Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Magpie Sparkles for Christmas

Christmas is a time for sparkly things :)  I thought I would do a post in homage to all things glittery, sparkly, affordable, and, err, not so.. but a girl can dream!

My latest Christmas giveaway is a Skin Art Glitter Tattoo kit.
Just bigger than a DVD Box.

Several different designs, and simple instructions

Put the adhesive stencil on the skin.  Apply glue on to the skin and let it settle for 10 seconds.

Add SPARKLES!! The kit comes with three!

Voila! Pretty temporary glitter tattoos!

This kit cost £14 from Boots BUT is currently on a 3 for 2 gift deal!  Perfect!  The tattoos last for around 5 days- mine has been on for three and is still going strong.  Quite cute.  I have had no reactions, other than people asking about it in the street!  Next I'm going to mix some gold glitter in with the silver!

I previously mentioned my Butler and Wilson earrings, these are so sparkly and have been getting lots of compliments this party season.  Subtle enough to catch the light.  I think I saw Holly Valance wear the red pair on Strictly come dancing last week!
They are a little heavy, but not too heavy.

While browsing the Butler and Wilson site recently I spotted this gorgeous piece.  A peacock purse, a snip at £398!

How gorgeous!  Oh if I were Tamara Ecclestone (Billion Dollar Girl- watch it here) then I would snap one up!  However I am not Tamara (I don't skive off work because I have a spot!!- or was that just for the cameras!) anyway, I wont be buying one anytime soon!

Perhaps more affordable for most, and something I love, is this Art Deco Clutch from Accessorize

£32 from Accessorize

And this 'Zeus' Cocktail ring for £15
Certainly get the Gods attention with this!
Of course a statement ring needs a good application of nail polish- this is to follow in the next sparkles post!

For sparkly eye makeup- its got to be Chanel Epatant and Mirifique Illusion d'ombre shadows.  I have photographed and mentioned them lots, so I wont put more pictures in here!  I also love a good Barry M dazzle dust as some of them have sparkles in.  A great affordable bargain for £4.50 (plus Boots currently have a great offer on of a free gift when you spend £6 on Barry M!  Make sure you set it through, or you'll be finding glitter on everything!

Of course a sparkly things post would not be complete without a sparkly scent.  Earlier this year I posted on DKNY's Million Dollar Bottle as part of their Golden Delicious launch.  Of course that was sparkly, but for those of use with less than $1million to spend (!), I recently found Donna KAran's Cashmere Mist Swarovski- which is a Swarovski exclusive to Harrods at £85.

Perhaps slightly more affordable is the £46 set of EDP and Body Lotion- for those of us who arent made of money, and want to invest in two products for the price of one!

Of course the best sparkle to have this Christmas is probably the one in your eye (preferably as you sip a nice glass of bubbly and chat to family and friends)!

What Sparkles are you looking forward to this Christmas and New Year?

Disclaimer: SA Glitter Art kit PR sample.  As usual this does not affect my review. 


  1. There is something about those tattoos that I don't like, not really sure what it is. They really seam to be the next "YOU MUST HAVE THIS" thing.

    It reminds me of my childhood with the fake tattoos that looked a state after you had a shower.

    I don't really see the point in them? unless they are maybe teamed with an item of clothing to create the next "key" trend?
    Is that what those guys who say what is in and out is out have planned? cause they seam to have just spurge out of no where!!

  2. Hi Sasdothat, Glitter tattoos do seem to have made a big splash this year, though I have seen them at various trade shows, tv shows and in the media for the past few years. I noticed some glitter being used in X factor this year and last, along with quite bold makeup, and I think Ke$ha has been using body art for a while now.

    It's a personal thing. While I couldnt get away with wearing these day to day, I might use some stars on my face for a fancy dress or If I have a new years gala then I could see one on the decollete (ala Karen in mean girls!) or perhaps on a shoulder blade. Don't take my application as 100% how it looks in real life. I thought it was a fun thing to try- sort of 80s style!

    I know what you mean though- I dont like companies self prophesying the next big thing. I havent gone in for feather hair extensions partly for that reason! I guess you wont be entering the giveaway to win a glitter kit!! Hope you are well xx

    Any more thoughts? Are these a yes or no?

  3. Actually I know what it is I don't like about it. Its that in all the kits I have seen the designs are so basic and standard. I would say now if you do a big abstract stencil it will look really cool and just bang on! xxx

  4. I'm not sure if I would shell out for an actual glitter tattoo kit (too stingey, haha) but I think it's a cute idea :)


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