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Clothes Show: Birmingham

For those outside of the UK, The Clothes Show was a tv show which ran from 1986-2000 fronted by Selina Scott, Jeff Banks and Caryn Franklin.  It did have a second outing later on, but now all that is left is 'The Clothes Show Live', a giant trade/industry show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.  It aims to cover all things fashion related from up and coming designers, high end designers, catwalks, vintage fashion, hair, beauty, training opportunities and dance.  I think the dance section is a recent addition.

I was very excited to be invited to The Clothes Show 2011 courtesy of Diet Coke (more of that later).  My day started with a nosebleed, so I was a bit later setting off that I had hoped!  I arrived just before ten and the hall was starting to fill up, but their was still a little bit of room to get round.

I started in the high end designer section, which sadly failed to impress- it didn't feel very high end at all and so I didn't buy anything there.  I walked through to the beauty area (surprise!) although it was nearly time for my catwalk showing so I did a little browsing at Orly, Carmex, Illamasqua, Elimis and Lipcote.
At the Carmex Cab with Orly girl Farrah!  I might do an outfit post on my other blog.  I look a bit evil in this picture- I blame it on my nosebleed!

I then went round the corner and saw....

Is that Kimberly Wyatt of the band/dance troupe formerly known as The Pussycat Dolls..?

I ended up sat right by the sound desk in the main catwalk.  It was quite loud, my heart was shaking with each note so I made a point of putting in my earplugs- I think they noticed as they turned the sound down then.  I'm all for being able to hear, but when noise is so loud that it physically shakes you- I'd rather have my hearing when I'm old thanks!!  Considering this event has a high turn over of children, you'd think they'd be hot on the sound levels for health and safety.... (*old person rant mode over).
George Lamb with James and Maria from TOWIE (I think it's them, I don't watch it), Darren and Lindsy from Hollyoaks and Grace Woodward.

The catwalk was opened by George Lamb and Grace Woodward (stylist on the X factor, BINTM etc) who introduced Jade Thompson (Winner BINTM) and The Risk (band from x factor).  I'm not sure if Jade walked in the catwalk, but The Risk sung Make this a night to remember (live it appears, and in tune so well done them).
The Risk

The catwalk was based on a department store where the mannequins come to life at night and visit each floor (Menswear, designer accessories, lingerie, Women's wear, music, bridal).  Each floor was introduced by a team of dancers, then the team of models walked- leaving the alternating teams time to change.  The music floor featured a performance from ex Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt with her new 'band' (aka two Dj's with KW vocal- (or not, she had a backing track, sung a few lines and danced (sort of flopped her knees out to the sides and squatted lots- it was sharp but not something I think I can recreate)!  The dancing was inspired and used the space well.  (Daily Mail have a write up/better pictures of KW HERE) There were some really pretty dresses but I don't know who designed any of the items- and I cant seem to find any information :(

After lunch I settled to watch the Diet Coke Catwalk show, designed by fashion blogger and model Bip Ling.  This presented one of the most memorable moments*.  The theme was fashion in Paris, London and New York.  Each model wore cream lace shorts, frilly ankle socks, red suede Mary Jane shoes, and a cream chiffon blouse.  After this each look was customised to represent the country- so America had a statue of Liberty hat made out of rolled up coke cans.  I spotted a really cute coke can bracelet on one on the models, but they were moving so quickly I didn't get a good photograph.  One look had a gorgeous red handbag.  Here are some images.
Notice the cat ears made out of coke cans?
Quite appropriately they walked to 'J'taime' for Paris, 'London Calling' for... well, London, and New York, New York for.... any guesses?
Ah Statue of Liberty A la Coke and Bip Ling style!

Next there was a New Look show- It seems we are in for more Chiffon blouses, browns, blush, block colours, chunky knits  and glitter dresses.
New Look Fashions- loving the green coat and clutch outfit!

I spent the rest of the day lapping up free Hagen Daaz ice-cream (from a vintage styled American cinema ice-cream seller / model!), watching the designer catwalk show, trying to get near some of the more popular stands, style spotting, spotting the 'I-want-to-be-spotted' girls (tights, denim hot pants, tall skyscraper heels**, tonnes of makeup and backcombed bush hair), and making a few purchases.  

All in all a fun day.  I wish I had worn my pedometer so I could have measured how much walking I did!  I'll be doing some more fashion posts on my other blog www.5foot10.blogspot.com so sub there if that sort of thing interests you :)  I'll be going over a few of the beauty purchases here.

Thanks to Diet Coke for hosting Computergirl / 5foot10 at The Clothes Show.

Goodie bags!

*Most memorable moment- when presenter Zoe Birkett split her trousers through demonstrating a 'booty shaking' dance move.  Its the moment we girls fear- how embarrassing.  I don't think she noticed!

**I saw a lot of girls carrying their skyscraper heels in their hands as they walked back in sub zero temperatures back to the car!!  They obviously haven't found fold-up handbag shoes (very have some for £20!)

Have you ever been to The Clothes Show?  What is the best goodie bag you have picked up at one of these shows?  Would you wear any of the items on these models?  What do you think of the Diet Coke /Bip Ling creations?

(P.s. If you are going to The Clothes Show, don't forget to stop by the Diet Coke Image Catwalk and get for free diet coke sample after each catwalk!)

P.P.s. Many more posts to follow, but if you haven't checked out my Christmas Giveaways then click the Giveaways tab at the top of this page.  I am putting 1 prize up for grabs every other day.  The giveaways stay open until further notice, but I hope to draw some of the winners in time for Christmas and New Year parties!

Disclaimer: My trip to The Clothes Show was courtesy of Diet Coke, this does not affect my views.  All words here are my own thoughts.


  1. Did New Look have some great pieces ??

  2. Hi AdmiralBiatch, I thought there were some pretty pieces in the collection- but some that I wouldn't wear. I have some footage of the show, so perhaps I'll upload that (with sound muted) if I can figure out how! xx

  3. OMG I'm so excited - going to the Clothesshow on Wednesday and last day apparently is always the best day to go = everything is slashed down in price. I will be blogging my day as well :). Will be my 2nd time :).

    I have my eyes ready for the Models Own offer though, best offer i think going this year :).

  4. Ooh it looks so good, Birmingham's so far though and I have college and work :( Ah well, there's always next year! Also loving the goodies you picked up :) xo

  5. Great post Hun, had a fab day :) x

  6. Hi Serenity, It does have some great deals! Make sure to visit Orly as they had a an amazing deal on! Its a great day out- also watch out for Beau xoxo fellow blogger Georgie- she has set up her own stall there! xx

    @Aneka Maybe next year! Thanks xx

    @Sadie, it was fun. Thanks xx

  7. I went yesterday. I quite enjoyed the Suzuki Theatre show, I thought it was the best one I'd attended. The choreography, theme and soundtrack were brilliant but other than George Lamb I hadn't a clue as to who the "celebrities" were.
    The make-up and vintage stands were great, no really into the high street stuff and the designer section was very poor compared to previous years.
    A lot of people stopped my friend and I and complimented how we looked pointing out how everyone else was dressed almost identically and depressingly mainstream.
    I did enjoy it though, I picked up some fab vintage clothes at very good prices and stocked up on Barry M. x


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