  Mac Fix+ Setting spray, Eyes- Urban Decay Primer potion and Naked Palette (Naked, sin, smog) plus brown pencil that came with it, Avon Super shock mascara in black (love this and it's on offer 2 for £8!!)

DAY 5 825 Pink Brandy
 Sunday lunch.  Quite tired today, but chucked on a colourful Oasis Cardigan in a turquoise colour, half plated my hair at the back and set off!

Face: Chanel foundation (as before), Mac Studio concealer, Aveda inner light concealer (under eyes! Post here), Mac powerpoint kohl in duck, Avon Mascara, Mac Springsheen blush (I needed colour! Post here).

DAY 6 715 Ruby Tuesday AKA SCARY VINTAGE!
 I love red lips but I don't feel I can get away with them.  These lips walked into the room first, everyone looks, I got comments.  It's a weird feeling for a girl who doesn't like her lips to be stared at!  Red lip day had to be a vintage look for me, so I put my hair into Victory V rolls, and kept to makeup minimal!  I also kept my clothes dark and neutral (navy cardigan).
Face: Chanel Le Blanc primer/base, Chanel Mat Lumiere, Bronze universal on cheeks (I think- I know I didnt do a heavy blush), Lancome art liner on eyes (reapplied hourly!!), Avon Mascara (as before), Brows clinique brow powder (I think or just an Old No7 brow kit shadow- nothing heavy).

DAY 7 685 Mulberry
Sadly not a Mulberry bag, but the next best thing!  Just a casual look, with an autumnal brown Miss Selfridge dress (2 seasons old).
Face: I have forgotten most of it, but I think I used E.L.F. Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve Post and Avon Super shock gel liner in black, setting it with MAC Twinks eyeshadow Post to help complement my blue eyes and the berry tones in the lips.
I enjoyed taking part in this challenge as it kept my from my lip balm/gloss rut.  I had to think about what blush and eyeshadow I was going to wear which was not always a quick decision in the mornings!  Over all I quite liked the lipsticks.  They lasted pretty well for a chemist brand- some days I didn't have to reapply- even with drinking at lunch!  That is pretty good!
The big question is- where they moisturising.  Yes.  I found these lipsticks to be more moisturising than a lot of other brands I have tried.  The BIG plus is that they are moisturising and not sticky, so my hair doesnt stick to my lips accidentally (unlike when I use lip gloss)!

Has this product changed the way I look at lipsticks? Yes I think it has.  While I still don't reach for them every day, I do reach for them more- and one of these is normally found in my bag now! (What's in my bag video HERE).  Not the red one though- the red lipstick still scares me!! 

These lipsticks are £7.99 but are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots AND Superdrug
I recently purchased a Max Factor Elixir lip liner and so I will review that shortly!

Have you tried these lipsticks or the Elixir range?  Do you have any tips for how to wear bright read lips??!  Are you a lipstick wearer or a gloss wearer?  What Lipstick would you pick up? Any favorite looks?

*I was sent these for free but I posted on them because I wanted to.  All views are my own, honest opinions.

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