Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Shoes- you'll want to read this!

Yes, sparkly like a christmas tree!! Satin Pumps.
The other day I saw the perfect pair of evening and/or Christmas party shoes.  After some horrible foot injuries through poorly fitting shoes, I am trying to only pick up shoes that fit and are comfy when I try them on.  I am fed up of blisters, burning shooting pains in the ball of my feet, feet that hurt with every step, toe nails that are bruised... need I go on?!  The price we pay for fashion huh?!

So then I saw these babies.

Hidden platform, stiletto pumps.  Jewel embellishments on the front.   (The magpie in me jumped for joy).  They look standard enough?  I challenged a few friends to guess where they came from and how much they cost.  The general consensus was Dune, Carvela, Kurt Geiger, Reiss and the average price was £100.

I also purchased this black suede and Jewel version

This is where it gets interesting....

These are the most comfiest pair of shoes I have tried on in a long time.  The hidden platform contains a really soft cushion inside- no more stabbing pains in the ball of my foot. I can wear these for hours.  There is a lot of space in the toe box, and the heel is sturdy.

What's more they come in half sizes so you can get the perfect fit!

Sound good?

These babies cost not £100, not £80, not even £60 but £49.99 from Clarks shoe makers.  

The style is Drum Beat, although the same comfortable style (called 'softwear' has been made into various boots and slingbacks.  Yes, I was suprised too.  Clarks in normally an 'older ladies' brand, but they have really revamped it recently and offer some great, timeless pieces which wont break the bank!

The suede pair have sold out on clarks online but I have noticed pairs on Pares online and Donaghy's shoes  Both offer super fast delivery (I ordered with Donaghy's before 4pm and they arrived the next day free of charge!) and their customer service is fantastic!  Clarks do free delivery and returns.  If you want a bargain pair then I have seen a couple of pairs appear on new/worn once or twice from £20!

I also noticed Pares have a nude version with embellishment- perfect affordable shoes for those of use that missed out on the LKBennett 'Kate Middleton' Nude Courts this summer! (There are some similar ones now of the LKBennett website HERE)

So that is my Christmas footwear sorted, now I just need a dress and someplace to go!! 

On a side note thanks for all the comments recently- I've been really touched.  I'm going to do a 'What's in my makeup bag?' video, and a skincare routine, and of course the Chanel winner very shortly :)

Have you been unexpectedly surprised my any brands recently?  Have you picked up any new shoes?  What are your most comfortable shoes?  Have you got any Christmas plans yet?


  1. Love them! I need some comfy but beautiful shoes for my wedding and I think Clarks might be the answer. If I get some uncomfortable shoes I know I'm going to kick them off after an hour and be pictured with grubby feet from going barefoot :) Those nude ones are to die for too.

  2. Woah! I love the suede pair! I have wide feet though so they'd probably not fit me :( xx

  3. Hi Leah, Have a look at Clarks, you might be surprised! (And if there are no stores near then they do free delivery and returns online). The nude ones are lovely- I had to restrain myself!! The cushion inside makes such a difference! xx

  4. Stacey I think you'd get on with the suede- I think they are D fit, although they mold to the wearer's feet. You could always try them on in store (or order online with free delivery and returns) worth a look- I didnt think they would fit me but they did :) xx

  5. Ooo I really love the all balck and the nude ones xx

  6. SERIOUSLY!???? Who knew they did such nice shoes?! Love the multi colored pair xx

  7. Hi Ness, the all black ones are more 'go with anything' shoes but the colourful ones are fun- I probably wont get as much wear out of them, but they made me smile :) xx

  8. Hi Tali! I KNOW!! They are so pretty and comfy! I was just walking past and saw them and then 'had' to have them! They have some really pretty styles at the moment. They look good with jeans or posher clothes :) Thanks for the comment xx

  9. These shoes are gorgeous! I love the nude patent pair and can't believe they're from Clarks! I never usually look in there for shoes but after spending most of last week not being able to feel my toes due to the shoes I was wearing I should probably take a look...x

  10. Gorgeous shoes! By the way, really enjoyed your first video but for some reason it wouldn't let me comment xx

  11. The multi colored pair looks amazing!!

  12. gorgeous shoes!!!

  13. @Lilylipstick Do have a look! They are lovely shoes, and so comfy. I was so surprised! xx

    @Lauren Thank you so much- I did have some problems but think they're sorted now. Fingers crossed xx

    @Stavroula They are!! So pretty xx

    @Bec Thanks you! xx

  14. i love the suede version :D


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