Thursday, 17 November 2011

November Loves and Lusts

Here are some products and things I am loving this November.

Picture from Dior.
Natlaie Portman in the Chanel Miss Dior advert.  It's simple and classy.  She looks flawless in a natural way- and I like the fact that, despite showing flesh, its isn't too revealing.  Mind you, Ms Portman could wear a back sack and still look beautiful!  I like vintage, classy glamour, and this reminds me of the 60s glamour puss photoshoots.  There are a few people is this day and age that could learn a lot from this!

One coat, a little streaky, 2 coats perfect! Not as dark as in the bottle!

Dark! No flash!
Dark berry or blood coloured nail polish.
Nails inc polish in Victoria (QVC £11 or Beauty Bay
(If OPI is more you thing then I have also been wearing this polish from an older post)
Burt's Bees!

Burts Bees richly replenishing body lotion.  This was a gift from a boy.  Yes.  A boy!  I was very shocked.  In my experience boys normally go for gift vouchers or chocolate.  Its nice when people take the time to get you something you need and will actually use.

It smells lovely (Coconut, honey, cocoa, grape to name a few) and has a big bonus of being sustainable, not tested on animals and recyclable.  Big tick!  I am loving slathering this on my hands, knees and elbows before bed to help lock moisture in during the colder months.  I havent yet started to wear my winter gloves but will do soon.  I hate chapped, dry hands in the winter.  You can pick this up from Waitrose and its on 3 for 2!

Winter Boots.  No not the chemist (although I do go in there lots).  Winter warm, sturdy (but fashionable) boots.  I have a few pairs from previous seasons which I am enjoying getting re-acquainted with.  I have some pixie boots (See the full length shots of me HERE) from New Look.  I have been really impressed with how long they have lasted considering they cost £20!  I can;t see these on the website anymore.


This season I have been looking for some simpler shoe boots which are a bit softer.  I want to pair them with more dresses and more chunky belts (and the shoes boots above have buckles on so I might overdo the metal hardware in a look).

I have my eye on these Temper side zip shoe boot from ASOS at the bargain price of £35.  Plain enough to go with any item of clothing (patterned or block colour), plus the neutral grey means it wont clash.  Investment item! 
I am also looking for a nice 'leather jacket'.  Unfortuatley I dont have the budget of a small house to spend on one.  I keep seeing nice ones and then reading the prices and promptly turning a bit green.  As much as spending £710 on a D&G Motorcycle Jacket might be a blink of an eye to some people, its just not possible for most of us!
Picture from My LINK
Perhaps a little more affordable (and ethical) is this Supertrash jacket from the Outnet.  If you are unfamiliar with the Outnet, they set off designer clothes at a fraction of the price.  I think it is normally end of lines, end of seasons and samples.  ( I think I recently saw some House Of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie) boots on there for £50 but they were too small for me).
Supertrash Faux jacket £108

 What are your Loves and Lusts at the moment?
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  1. i love these kinds of posts... keep them coming :D

  2. Thanks! I will do. Glad you enjoyed xx

  3. I always admired that Dior ad too, the absolute perfection of the winged cat eye look. I like the shoes a lot too, you should definitely get a pair! x

  4. Hi Rocaille, You might be an enabler ;)! Glad Im not the only one who likes that ad :) xx


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