Monday, 14 November 2011

Aussie Soiree and exciting news!

As the nights draw in and it gets really cold, I thought I would share with you something I did in the summer!  A couple of weeks...(er months!) back all the Aussie Angels were invited to the Sunbeam Studios for our summer soiree wrap party.  The building was like a tardis!  It had this beautiful piece of artwork on the wall, obviously marking some of the building's past history.

This post is a little late, but at least you wont be seeing 100s of the same post on your dashboard now ;)

You'll remember that we got to choose whether to celebrate the Lusciously Light Conditioner by being a Lusciously Light Self or Lusciously Light Hair Angel.  I chose Lusciously Lighter Self route and ended up at Boot camp!!  This party brought the Light Hair and Light Angels all together.

I will keep this short and sweet and let the photos do the talking!

The afternoon involved;

Photography by Sam Witney
Champagne tasting
Gorgeous food
Phoebe, Carlito and Catherine

It was lovely to meet up with some old friends Natalya (Filthy Gorgeous Makeup), Lauren (A Lauren to Herself), Hayles (Ceriselle), Catherine (Perfectly Polished) and many more (sorry to those I havent mentioned here!)
Natalya of Filthy Gorgeous Makeup (hold all of our puddings, she didn't eat 3 yummy fruit cheesecakes!)

It was also lovely to meet some new Angels- particular Hannah (Hello Beautiful!) who had flown over from Ireland!

My hair was done by the wonderful Eugene Davies.  Not only did he make me feel very relaxed, but we had a big long giggle while I let him loose on my locks.  He had been up since 3 or 4am doing a friend's bridal hair, and was still as fresh as a daisy (I don't know how he did it but I wish I could do that!!).  Eugene hails from New York and is in the great position of working both New York Fashion week and London Fashion week.  We chatted about that and I felt so lucky to be in the hand of someone who styles for lots of the major designers as well as celebrities like Ertha Kit, Lil Kim and Gillian Anderson.
Eugene Davis @
(I am wearing Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation- not good for oily/combination skin & photos!!)

Eugene pinned my hair half up and half down, making use of the thickness and accentuating the natural curl.  He gave it a bit of lift and used Aussie serum in the ends (which are a bit dry and in need of a trim).  I was so pleased with the result and it's something that I have tried to recreate since.  Obviously I havent managed to match Eugene's skill level but he gave me some great tips to help me manage my unruly locks!  I can recommend him highly to anyone who needed a skilled creative hair stylist (visit Eugene Davis at for more information).
That is my dress on the left!  I had lots of fun with the candyfloss machine!
One amazing twist happened towards the end of the afternoon.  Aussie had set us a challenge of running with the Lusciously Light theme.  I am sure you will have read my Lusciously Light posts (and tweets), well I won the challenge out of the Boot Camp girls.  The hair challenge was won by Zoe AKA London Lipgloss.  Zoe won a macaroon making day, and me? I won A SPA DAY!! The Aussie girls know me well!!!  I will really enjoy taking full advantage of this very soon!!  Thank you for all the encouraging emails, tweets and comments- especially to those of you who joined me in this challenge!

Final shot. Thanks Sam!

All too soon the afternoon was over.  The Aussie team know how to hold a party!  Thank you to Aussie for hosting another top event.  There was food, drink, hair magic and lots of smiles.  I cant wait to see what they have in store next!

Frock: Vintage
Cardigan: Oasis
Shoes: (Pink Suede Peep Toes-Love them! Comfortable and well worn!) Jones
They dont have these anymore but I did see some similar red ones on sale for £37.50, and some exact style match ones but in Black (perfect for Christmas?) £59.

Necklace: Lorraine chain! 42inch Rose gold chain.
Earrings: Topshop! (A few years old, and they were in the sale at 50p!)

Ring: Forever21  (It cost around £2-3 and there is a similar one Here!)

(On a side note Forever 21 has been in the UK for a year now, and has 21% off to celebrate!  That year has gone very quickly!)

A huge hello to all the Aussie Angels!  Hope you are all well and enjoying winter!  Hope this post brings back some summer magic! xx

What would be your ideal afternoon soiree?  How would you lighten your life a little?  What is one of your best summer 2011 memories?


  1. looks like a great day, congrats on the win :D

  2. Congrats.

    Love the turquoise ring.

  3. @MissMAthful Thanks- it was a lovely day- and much warmer than now! :)xx

    @Bella Thank you, such a bargain too xx

  4. i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

    Check out mine i let me know what do you think about?

  5. Love what you wore.. it suits your complextion so well!! The cardi in particular is <3!!

  6. @Clara Thanks Clara/ I'll have a look later xx

    @Tali Thanks so much. I love vintage style, and aqua is a great colour. The brief was summer soiree so I pulled out the colour! xx

  7. Aw lovely to bring back these memories! What a great day xxx


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