Tuesday, 22 November 2011

(Semi-breaking) news for Chanel: Discontinued Product.

Well possibly not so breaking, but news which might break my heart a little!  I don't think this discontinuation is widely known so I thought I would give you a heads up (although not at my own computer so have to keep this short)!

We all knew Chanel were pulling Pro Lumiere foundation (post here) in favour of Perfection Lumiere (released in January in the UK).  However I am now hearing on the grapevine that my beloved Mat Lumiere (post here) is going to be pulled as well.  I have heard this from a few sources* who work with and for Chanel, so I think it is sadly true.  HOWEVER I have yet to find the official release from Chanel, so will keep you posted.
My Holy Grail foundation?

I have previously posted on both these foundations and find Mat Lumiere great on my oily combination skin.  I guess I will be stocking up very quickly and trying to find a suitable replacement then.   Any foundation which makes my skin look like the picture below is worth it!

Post on this foundation routine here
Boots currently have double points on selected beauty so I'll be picking up a couple of backups later.  I hope the replacement product is just as good.

Can you recommend any replacement foundations for me?  Will you be rushing out to stock up?  Cant you shed any light on this?

P.s. If you missed the news I started a new blog for 'tall girl fashion' (although you don't have to be 5ft 8 and over to read it).  The second post is on Kate Middleton's (5ft 10) style.

(* I don't count sales assistants as sources after several of them denied Bronze Universal /Tan de Chanel exists or ever existed- it's a permanent product!!  Now that's a subject and a half!)

Right, back to work I go! If anyone asks, you never saw me......!


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  2. I seriously cannot understand why companies discontinue good products, I really can't! x

  3. Computergirl I love your writing style! I hope they're not discontinuing Vitalumiere too...?? After having had mine stolen (yes, stolen!) and having only owned it for 2 weeks, I feel somewhat nostalgic for that foundation. I am planning on buying it again when I feel rich enough (who knows when that will be) but would be very upset if it got discontinued before that happens!!

  4. @Name Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it!

    @Stavroula I know- it really annoys me- especially when it is something which works for me!! xx

    @Wigwam Thanks so much. I dont think they are discontinuing Vitalumiere- that's so bad that someone stole yours. There are some good deals about so take advantage of them :) xx

  5. Mat Lumiere too!? I was already saddened by the Pro Lumiere! :/ I loved that foundation so much! Chanel always does this! =/


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