Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November favorites

Here are some of the products I have been reaching for a lot this month!

Sudocrem.  I have had a few spots crop up through having a patch of dry skin recently.  I think it is the result of harsh dry winter winds and central heating.  Originally made for nappy rash, Sudocrem is now used for all sorts nowadays.  It's a cream which contains antiseptic and helps lock moisture into skin.  This makes it perfect for attacking spots.  It's thick and doesn't sink into the skin easily, so best used at night.  Most spots need moisturising, some (bacterial) spots need antibacterial products.  This product has recently been put in a tube, which makes it perfect for every skincare basket.  Available from Boots online for £1.99 (Here)

Lush Gingerbread House.  It smells of gingerbread and is shaped like a house.  What more do you want for a cold winter's evening?  A nice long soak in a hot bubble bath!

I picked up this bubble bar during a recent online order, having never seen it in real life.  I was so glad I took a chance!  This has provided me with enough bubbles for four baths.  It doesn't stain the bath and makes the bathroom turn into a lovely (smelling) gingerbread cottage.  I will be buying a few more of these before they stop making them! (Online here £2.99)

Alpha H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Serum.  This stuff is amazing.  My skin has really benefited from this serum.  My skin is in no way perfect, so its not an 'quick fix' product, but certainly one which I have been religiously applying every couple of nights.  It contains Glycolic acid which eats up dead skin cells, while helping kick start new skin cell growth.  Perfect for skin with 'issues' like mine!  My skin is softer, the dullness has gone, my pores are less visible, my spots are diminishing and occurring less frequently, my scars are reducing.  This product is pricey, but lasts a long time (shelf life of 2 years due to hygienic pump).  However the effects is has had on my confidence is well worth the price.  Available from Beauty Bay HERE

With flash. Mirifique is the dark one.
No flash.

Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Mirifique and Epatant.  I have been loving doing a smokey eye with these shadows.  I previously posted about them (Here).  They are so easy to use, and blend so well.  Such a perfect sophisticated smokey eye for the party season (with a little bit of shimmer). Debenhams normally send out good free samples with online orders Ombre shadows  ;)

Browns Earth Mango Body Butter.  Smells absolutely gorgeous.  It's thick but applies easily, and is great for stretch marks.  It contains mango oil (yummy smelling), shea and cocoa butter.  I have had this tub for around 6 months and have only used this much up (with regular use).  In winter I find my knees and elbows can get dry and flaky just because they are covered up more.  I apply this after a shower.  This tub cost around £10 for a huge 120ml and is fairtrade (available to purchase online from Here)
Almost gone!

My Butler and Wilson blue glittery earrings.  I wore these out one evening to match a navy blue Zara dress.  I do love a bit of sparkle.  Butler and Wilson have some lovely things- most sporting lots of sparkly Swarovski crystals.  I don't think this particular colour is available any longer but you can view other colours in the style on the Butler and Wilson website (Here).  They are sell a few pieces on QVC and, of course, there are always a few pieces on Ebay!  Definitely a must for magpies like me!
With flash!
Doesn't quite pick up the sparkles, but you can see how many crystals are on them!

Aussie Mega instant conditioner.  This conditioner isnt thick and gloopy, but smooth and creamy.  I find it really helps my dry ends.  My hair is very long and the ends get dry and knotty easily- especially when I use lots of heat tools in the winter.  This really helps my hair stay nourished and tangle free!  Costs £3.99 from Boots (Here).

What are your November favorites?  Link me to your post if you have done one!

(P.s. Don't forget my new blog discussing tall fashion!  There is now a links page so if you are a tall blogger then feel free to leave your blog address!)


  1. Great post! I really look forward to the start of a new month so I can put together a must-have list and compare it to previous month's takes :) I used to be such a huge Alpha-H fan and I have no idea why I stopped using them as they had a real impact on my skin; thanks for the reminder! xx

  2. I love that body butter, i just finised off a tub myself. smells divine! i need to do a november favourites too but everything i own has started bringing me out in a rash or something. boo!

  3. @BeautyGeekUK You're welcome- its such a great brand. It's amazing how we find somehing and then just sort of stop using it xx

    @Evelyn It does smell soooo good! Hope you manage to find some products that dont bring you out in a rash- might be the change in seasons? xx

  4. I had no idea sudocrem could be used on spots! I'' know what to do next time though! x


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