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Review: Alpha H Liquid Gold and Night Intensive

I have mentioned these products a few times since buying and using them, but have put off doing a post for reasons explained here in a small rant.  While I might initially mention a new products, a good review needs a few weeks or months of usage!

Alpha H is an australian company which specialises in anti-againg and acne Glycolic based treatments.  I started this blog because I was downhearted by my skin and Alpha H was recommended to me personally by the wonderful Beauty Mouth.

Pacman and Ghouls! I might give you a link at the end ;)

Glycolic acid is a bit like little pacmen (you know, those little yellow crescent computer animals that munch their way though a maze of stars and fruit while being chased by rainbow coloured ghouls....  Man, I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that product pitch!).  Anyway the teeny tiny pacmen zoom all over your skin and munch up the dead cells and debris- preventing it from falling into and clogging pores.  This action also promotes new, healthy skin to grow by jump starting the natural renewal process.   Glycolic acid is a natural substance and is usually found in fruit (fruit acid).  Therefore it's just using what nature gave us ;o)  (I think I have just reasoned that nature gave us Pacman... moving on....)

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold (LG) comes in a fairly basic even bland, bottle.  It's not going to win any awards for how it looks, and to be honest if I saw it on a shelf in Boots I'd probably walk past it.  However, stay with me!  It is a clear liquid which you apply to cotton wool and sweep over cleansed skin every other night.   You can then apply a night serum or moisturiser over the top (which will dilute the treatment a little) OR (as I tend to do) leave it neat on the skin for a more intense treatment.  It is designed to resurface and firm the skin, plus fight acne.

It smells ever so slightly of licorice (which is one of the ingredients) and I like the smell.  (Incidentally licorice root jump starts the immune system, has antiseptic properties and has long been used for cleaning teeth).  I have been using LG alternative nights,  normally after a good deep cleanse with my clarisonic (which removes deep set dirt and helps the skin to absorb products such as serums and moisturiser).

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

The big daddy product is Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum (INRS) and it is as magical as it looks.  See the little beads inside the tube?  They burst upon pump application.  The packaging looks pretty, the product looks like gold, and the result on my skin? (Dad joke coming up) Alpha H...AH-mazing!

This product smells more of fruits (and possibly essential oils?) than Liquid Gold.  A couple of pumps of this gel do my whole face and neck area but, as with LG, don't apply to the delicate skin of the lips or eye area.  I accidentally got some on my lip once and it stung a little until I washed it with water.  This product is aimed at mature and sun-damaged skin, but that doesn't stop us with 'early signs of aging' using it.  It also contains vitamins A, B3 and E which your skin will soak up overnight.

How has LG and INRS changed my skin?
Before it was like this. Sorry folks, it makes me feel sick just looking at it.

Night 1: Skin smoother and softer. 
Night 7: Skin 'glowing' more, tone less patchy.  Grey dullness gone, red spot scars vanishing.
Several months on: Pores are less congested, less visible and my whitehead / cystic spots have dramatically reduced.  Even those stubborn little white congested pores on my chin have subsided.  Of course I get the odd breakout but that is becoming more hormonal and diet linked. 

Sadly due to years of acne and picking (DONT!!) my face does have scars.  HOWEVER, these seem to be lessening.  I am amazed.  I thought I was stuck like this for life.  They are not gone all together but I have found the INRS more effective (and less greasy) that Bio Oil (another product I've tried for scars).

After using Alpha H.  This is the left side of the picture above.

Also weird effect I didn't expect- my skin is less oily in the day now, and my foundation is a lot easier to apply.  Of course this is a result of several parts of my daily routine, but my softer, even, less pigmented skin is a factor.  (For spot tips see this post).

The biggest impartial indicator to its success is the number of unprovoked comments I have had from friends, family and strangers.


I have both because of various deals and a long quest for nice healthy skin- like I should have had in my teens and early twenties.  For me, my skin is far from perfect so I found INRS a huge help.  If your skin is largely spot and scar free then I would go for LG to help even the pigment and remove dead skin cells.  If your skin is suffering or has suffered like mine then I'd recommend INRS.

I aim to use both to repair my skin, then only use LG to maintain it.  I tend to rotate these on a three day routine with a night serum / moisturiser on the third day.


As the dead layer of skin is (rightly) removed, this can make it temporarily susceptible to sun damage- make sure you use a day cream or foundation which contains an SPF suitable to the climate you are in.  (I have been using Origins Brighter by Nature SPF 35 recently, with Chanel Mat Lumiere SPF 15)

Some people might suffer a bit of a tightening or tingling sensation- espessially if you have sensitive skin, eczema or other per-existing conditions.  I have had no reactions (red skin, tight skin, itching, pain etc) apart from the brief lip incident.

The big downside for me is that these babies seem to retail between £30 and £50 (online only).  Skincare is definitely an investment for me- an investment of time and money.  Unfortunately I have not found a cheaper alternative.... yet.  There is no need to use religiously every other night, but I think you would get 6-12 months out of each bottle.

I have purchased mine from Beauty Bay who seem to have various discounts at certain times of the year and international shipping.  I have also seen the products on QVC so have put both current prices below for you to compare.



So there are my thoughts on Alpha H Liquid Gold.  A big thumbs up in my view!  I can't wait to try the eye complex next as it is supposed to be good.

In other news.... I have REN's Glycolic Renewal Mask so I will be seeing how it compares in performance and price.  I also have some new cashmere mits (thanks to Lauren) which I wore today as I went up snow covered mountains with a friends dog.  I 'almost' felt like I was in Switzerland.  Almost!  Finally don't forget my 12 24 Christmas giveaways, 8 of which are up and open.  Some special things to come!

Have you tried any Alpha H or Glycolic treatments?  Do you have any recommendations?  How do you treat your skin to combat dull, red, blotchy, spots and scars?  Is skincare an investment for you?  Any thoughts, questions, Pacman scores?

Disclaimer: Items were bought by me.  Review is my own honest thoughts!


  1. I haven't tried either of these. I think for me, as someone in my early, early twenties and just going into higher brands, the prices still scare me! I still gasp at the price of my skin care routine and I get the travel size kit. I'm actually working towards buying the full size bottles of each and that price is mega scary ($130 or something like that!)

    As someone with skin as hypersensitive as mine, skincare is incredibly important. I can't use a lot of products, makeup brands or skincare brands because of how sensitive I am. The skincare system I'm using currently is incredible. I used to have super red skin from being so sensitive and bad acne. The skincare system I'm on has helped decrease my acne my 99% and reduce my redness considerably. I have scarring, but my skincare doesn't help with that. You need retinol (which I'm highly allergic to) or an acid (most burn my skin off.) I use just a regular exfoliator from Clinique.

    I don't know if you have this brand in the UK but this is what I use daily:
    Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser
    Dermalogica Ultra Calming Barrier Repair
    Dermalogica Ultra Calming Mist

    Biweekly (well, now that's winter):
    Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream (rinse off formula)

    Dermalogica Ultra Calming Mask

    Whenever needed:
    Dermalogica Ultra Calming Serum (really good for rashes, heat rashes, burns....very nice little thing. If only I didn't have 7 mini tubes!)
    Biore Pore Strips (On the nose. That's where all my blackouts hang out.)

    Medically, I use Differin .1% gel or .3% cream. It depends how my skin is. Now that it's winter, I use the .1% more. I used to flip flop days, but the .3% is just too drying (that, and I don't need it.)


    (Sorry for the mega long comment. Thought I should be thorough.)

  2. I haven't tried Alpha-H, although I've heard amazing things about the line. Currently, I'm using a glycolic liquid from MD 2, as well as Paula's Choice 2% BHA Exfoliant. I actually think BHAs might work better on me than AHAs, but like you, I've got really great experiences when using them consistently. Thanks for the in-depth review!

  3. Wow, what a difference and such a glowing review! I have tried the triple action cleanser from Alpha H and loved it, even repurchased a couple of times which is big for me! I can't use these because I use retinols, but I intend to give these a shot once I come off the retinol and hope they keep my skin clear.

  4. Hi Katie,
    Long comments are fine :) I wrote a long post :)
    You can get smaller travel / sample kits which are cheaper and allow you to try before you buy. I even had some little 2-3 day samples thrown free in when I bought some stuff once.

    It's such a pain that your skin is so sensitive. I have tried some clinique skincare items but (as you know) didnt get on with those products. Dermatalogica is sold in the UK- I have had facials by them but never invested in the products. It is important to change skincare as the seasons change. Hope your skin calms down soon! I do have some sensitive skin products but thats for another post ;) xx

  5. Hi Rocaille, I havent tried either of those products but have heard good things about Paula's choice. A large part of good skincare is routine and several things have helped, but a large part is down to Alpha H. I will read more into those products and possibly try them next year. Thanks xx

    @Twelve52 I'm not too sure about other Alpha H products having not tried too many, but these have to be two of the stands outs? It is a bit of a pain how you cant use them at the moment but hopefully soon you will be able to see how they work for you? Thanks for the comment xx

  6. They don't do samples at my store (People took too much advantage of them, so they stopped. They only do it for promotional items in the catalog now.), but that's okay because the system works for me. It's full size prices that scare me. (Scary, people, scary.)

    Clinique is pretty hit or miss with me. I love their moisture surge eye cream and 7 day scrub though. Those are the only skincare ones I use regularly.

    I don't change my system much. If I change it too much, my skin screams bloody murder. In winter, I generally put vaseline on my super dry areas and scrub a little more and that's it! Put a different moisturizer in and you're asking for a who dunnit crime scene on my face.

    If I screw up at the makeup store and my skin starts reacting, I basically have a cure all--soap and water and a benedryl. :) Cures EVERY skin reaction possible. Ha ha ha.

  7. Oh my gosh, the results look AMAZING! I've been looking into Alpha-H because I have acne that stopped responding to the contraceptive pill after being beaten into submission for a few years. I've been a bit confused by all the Liquid Gold products though, and this post helped SO much <3 I guess I'll be looking into INRS in the new year!

  8. Katie- yes some people do take advantage. I like to try before investing if it is an expensive product. It's so awful when your body reacts to things. I find soap drys my skin out but if it works for you then sounds like you should stick with it! xx

    @SilhouetteScreams It is pretty good. Yes some pills can mess around with our skin- and then it can take a while to work with it and figure out what is best for it. Good luck xx

  9. Fantastic work, thank you so much for shedding a light on the topic.

  10. do they test on animals.... thats would be information i d find very useful on ur posts:)

    1. No they don't. The official statement is No they don’t, here is their official statement…

      Alpha-H Policy on Animal Testing

      Alpha-H is a "cruelty-free" company and does NOT conduct product tests on animals.

      * We are not owned by a parent company and we do not test on animals.
      * Our suppliers do not perform animal testing.
      * We do not contract any third party companies to perform animal testing.

      Hope that helps.

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