Saturday, 5 November 2011

Oh my GOSH. Can you believe it? When products are discontinued.

Yesterday I saw This (link- scroll down) that is a little crazy, but today I saw This (link- scroll down) !  I know that we all lust over items, and cry when they sell out (well maybe not cry), but I have been thinking recently about what makes a company stop producing an item, which is clearly very popular.

This is where I feel Lush have got it right.  They have a page dedicated to 'Retro products'.  If a product has been discontinued, and enough people complain, then Lush will manufacture another batch and sell it on their website.  Hurrah for a company actually listening to their customers!

I was very pleased to pick up some  Alkmaar soap  

and an After 8:30 mint chocolate massage bar with my latest order.  Both are lovely products and have missed them instore.  Both have subtle and yummy scents.  The massage bars are great to slather on skin before a bath or shower.  The shea butter really nourishes your skin.

I wish companies like MAC would listen to us a bit more.  Some products they release are limited edition and sell out instantly, before anyone has tried them.  People panic buy because they don't know if they will like the product or not, and if they do like it then they want a back up.... or 5!  (I am guilty of this!)

I wish MAC would re-release the tendertones lip treatments.  They were lovely.  I love my Shell Pearl highlight too from the Liberty of London Collection (right above), but thankfully have a back up still to use.  Dior's Amber Diamond is permanent, and a good alternative

Dior amber diamond is on the right!  I couldnt find another picture on my computer at the moment.  Other products are Illamasqua Ore pigment Review here and Mac Studio sculpt concealer.

I think I would actually shed tears if Origins pull their Checks and Balances Frothy Face wash (previous review Here)
 Actually the more I think about it, the more I get worried about companies pulling products.  Am I a bit mad??!  There are so many staples in my beauty draw that I don't want to live without!

My question to you is what one product would you like to see brought back permanently?  What products would you stock up on if you knew the brand was discontinuing it?  Am I the only one who fears it?


  1. I'd love to see OPI bring the Alice in Wonderland glitters back. I LOVE those glitters. I never got a chance to get Mad as a Hatter, but I love Absolutely Alice and I use it so rarely because I NEVER got the chance to get a backup!

    I'd stock up on my entire Dermalogica routine if it were ever discontinued. My skin lives on that stuff. It's the only routine I've been on where my skin hasn't broken out in rashes or stung for minutes afterward. It's a life saver.

    Starting 2012, I am going to have start stocking up on incandescent light bulbs. The US, like the EU, is discontinuing the incandescent light bulb over a period of 4 years. This stinks as I am, in a way, allergic to CFL, LED and other light bulbs. I have Epilepsy, Autism and a migraine disorder. My Autism and my migraine disorder make CFLs not an option. The harsh light of a CFL sets off my migraines and because my hearing is so sensitive from Autism, I can hear the high buzzing sound, even from a CFL (CFLs actually have very little buzzing compared to the tubes, but it still hurts my ears.) I can't use LEDs because of the link between LEDs and Epilepsy and they set off my migraines. Halogens set off my migraines and are too harsh for my eyes. The incandescent (that lovely over 100 year old bulb) is the only bulb I can use so I'm stocking up. I will be the ONLY person with a basement full of 60, 65 and 3-way incandescent bulbs and I don't care. It's to keep me medically healthy. The US president apparently didn't think of the over 3 million people with Epilepsy, over 2-3% of the US population with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and 27.9 million people with migraines (1999 estimate. It's probably doubled by now. Over 70% are WOMEN.) Apparently, the former US president didn't do his research.

    So, needless to say, I get pretty freaked out when I hear something that is "essential" to me (like my light bulbs) are going to be discontinued. I get snotty first, then I go into freak mode.

  2. I HATE it when something I love is discontinued and/or HTF :-(

  3. @Katie I so know what you mean about lightbulbs. To be honest the energy saving ones are good, they just take a while to warm up, however if it affects your health then they should make some available. I have friends who are suffer with the same health issues as you. I think over all the move should help us to save energy, but there shoudl be some allowance for those who suffer migraines and fits!

    Agree with you about the OPI polishes- they were so pretty. I am a glitter magpie! xx

  4. @Lucy It's awful when something you regularly use is discontinued. Especially if you don't know, you just go to buy it one day and its isnt there, then the SA says 'Oh they stopped making it 2 years ago' 'Noooooo!' :(xx

  5. @Emma - We do have CFLs in my house, but they're confined to the basement which I'm okay with. My dad is all about the CFL/LED thing and my mom has to keep explaining why we can't have them. The only time the CFLs being in the basement drives me crazy is during tornado warnings because the buzzing and the harsh light makes for a great migraine!

    I'm not sure if they'll make a "incandescent light bulb for prescription only" thing or not, but I hope so.

  6. i so wish i had found the gosh polish, im not spending crazy amounts a bottle so will just be sad instead :(

  7. @MissMathful there are some dupes- so keep an eye out for them xx

  8. God there are so many lush things from years ago I miss.. that really annoys me when they do that. Like Goth juice.. WHY was it discontinued!??

  9. I know- so annoying- worth a look on the retro website though! Goth juice might pop up, I think I just about remember it! xx

  10. I haven't really had the problem where I've loved something dearly and it's become discontinued, I have more of a problem with items that are LE and sell out before I get a chance to try them :( *cough* MAC Stereo Rose, Candy Yum Yum and Marine Life *cough*


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