Friday, 11 November 2011

7 Lipsticks, 7 Days, 7 Faces

I don't tend to wear lipstick very much.  Shock horror.  Does that make me a bad beauty blogger?!  I tend to reach more for balms and glosses at the moment, rather than lipsticks.  I guess it stems back to the fact that I don't like my teeth, and drawing attention to that area scares me.  However Max Factor challenged me to wear 7 lipsticks in 7 days.  I was all for passing it up and then a little voice in my head said "go on, try something new!"

The colours are; (L-R bottom row first)
610 Angel Pink
827 Bewitching Coral
745 Burnt Caramel
510 English Rose
825 Pink Brandy
715 Ruby Tuesday
685 Mulberry

Max Factor have recently released their Elixir range.  It claims to be moisturising, which is quite a claim.... Stay tuned for the final verdict.  This is a bit of a mammoth of a post, but stick with it!

They look so pretty, all new and unused!

Here are swatches with flash and no flash (excuse the goose bumps on my arm.  It was cold!!)

Colours L-R 
610 Angel Pink
827 Bewitching Coral
745 Burnt Caramel
510 English Rose
825 Pink Brandy
715 Ruby Tuesday
685 Mulberry

This is the order in which I wore them so here is 
7 Lipsticks, 7 Days, 7 Faces.......
 I took most of these on my phone as I was running out of the door in the mornings so some are not the best quality!

DAY 1 610 Angel Pink
 A Bridget Bardot 60's inspired look!  Backcombed hair with Batiste (Vintage Glamour Post) and gripped.  Nautical top
Face: Chanel Mat Lumiere Post, Body Shop Pink Heather Blush Post, Lancome Art Liner Post, Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer.  Mac Lingering brow pencil.

DAY 2 827 Bewitching Coral
 Retro 80's look with matching nail polish (Coral Pop by 17 Post)
Face: As above but with Bourjois Smokey eye trio in Violet Romantic  (I always read it as Violent Romantic..oops!)

DAY 3 745 Burnt Caramel
 Technically night in the picture.  Was off to a ball/posh evening do so here is me in my dress.  Crystal drop earrings.
Face: No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Alabaster, Witch liquid concealer, Urban Decay Naked Palette and brown pencil on eyes, Daniel Sandler peach blush, Mac Fix+ to set.

Day 4 510 English Rose
Rubbish picture, but I was at a wedding and my camera packed in!  I chose English rose to go with the dress (see swatches above for a better look).  Vintage A line floral dress.
Face: Chanel Mat Lumiere Post, Body Shop Pink Heather Blush Post, Mac Studio Sculpt concealer, Dior Amber Diamond Highlight powder, Witch anti blemish setting powder Post,  Mac Fix+ Setting spray, Eyes- Urban Decay Primer potion and Naked Palette (Naked, sin, smog) plus brown pencil that came with it, Avon Super shock mascara in black (love this and it's on offer 2 for £8!!)

DAY 5 825 Pink Brandy
 Sunday lunch.  Quite tired today, but chucked on a colourful Oasis Cardigan in a turquoise colour, half plated my hair at the back and set off!

Face: Chanel foundation (as before), Mac Studio concealer, Aveda inner light concealer (under eyes! Post here), Mac powerpoint kohl in duck, Avon Mascara, Mac Springsheen blush (I needed colour! Post here).

DAY 6 715 Ruby Tuesday AKA SCARY VINTAGE!
 I love red lips but I don't feel I can get away with them.  These lips walked into the room first, everyone looks, I got comments.  It's a weird feeling for a girl who doesn't like her lips to be stared at!  Red lip day had to be a vintage look for me, so I put my hair into Victory V rolls, and kept to makeup minimal!  I also kept my clothes dark and neutral (navy cardigan).
Face: Chanel Le Blanc primer/base, Chanel Mat Lumiere, Bronze universal on cheeks (I think- I know I didnt do a heavy blush), Lancome art liner on eyes (reapplied hourly!!), Avon Mascara (as before), Brows clinique brow powder (I think or just an Old No7 brow kit shadow- nothing heavy).

DAY 7 685 Mulberry
Sadly not a Mulberry bag, but the next best thing!  Just a casual look, with an autumnal brown Miss Selfridge dress (2 seasons old).
Face: I have forgotten most of it, but I think I used E.L.F. Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve Post and Avon Super shock gel liner in black, setting it with MAC Twinks eyeshadow Post to help complement my blue eyes and the berry tones in the lips.
I enjoyed taking part in this challenge as it kept my from my lip balm/gloss rut.  I had to think about what blush and eyeshadow I was going to wear which was not always a quick decision in the mornings!  Over all I quite liked the lipsticks.  They lasted pretty well for a chemist brand- some days I didn't have to reapply- even with drinking at lunch!  That is pretty good!
The big question is- where they moisturising.  Yes.  I found these lipsticks to be more moisturising than a lot of other brands I have tried.  The BIG plus is that they are moisturising and not sticky, so my hair doesnt stick to my lips accidentally (unlike when I use lip gloss)!

Has this product changed the way I look at lipsticks? Yes I think it has.  While I still don't reach for them every day, I do reach for them more- and one of these is normally found in my bag now! (What's in my bag video HERE).  Not the red one though- the red lipstick still scares me!! 

These lipsticks are £7.99 but are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots AND Superdrug
I recently purchased a Max Factor Elixir lip liner and so I will review that shortly!

Have you tried these lipsticks or the Elixir range?  Do you have any tips for how to wear bright read lips??!  Are you a lipstick wearer or a gloss wearer?  What Lipstick would you pick up? Any favorite looks?

*I was sent these for free but I posted on them because I wanted to.  All views are my own, honest opinions.


  1. My favourite would be Ruby Tuesday. It really seems to brighten up your face :)

  2. Hi Gaelle Thanks for the comment! It's quite funny that you picked the one I was most scared about! I see what you mean though! Perhaps I should wear it more! xx

  3. They look fantastic on you!! As for bright red lips, I like to mattify them, and be sure to wear a neutral blush otherwise it looks like clown makeup. lol Do we have a lipstick convert?? ;))

  4. Hi Aleksis, Aww thank you! Oh yes, not a fan of clown makeup. Sometimes I just use bronzer. I think we may have a lipstick convert! xx

  5. omg i need angel pink!! <3 gimme hehe

  6. i prefer lipstick to lipgloss because i ate my hair getting in it, it drives me up the wall lol, great post :D

  7. @MrAJBx3 It's so pretty :) You'll love it! x

    @MissMathful These lipsticks are sticky at all. It's great. thanks so much xx


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