Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My first video! What's in my...

As a special treat, and after a little nagging from some people (yes, you know who you are!!).. I have decided to put this video up.  I filmed it a little while back, but have been quite dubious about putting it up.  I am not planning to make videos on a regular basis but sometimes it's nice to interact talk rather than type :)

Huge apologies in advance.  I filmed it on my Mac and the quality isnt great.  I hope you can hear/see ok.  Also my hair is a bit wild, and I sound weird.  I'm not sure how long I'll leave this up, but it gives you a chance to sort of say hello!  To those of you that know me it's a hello, and to those of you who havent met me- hopefully you will say hi when you do!  All products are mentioned below the video on blogger.

I trip over my words a little, and miss a few words out but I'm not used to being the only one talking!!

  • Foundation: Chanel Matt Lumiere 20 Clare (Overview post, close up post, Debenhams link) £33
  • Concealer: Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer NW 20 (available here or here) £13.50
  • Eye Primer and shadows: Urban Decay Primer potion and Naked Palette (Base: Naked, Crease: Sidecar, Highlight: Virgin) Urban Decay
  • Eye Pencil: Mac Powerpoint pencil in Duck (Brown)
  • Eyebrows: Mac Eye brows pencil in Lingering
  • Cheeks: Daniel Sandler blush in Peach Puff (Sadly discontinued but you can see my post here)
  • Lips: Clinique Chubby stick in graped-up (My post here) with Aveda's lip glaze in Cassia (post)
  • Powder: Witch Anti-Blemish Pressed Powder  (Post here)

Clothes- Top about 3 months ago.
Cardigan Therapy at House of fraser.  I cant see it on there, but its a navy blue thin open cardigan, with pockets in the hem.

Watch. Oasis- retro silver bracelet watch post here

Carpisa purse

Bag £36 Topshop last season.  They have similar ones Topshop link.

Any questions, please pop them below! Thanks for watching.


  1. Hi :)

    I found your blog the other day and I absolutely loved watching this video, I LOVE your handbag and I have the exact sanitizer in my handbag too, it made me giggle 'some people are germs' I agree!! Hair bobbles are a MUST in handbags!!

    Great video!


  2. Hi Emma, thanks so much for your comment! I get so many comments about how big my bag is! Glad you likes the video! Great name! xx

  3. Emma -
    You have such a pretty face (and a pretty accent. American accents don't sound nearly as nice, if you want my opinion. We're so plain.) You should put up a photo with your hair down because sometimes people's faces change so much with their hair down!

    I think we suffer from the same hair- hair that's pin straight with a slight wave. I'm pretty used to seeing it like that, so it doesn't bother me much. Quite frankly, the idea of using a flat iron or a hairdryer makes me groan. It takes too much time! 15 with a hairdryer or 30 for a good hair style with a flat iron is way too much time for me. Put in a side Dutch braid, a bun, French plait or something else and call it done. Ha ha. Much faster. :)

    P.S. I think our bags are the same size. It's a good thing I'm not the only thing with a giant bag. My bag has to carry my "medicine cabinet," as my mom calls it.

  4. cant wait to watch it when i finally sit downa dn catch up on all my yt hehe

  5. Hi Katie Thanks so much for your lovely comment. If I do another video I will try to leave my hair down! Sometimes mine goes really curly, other times not. If I am by the sea then it it goes really curly. Straightening does take a while, but I think the more you do it the quicker it gets. I'd rather have the extra 15 minutes in bed most mornings!!

    Ooo Yes I have a medicine cabinet in mine too! Woops! xx

    @MissMAthful Thanks! :) Hope you enjoy it! xx

  6. I don't straighten mine often because it's fine (but super shiny) and really quite fragile. It's strong on one end, but it will fray and snap with repeated abuse, so I don't use heating products a lot and I tease my hair very minimally just because of the damage it does.

    I'm never without my "medicine cabinet." It's sort of my signature now. :)


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