Saturday, 19 November 2011

My new blog. 5foot10.

Today I am proud to share with you my new blog

The diary of a tall girl in a world made for shorter people!

I will still be posting on Computergirls Musing's as usual, the only difference is that you might see the occasional reference to 5 foot 10.

5 foot 10 is the result of my struggles with being a taller girl (See the first post).   It is designed for the taller girl- although some posts will hopefully be interesting to everyone.  There might be a little general overlap with this blog- although posts tend to be more general here.  I thought it would be better to make a 'Tall person' hub rather than bombard you with posts which are not applicable to some of you!

Things you'll find on 5foot10.
Wardrobe posts, Style advice, Body shape posts, Shopping advice, Gadgets, Humourous 'Tall Tales', Relationship talk, Star style, Shoes, Health advice, Links to tall bloggers, Bargain buys, Fashion, Reviews, Products and Much More!

If this interests you then take a look (and subscribe if you want).
If you know any fellow 'Tall Girls' then feel free to point them towards 5 foot 10!

Thanks for reading

Stand Tall x
P.s.  Chanel Winner announced later today!!
How Tall are all you guys?  


  1. This is flipping brilliant after out Twitter exchange ill be sure to get involved with this!


  2. I'll have to tell my aunt about this! She's 5'11!" She's always a little unconfident about her height!

    I'm a slim 5'3!" I grew 1/2!" (Yay for me!)

  3. I'm 5ft 5 and a half. That half makes all the difference :) I did used to be 5 ft 6 but I shrank a bit :D I'm just glad I don't take after my mum, who is 4 ft 8, bless her cotton socks! x

  4. that's a great idea, am I still allowed to read,'cause I'm only 5ft2 1/2 :p?! x

  5. Hi Liz, Thanks so much! Hurrah! :)xx

    @Katie, Hope your auntie likes it. I know exactly how she feel! One one post up so far, but more to follow :) xx

    @Leah Aw I think we shrink through the day and as we get older (our posture sags! :( ) Stand tall! :) xx

    @Jenny YES! It's aimed at 5ft 8 and above but I hope to cover some issue which will have some info which will be interesting to everyone! xx

    Thanks ladies :) xx

  6. OMG!! how come I haven't seen it last week??? :) Going to read it immediately ;) Small ones are invited too??

  7. Hi Peniam Yes you can read it too :) The more the merrier :) xx

  8. im 28 and 5'11...and i cant imagine life any different than waking up and being tall...But i have a mom that was 6'3 and a dad that was 6' that was a normal life for me. My bestie is 4'5 if that and we have never borrowed each other clothes and people laugh at us...but thick and thin as we are i know i have her there for me and she knows vice versa. My sister whos 6'4 would love that you are promoting being tall just as much as i do. You will inspired a generation of online teens i know it...and hopefully maybe even my daughter who now at 4 is almost 4feet tall. shes got our "giant" gene too. keep up your inspirational talk and selfesteem here was no one life like you when i was a teen 15-10 years all are need for the tall girls coming up. i mentor my neighbors daughter take her shopping and show her how to keep her head up not slouch or be ashamed. im definately sending her this link.

    1. Hello, Thank you so much for your comment. That has really made my day. I think clubbing together and sharing is the key thing because then we are not alone. I went to a fashion expo before Christmas and actually felt short. It was great to see so many tall people about! You have reminded me that I need to post more on that site- I will post more today! Thank you so much for the reminder about why I started that blog and STAND TALL! Hope your neighbor/sister find the blog useful xx

      P.s. My bestie is quite a bit shorter than me, but we still find ourselves wearing matching trainers the other day!!


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