Friday, 18 November 2011

Children in Need: Style Challenge

It's nearly here.  The fun kicks of at 7:30 on BBC1 in the UK.

For those of you outside the UK, it's a televised fundraising show to raise money for children's projects in the UK.  Since 1980 Children in Need has raised over £500million!  You can find out more at

Many famous faces tend to lend their support- some of them by doing somehting completely new (and sometimes very embarrassing (a usual highlight is the newsreaders creating a pop band and learning a song and dance routine).  Of course there are other fundraising drives that take place before and after the show, like Strictly Come Dancing.

Many local schools here have had cake sales and none uniform days today- one even had a pijama day- I laughed as I drove past lots of kids in their dressing gowns in a school playground!

If you want to lend your support then you can make a donation easily via paypal, text, post, post office, telephone, or through your bank or building society  Visit for details.

Of course you can also donate through purchasing some of the official merchandise.  This way you get something you need, but also make a donation.

My personal favorite is these really cute Pudsey Bear Ears.  They cost £2.50 and are available from many places including the BBC Children in Need Ebay page (which is officially linked to from the BBC Children in Need page).   They have lots of other goodies available so if you are not near a shop, then this is a way to pick up some items and donate to a great cause.

This year Alexandra Burke, Tamara Ecclestone, Patsy Kensit, Chipmunk and Kevin Pietersen unveil statement styles in a new limited edition collection for Debenhams in aid of BBC Children in Need.

You can watch how they got on with their Challenge to create these items below in 3 very short parts;

Part 2

Part 3

If you want to see the finished products then just look here

Children in Need have also asked for people to text in which design is their favorite.

To vote for your favourite design, text the celebrity's name below to 80588, texts will be charged at £1.50 per message plus one standard rate message, 90p will go to BBC Children in Need.
Text the word:
'ALEX' to vote for Alexandra Burke
'CHIPMUNK' to vote for Chipmunk
'KEVIN' to vote for Kevin Pieterson
'PATSY' to vote for Patsy Kensit
'TAMARA' to vote for Tamara Eccleston

By texting you could win a £300 shopping spree with Brix Smith Start, TV stylist who has featured on Gok Wan's Fashion Fix.

I have voted for my favorite design- have you?  Who would you pick?

For more information see

Hope you all enjoy Children in Need.

Have you been fundraising today?  What did you do?

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