Thursday, 8 December 2011

Spot? Check!

We all have them at some point, and for many reasons.  Hormones, diet, stress, poor cleansing, allergies, hygiene... it's amazing how they affect our confidence.  I have suffered with spots for years and years, and my mission to banish them is still going on.  I have started to pen a series of posts on various spots and what I have learned about them- including tips and information to help banish them.

This is my current skin pic (with light foundation)
Before I go into specifics I wanted to share a few pearls of wisdom I have picked up along the way.  Obviously some spots are due to medical conditions, and if you suffer from those then I sure you to see a doctor and dermatologist.  It is nothing to be ashamed of.  I have sought help with my spots, but then after chatting to my doctor decided to do more research into skin problems and see if I could improve my skin without reacting for antibiotics.

I am so glad I did.  I have been able to clear up a lot of my spots through fairly simple changes.  I still suffer but not as badly.

Computergirl's Spot Pearls of Wisdom!

Always clean (cleanse) your skin twice a day.  If the dirt (makeup, pollution, grime, food, sebum, dead skin etc) isn't going down the drain, then it will be forced into your skin.  This means removing makeup at night no matter how late!

Give your skin a little massage as you cleanse.  This will help boost circulation which will improve the condition of your skin (good circulation carries nutrients around the body and helps transport evil toxins out of the body)!

Always change your pillow case weekly.  Your face is in direct close contact with the same fabric for (ideally) 8 hours a day.  If it's dirty, sweaty, harbouring bacteria then that is going straight on to your face!

Always clean your makeup brushes after each use.  Some people spot clean brushes with wipes daily, but ideally deep cleaning is the only way to stop transferring spot causing bacteria from your face to the brush and then back to your face each day.

Always stay hydrated.  This means making sure you have enough water.  Drinking water is good, although make sure you drink extra if you have coffee or alcohol.  However it's not just water that will hydrate you.  Many fresh fruit and vegetables contain a high percentage of water, however your body is able to digest and retain this a little better than water (think melon, cucumber, tomato etc).

Always try to limit refined foods or those containing unhealthy salt levels or chemicals.  In general breads and cakes that are white will heave bleached flour in- whole wheat or brown is healthier as the goodness hasn't been bleached out.

Always exfoliate your skin 1-2 a week to help remove dead skin cells (before they block your pores and cause spots).  You can use a scrub, or an exfoliation pad (like the one above from The Body Shop for £3, dont forget to wash it between uses!)

Always moisturise- even if you have oily skin.  Skin needs moisture.  Serums are good for oily skins.  I love my body shop seaweed clarifying night treatment (Post here, link here).  (I think Cosmo had a free discount card with their latest mag, worth between £3 or £100 for The Body Shop!)

Treat your skin to a nice mask on a weekly basis.  At the moment I am loving Darphin Hydrating  Kiwi Mask.  You can buy this from SpaceNK (Here)  If anyone wants a more details review, let me know.  I also love using a deep cleaning mask such as the Neutrogena 2 in 1 mentioned above.

So healthy spot free skin is a way of life.  There are no short cuts or quick fixes.  Its a long, repetitive routine, but one that is worth every step in my eyes. 

Last summer I picked up 'The Healthy Skin Diet' book (post here) and I have found it really interesting.  I have a review of the book as a whole to post, but can generally recommend it if you are on a mission to sort out your skin problems.  A lot of the time our skin problems are a symptom of another problem.  If we can sort that then our skin will turn right in due course.

This book is available from Amazon and Ebay and prices start from around £4.  There are some editions available with a different cover picture but I think the book is the same.

So there are some skin tips- I will be sharing more specific advice and product details in the future.  What skin tips do you swear by?

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Spots are going to become a permanent feature on my blog..... Stay tuned!
Disclaimer: All products were bought by me apart from the Darphin Kiwi mask which was sent for consideration.  This does not affect my post.


  1. I love this post! my skin is such a mess, and I do try and look after it the best I can but I swear I need to see a professional about it just because there is so much info out there like us toner don't use toner, and I'm like eh so what do I use then?

    Im such a bad culprit at leaving my make up on at night but I bought baby wipes a few weeks a ago to take it of at night, Like I don't wear make up all the time so I cant really say that I have seen a huge improvement in just doing that, but at least it doesn't get clogged in my pores.

    Do you have any tips and tricks on black heads? I have had black heads for year and I just want to get rid off them but it seams anything that I try doesn't work, even with those masks that you put on the nose area, they are just way too expensive for 6 and I think they are really harsh on my skin.

    Once again I love your post :)

  2. Hi Sasdothat Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I have lots more posts planned to share all that I have learned on treating spots.

    Make sure you cleanse the skin after using baby wipes, as they wont clean deep enough on their own- good to use on their own in an emergency but make sure you really clean the skin.

    I have a post on blackheads coming up so stay tuned :) xx

  3. My skin decided to go crazy on me for some reasons lately, so thank you for this post! You're saving me!

  4. great post! thx for advices ;)

  5. Hi Ria, I so know that feeling. Glad to help. Will be posting more on spots! xx

    Hi Sia, thanks so much xx

  6. A really great post, I read your advice on Laura's blog and was impressed! I follow all your 'Pearls of Wisdom' and totally agree with you, I hardly ever get a spot. However, need to work on cutting out more refined foods from my diet lol so will def look into that book. Thank you :) x

  7. Hi Sadie Thanks xx

    Hi Parveen, thanks so much for your kind words. Its such hard work getting nice skin, but worth the investment in time (and money)! I have some more posts like this written, I am just trying not to post too much with the Christmas giveaway posts as well! xx

  8. I really thought it be more advice on spots/acne....

    cleanse and moisturise i take for granted soooo

    1. I have done several other posts on resources, specific issues- however it's amazing how many people don't know about basic tips and what a difference these can make. Some countries teach their young people about these as part of their education- others (like the UK) don't- so if you already know about these basic tips then you're doing well. If you follow all of these and still have issues then its time to target specific areas with more in depth advice or products- perhaps a visit to the dermatologist would be useful?

      There are many different kinds of spot- with just as many causes for each one. It would be a very lengthy post to tackle all of these issues in one! I hope you found it a useful reminder of the things you already know and best of luck with your clear skin quest


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